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Covid Soul Damage

If you sense people are vastly different since Covid lockdowns & restrictions, you're right. Everyone changed during Covid. And since then. Covid "cures" and chaos affected everyone's heart, soul and mind. Especially for our children - ages 3 - 30. Fear sucked us into a Covid vacuum.

What we know now: Covid cures were worse than the curse. I often blogged and posted about this in 2020-2022. A Good v. Evil War. The battlefield? Each person's individual soul and heart. The goal? Strip your strength, intuition and courage.

Here's the Blog: Good Vs. Evil. Written December 2019 - 2 months prior to Covid chaos.

The Covid-19 virus didn't significantly change anything. Covid-19 Flu deaths and cases: 50-60% less than the common flu. Governments' restrictive reactions changed us. Each one of us.

Authorities and media told us: "Mask up! Stay in your homes! Don't go to work. No public celebrations. No funerals. No birthdays, graduations. Stop your normal routine. Close all businesses. No visiting your loved ones in hospitals or nursing homes. No family get-togethers. No school. No churches. We'll keep liquor stores open. Order from Amazon and stay home! If you go anywhere, we'll tell you where to walk, how to shop and what to shop for. No liberties. No freedoms. Trust us! This is worst than the Black Plague! But we'll release violent criminals onto the streets. They shouldn't live in jails with Covid-19. For you? Don't go outside. Don't fly. Don't travel. Don't LIVE! Don't be human!"

Meanwhile my psychic-sense said the opposite. Sent newsletters and posted on Social Media: "It's just the flu. No mask needed. Get outdoors. Use simple methods to keep your immune system strong. Hospitals aren't full. I've driven by some. No one there! Media lying. Fight for your freedoms. Be you. Cure is worst than the curse." Posted links from excellent doctors saying the same thing. "Just the flu. Masks don't help. Covid-19 same as flu. Boost your immune system naturally. No need to fear."

Facebook, Twitter and Youtube censored or removed many of my posts during that time. Then they removed my ability to advertise on those platforms. While the world went crazy. Recently recreated my Facebook page: Sedona Spirit Psychic. Rarely post there. You needed information WHILE the world was going crazy. Not after!

For almost 2 years, your world shrunk - reduced and restricted to unlivable, limited access to your normal life. Authorities forced you to change your daily routine and habits. Forced you to stop working. Destabilizing the economy. Separated you from people you love; and who love you. Shrinking your mental, emotional and spiritual sides.

Fear was the weapon. The battlefield was your heart and soul. The enemy won. We learned we can't fight Evil sometimes. Even when we see and sense it. Freedom and Liberty: part of your soul make-up. Your soul likes to soar. During Covid restrictions, your wings got clipped.

Covid-19 restrictions caused damage to your heart and soul. Whether you're aware or not. Whether you were attacked by the "masked" at the grocery store while you walked freely unmasked - or not. Whether you locked-down and isolated for months or not. Whether you changed your routine or not. The 24/7 non-stop restrictions damaged you. Because you felt helpless.

The global Covid mask restrictions and other life restrictions: same manipulating techniques used by Cult Leaders for eons. To strip your soul and heart. Create helplessness. Create division. Create separation from your soul and heart. Then rebuild you how they want. Creating soul-disconnect within you. That expands to societal division on a global scale.

Helplessness. Your soul never feels helpless. When you feel helpless, your soul normally kicks in, reminding you: "No fear! You can handle anything! You're stronger than you think! Let's play on Earth and I'll show you!" When outside influences repeat messages that contradict your soul, soul conflict occurs. You start questioning your soul voice. Or you question the outside influencers. Either way, your world gets wobbly. You need soul repair. Outside influences: media, government, people in your community, and your Inner Circle.

Society changed. None of us are the same person as we were pre-Covid. More insecure. Less happy. All 8.1 Billion of us on the planet. The nations and areas that didn't obey restrictions, didn't fear Covid, saw what was happening across the globe. Watching the chaos and frenzy changed them too - to lesser extent.

Now. 3 years after all that mess. People are different. Global PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). Worse than global PTSD after 9/11. More division. Less unity. Victimhood, impatience, anger, self-centeredness, depression, irritability, and frustrations set afire quickly.

We crave authenticity, kindness, compassion, truth, goodness, and rational and critical thinking. All things absent during Covid. Some people show true kindness. Some people show kindness with judgment - which is not kindness at all.

Many people seek what they want - when and how they want it. Expressing their inner fears: "the world is going to end soon, I better get what I want NOW before it does!" This is especially seen at grocery stores, retailers and most public places.

How do you recover from all this? How can you rebuild - emotionally, spiritually, mentally? Stronger and better than ever?

First. Acknowledge you have some soul and heart damage. How deep the damage depends on your soul and heart strength. Only you and your soul know.

Second. Remove fear-based thinking and fear-based messages. Stop listening to media and news. It's all fear-based. Recycling and recharging your PTSD. I know this from personal experience. Remove external fear-based messages. This isn't avoidance. It's survival. Yours! Besides, why listen to the same voices that helped create your trauma?

Third. Have Faith in You, Your Soul and a Supreme Being. Giving your pain to God helps you in countless ways. On a nano-cellular level. That's why 12-step Programs include this. Whether you believe in God, Jesus, or some other entity - call on that entity: "I can't do this alone, _____. Please help me." You're being honest with yourself and your soul. You can't heal your heart and soul alone. You need Divine Intervention and Guidance.

Fourth. Remember that you can create the life you want. No matter what's going on around you. Believe that. Your soul does! Even God does. Your ability to create a good life lives in your soul and heart. Your heart and soul still exist. Let them surface. Exercise them again. Treat them like a muscle. Like your muscles, if you haven't used them in a while, start slow. Small, steady steps. If you expect too much too soon. Or exercise them too fast, too hard, or too soon, you'll wear out fast. Requiring a longer resting period. Small, steady steps. Don't over-reach or over-expect. Be kind to your heart and soul. Like you would to a child's heart and soul.

Fifth. Ask for miracles every day or once a week. Then watch for miracles.

Sixth. Exercise your mind and body. Move your body around at least once/day (eg exercise, hike, stretch). Learn something new. Learning something new redirects your brain. Redirects your focus. It's a very effective form of escapism and sense of accomplishment.

Seven. Eat as healthy as you can. It's OK to binge on high carb meals (eg potatoes & gravy, biscuits & gravy, chocolate cake). Set a day to do that (your cheat day). All other days, eat as healthy as you can. Eating healthy foods energizes your mind, body, soul and heart. You feel good after a healthy meal of veggies, protein. You're taking care of yourself.

Eight. Deflect negativity. Understand other people also have Covid PTSD. Don't expect much from others. Especially if they let you down over last 2-3 years (during Covid). Best way to deflect negativity: distance from negative people. Some people were negative before Covid. Now their negativity has grown into supreme judgment. Like a God Complex. Distance from them. If your close loved ones are negative, simply tune them out when they get negative around you. You're not being disloyal. You're being loyal to YOU.

Nine. Read books or articles about PTSD. And how to overcome it. While the causes of PTSD differ, there is a standard "playbook" for healing from it. Created after 9/11.

Ten. Remember you were born to live at this time, under these conditions, to test your Soul strength. To stretch your Soul muscles. Make it a game! Knowing at the end of the day, your soul can handle anything. Which means you can handle anything. You got this. Be patient and kind with you. That helps you behave patiently and kindly with others. Don't be kind - simply to benefit others. Be kind and patient FOR YOU. No one knows you as well as your soul does. No one knows how much you can achieve - like your soul does. And God (your supreme being) does. Know that you'll overcome these obstacles and be better and stronger than before. Believe that. Your beliefs set your future. Believe you're powerful, strong, wise and "unbeatable."

How do I know those tips work? I use them when I lose faith. They rebalance and re-energize me. Covid restrictions damaged my soul and heart too. That's how I know it damaged yours.

During Covid, I lost 50% of my business income. Then my savings. Then my Sedona home. Dated and loved a man who was perfect for me. Covid chaos & restrictions exaggerated & accelerated relationship challenges. We were both emotionally, spiritually handicapped by the local and national chaos. Instead of working together, recognizing our well-matched strengths, we fell apart. I lived in 12 different places. Took last 2 years to recover from it all. Did I know and recognize these challenges at the time? Yes. Even knew national and global chaos would happen - one year before it did. Applied time-tested actions to relieve all the pressures. None of them worked.

We often know the answers to challenges in our lives. Our soul definitely does. The methods we use to answer that challenge: how we speak our truth, how we show up, steps we take to defeat the challenge - can trip us up. Leading to more challenges.

Lessons I learned during Covid chaos. Reach inside your soul and heart to know what you want. Then commit to it. Your commitment plus intention sets you up for success or failure. When one "fix" doesn't work, try another one. Diversify; think outside the box. Look at challenges as easy-to-solve puzzles. Relieving your pressure - pretending it's a game. Because it is. Game of Life is best "won" when you know what you want and fully commit to it.

Covid was a very complex life journey for us all: heart and soul. Time to heal from it. Start with you first.

Namaste -

Robin Amanda, Your Sedona Spirit Psychic.

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