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Today's Nature Message

Today's Spiritual Message from Mother Nature. Accept things you cannot change. Change what you can. Trust the "Bigger Picture-Plan."

Soulmate Conflicts

Soulmates open our heart, clear our mind of self-doubt or fears, ground our body on Earth and soothe our soul. They can also hurt us.

Allies - Support System

We never know the outcome to any situation. We must trust. We must lean on allies. We must communicate. And above all else, stay calm.

Summer Equinox 2019

Today's Solstice: Optimism, freedom, relaxation.

Negative Words

We’re conditioned to deflect “negative.” Words: “don’t”, “stop”, “bad” appear negative. Causing us to deflect truths in a negative message.

Fear, PTSD & Your Soul Aura

If you experienced severe trauma, you automatically walk around with PTSD. PTSD = crack in your soul aura.

Soul Mates

Your Soul mates (soul tribe) exist everywhere. That's on purpose. You're not meant to walk this Earth alone. You always have help.

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