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Your Angels, Spirit Guides, Lost Loved Ones and God want you to feel free, empowered, good, excited about life every day. They want you to p


Faith is the breath of your soul. Gratitude is your soul's fuel.


Your faith lives in your soul and travels to your heart.

Manifest Mojo

Happiness, peace, prosperity, abundance: States of mind that only occur when you truly believe you deserve it.

Religion vs. Spirituality

Belief in God or a Supreme Being stabilizes our spiritual energy; our soul energy. Believing in something greater than yourself is spiritual

Manifesting Made Simple

Have you tried creating new things in your life and it doesn't seem to work? What you want and manifest doesn't happen? Use Moon Energy. Make your "wants" simple. Use Daily Affirmations to enhance it. Be patient & have faith "if it applies to you, it will happen. In it's rightful time." New Moon Energy is a perfect time to manifest. Full Moons are "harvest time" when your manifesting usually produces results. Manifesting & Meditating use the same energy & principles. If meditation is hard, chances are manifesting will also be hard. The keys to both: faith in yourself, your Spirit Guides-Angels and God; and make it simple. (1) Know that your thoughts & emotion are heard-sensed by your Spiri

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