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Hurricane Harvey

Hurricanes teach us a lot. I've been through several in Houston area. I'm a native Houstonian! Back in Houston now, after relocating from Sedona in March. Today, sure wish I was back in beautiful Sedona, where I lived & had psychic practice since 2009. Prepared & ready for Harvey. As prepared as you can be. Prepared for power outages, flood waters, high winds, and possible evacuation if it reaches that point. Prepared for all unknowns. There's always some "unknown" you forget about. So you prepare as best you can, take it easy, sit back, wait. Knowing you have another 24 hours or so living in "unknown." You recharge your batteries: literally & figuratively. You stop worrying. Because you di

Space & Relationships

Best way to remedy or overcome relationship challenges? Space and Silence. "Silence is True Wisdom's Best Reply", Euripides

Peace Amid Chaos

Practicing Inner Peace. Feeling at peace within you. Taking a step back from the world and just letting yourself "be". It's the best way to experience Monday's Eclipse and the soul damage caused by recent riots. Remember that you are a perfect soul living on this planet. Remember that you have Angels and Spirit Guides watching you, helping you, embracing you, touching you. Remember that your Soul Essence knows no fear. Your Soul Essence knows no judgment. Your Soul only knows peace, love, unity. Your Soul also holds the records of your past (and past lives) and humanity's past. Your soul remembers every horrible event of mankind - even if you didn't personally experience those events. It rem

Soul of America

Stop focusing on the test. Focus on your life & the Big Picture. Devil is in the details. Small thinking will always hurt you, your soul

Welcome to My New Website!

I'm so pleased to launch this new website! Thank you for visiting. My previous website was 9 years old (July 2009). Time to update it! Working on new site last 2 years. Whew! Finally done! Hopefully this new site makes it easier for you to browse my services, book appointments, enroll in Online Workshops, learn more about your Spirit Guides & how they help you. This new site is also more secure & user-friendly. Your online payments will be faster & safer. Since moving to Houston this March, I'm accepting phone or Skype appointments only. Not to worry, phone & Skype readings are just as effective as office sessions. Opening new Houston office very soon. Hope you enjoy this new site & its beau

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