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Channeled Health Tips

Over the last 15 years, The Spirit Realm provided the following Health tips to majority of my clients. While each client has his/her own unique health factors and Spirit Guides and Angels who speak during client sessions, Health Expert Angels-Guides are also present when clients ask specific questions about their health and chronic disease.

Below is a list of general and consistent Health answers given from the Spirit Realm.

Every client has different physical DNA and health issues. These answers apply regardless of a person's unique DNA code, age, lifestyle and physical body.

  1. Biggest health risks today: Pharmaceutical drugs, fake sugars and food-fillers.

  2. Most Pharmaceutical drugs cause inflammation. Use electrolytes, spices, herbs, aspirin or 100% dark/tart cherry juice (organic) to reduce or eliminate inflammation. Inflammation attacks your organs, joints and blood system - creating disease.

  3. Stay hydrated! No matter what you eat or drink and especially if you take prescribed Rx, you lack key hydrants. Gatorade is not a key hydrant. Get electrolyte tablets or packets and drink plenty of filtered water. Use tap filters like Zero Water, Pur or Brita. Zero is best.

  4. Good detox spices: cinnamon, cayenne pepper, rosemary, lemons, garlic, tomato-onion combo, turmeric, curry, oregano. Cinnamon is a natural fat-busting, alkaline, healthy spice. So is Cayenne pepper, chiles, saffron, mustard, rosemary, lemons. They're also good for the heart.

  5. Good fats: Butter is healthy and easy to digest. Avocados & some nuts: also good fats.

  6. Drinking diet beverages (anything with fake sugar and fizz) is worse for your liver, colon, kidneys and digestive system than alcoholic beverages.

  7. Decaffeinated coffee is not healthy. It has processed chemicals that release in your blood stream. Caffeinated coffees and teas are healthy. Caffeine is a natural stimulator. For your colon, digestion and mind. The key is moderation - so it doesn't affect your kidneys.

  8. Soy (soybean, tofu, edamame, soybean oil) is not healthy for anyone. Your body cannot digest it properly. It's a non-nutrient filler-food like wheat and corn. It disrupts fertility, causes inflammation and digestive issues. Your body digests GMO corn better than soy. There is no such thing as a non-GMO soybean.

  9. Leading cause of Cancer and other diseases: bad sugars. High Fructose Corn Syrup, dextrose, sugar substitutes, diet sugars, fillers in cereals, pasta, bread and carbohydrates. Best sugars: raw sugar, cane sugar, honey, and nectars found in natural environment. Your body easily digests, metabolizes real sugars and releases the excess.

  10. If you're diagnosed with cancer, move to an alkaline diet. Start day with warm lemon water. (1 lemon freshly squeezed in warm - not hot - filtered water). Use spices and whole foods to "clean your system" of sugar. You'll lose weight and your body will alkaline. Alkaline diet pushes out cancer. Like mosquito spray wards off mosquitos.

  11. Eating a Whole Food diet high in protein (non-soy), green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits prevents disease. Whole Foods: meats, veggies, fruits. Anything bred or grown. Farm-to-Table food, frozen vegetables and meats, are healthier than pastas, breads, health bars, sandwiches, fillers like mayonnaise, soybean oil, soybeans, cereals, etc. If the food is not naturally grown or raised, it is not nutrient-rich.

  12. You can eat "bad foods" (chocolate, sugars, pastas, pies, chips, popcorn, etc) as long as your main diet is rich in natural nutrients. Want pasta or corn chips? Make sure rest of your daily diet is high in nutrients (good proteins, steamed or raw veggies, citrus fruits).

  13. When you eat pastas, bread, chips, and other non-Whole Foods, add spices or herbs to detox the chemicals.

  14. Read labels on everything you buy. Following oils are dangerous: canola oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, corn oil. Olive oil is healthy if you don't let it sit in your cabinet for more than 3 weeks.

  15. Potatoes have sugar, but healthier than a Diet Coke or Protein Bar.

  16. Reduce grains. Eat fiber-rich foods. Bran is the only "good" grain.

  17. Some experts say high blood sugar is cause of most diseases. High blood sugar affects your organs and blood system. When you eat a whole-food diet, you reduce blood sugar spikes. Eat that chocolate cake you want. Follow it up with a fat-burning vegetable or lemon-water within 1 hour - to balance your system.

  18. Constantly boost your immune system. Vitamins C, B, D, E, Zinc and electrolytes. If that's all you do - you'll lead a long, healthy life.

Those are the general health tips from The Spirit Realm-God-Heaven. Given in majority of my psychic sessions for the last 15 years. I stand by their advice.

-- Robin Amanda - Your Sedona Spirit Psychic

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