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Courage Under Fire

Soul Courage is a positive force. It does not burn buildings nor cause physical harm to others. Soul Courage moves you to act in positive ways that make you feel alive, balanced and self-empowered. It forces you to act when confronted with fear.

Soul courage swats fear. If you act from fear, you dim your soul power. If you act from soul courage, you ignite and expand your soul power.

Using your Soul Courage reminds you that you're a role model for others. You are a role model. You choose whether to be a positive or negative one. If you align with your soul, you will be a positive role model.

Acting on your Soul Courage removes self-doubt and fear. It reminds you "I'm a super-power!" Because you are. You were born with unique soul traits and a connection to God-Heaven-Spirit Realm which propel your life into greatness. Accept that. Blaze your own trail. Create your own wave. Create a "water wake" that shows others: "I am a positive force. I am awesome. I am loved. I exist!" That's your soul power.

God and Angels want you to accept your soul power. Best way: use your soul courage.

Soul Courage surfaces when you have an idea or "call to action" that inspires you. A "call" to action that lights you up inside. You feel expansive, hopeful and true to your beliefs. Yet you're afraid to walk that path or move that idea into physical form. Whether you fear persecution, what others think of you, a lifestyle change, or you second-guess your talents "I'm not good enough for that. But I WANT to do that!" Those combined signals define a moment when Soul Courage is required.

Soul Courage expands your life. It opens the door to your spiritual and Earth expansion. It is the polar opposite of fear. When you act from fear, you limit your life experience. When you act from soul courage, you expand your life experiences and live your soul destiny.

Nicola Tesla used soul courage when he created and tested his Free Energy theories. His peers, family and friends laughed at him most of his life. Some eventually admired him and his inventions. Some stole his ideas, money or investments. Tesla kept testing his theories anyway. He used soul courage to swat fear and persecution. Millions of people admire Tesla today. If he succumbed to fear and self-doubt, no one would know him today. Tesla Motors wouldn't exist.

George Washington used soul courage when he left his comfortable life to lead colonists fighting against the British. British soldiers and their ammunition outnumbered American colonists. All odds against colonists winning. Washington knew that. He left his comfortable life anyway. Doing what was right: more important than keeping status quo. Using his soul courage, a new nation was formed. If Washington succumbed to fear, The United States of America would not exist today. The British Empire would still rule everyone.

Washington's story is not unique from that time period. Most colonists fighting the British left comfortable lives to fight for what was right. They sensed a "call to action" coming from their souls. The action required great risk and sacrifice. Some lost their blood, treasure, families and livelihoods in the fight. Some fell into poverty after the war. They all used soul courage. To create a new Union nation with a brand new type of government.

Using your Soul Courage, you align with your soul energy which creates expansion and great things. Your soul energy only knows expansion; not restrictions. Your soul is connected to all possibilities. It is connected to all good outcomes. If you allow your soul energy and soul courage to surface.

Living in fear limits your life and restricts your soul energy's natural flow. You choose whether to live in fear or use soul courage. That's your Free Will.

Benjamin Franklin once said: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Those are the days we live in now. Soul Courage moves us into liberty. It reminds us what liberty and freedom truly are. Fear keeps our souls in a small box.

I've used soul courage many times. In 2011, I was appointed President of the Sedona TEA Party. Some of my Spirit Guides helped create the United States: America's Founding Fathers. I love my country, love Sedona and the people who live here; no matter their political stance. Saw Sedonans as open and non-judgmental. Then the local paper broadcast my new political position. Once the article was published, I started receiving "hate" emails. Next 3-4 months, lost 40% income and clientele. Some Sedonans stopped referring clients. Based on my politics. While I accepted their politics, they couldn't accept mine. Media falsely defined the TEA Party as "anarchists." We weren't. We were/are constitutionalists who cared about others. TEA Party accepted me fully, as a professional psychic-medium - across Arizona and the nation. Sedonans couldn't accept me based on media lies or my politics. Hurt me emotionally, mentally, financially. Muscled up soul courage. Stopped living in fear. Owned my soul essence: a constitutionalist and psychic-medium. Took 4 months to bounce back and thrive again.

I know how difficult it can be to use Soul Courage. I also know the rewards outweigh the sacrifices. Looking back on 2011, I wouldn't change a thing.

We live in times when using Soul Courage is very important. Whatever the outcome of today's elections, it will affect your life. You may need soul courage.

If you live in fear, you do your soul a great injustice. You limit your life experiences. When you practice soul courage, you find out what you're made of. You discover life opens up for you. You feel more confident and self-assured in everything you do. Obstacles don't scare you. You see them as ways to reconnect to who you really are: heart, mind, soul. There's only one you. Practice your liberty. Use your Soul Courage. Show the world who you are. Life is too short to live in fear.

Wishing you peace, love, light! Praying for peace across the US today and next 3 weeks.

-The Sedona Spirit Psychic-Medium, Robin Amanda

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