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Protect Yourself

I'm a professional psychic channel. Want the best life for my clients. Clients come to me for suggestions & answers from their Angels-Spirit Guides & Lost Loved Ones. "How Can I live my best life? Reach my potential? What is my potential? How can I be better? Live more happily?" They ask about romance, relationships, work, money, how to gain more happiness or contentment, how to live a robust life. Rarely do they ask: "What are best ways to protect myself?" The only time a client asks "How can I protect myself" is when they feel psychically, emotionally or physically attacked by someone or something. To live your best life, personal safety is crucial. Protecting yourself is key to your empo

School Shootings

Kids today face more challenges than kids decades in past. We, as adults, must set aside petty differences, political judgments and help the

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