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Holy Days

As of November 1, we're living in the annual Holy season. No matter your spiritual practice or religion, your soul knows the importance of this time of year. It's a time of introspection and celebration. Celebrating your soul path on this planet. Cocooning or introspecting: allowing your soul to soak up life's simple comforts - food, family, friends, fun. Your soul essence takes the wheel. Without brain distractions.

This time of year is about sitting back instead of taking action. That's why most religions and spiritual practices hold these days as Holy. This is your soul's time.

The veil or barrier between Heaven and Earth is almost non-existent during these Holy Days. This helps your soul recharge and reconnect to its source: God, Great Mystery, Gaia, The Universe, Multiverse, or whichever source created your soul.

Your soul is front & center this time of year. Your intuition is heightened. Your ability to channel or communicate with your Spirit Guides or Angels or Loved Ones is easier. Your clairvoyant abilities are stronger. You're reconnecting with your soul. This helps you chart your best course for the next year.

If you talk to God daily, as I do last 55 years, this is a great time to ask Him for favors or requests. Asking for His help in small or large ways, and receiving His blessings or answers, strengthens your Faith. You become acutely aware that He is listening. Your human consciousness becomes more soul-aware. That is the definition of spiritual evolution. When your human and soul consciousness blend and share same awareness.

Allow your soul to surface this time of year. It's your soul's Holiday (Holy Days). The more you live by your soul's intent right now - the stronger the bond between your soul and human consciousness'. Result? The easier your life will be next year. And years to come.

Use this time to bond with your soul. Use this time to show your soul - your Inner Light - to others. That's the reason for this Season. For eons. Since your soul was created.

Three special notes.

First. Since our souls are closer to our original source this time of year, you'll notice more physical deaths happening now. This pattern occurs every year for eons; since time was invented.

Second. Since this is our souls' Holy Days, if you find people especially grumpy or irritable, understand the likely reason. They are either: disconnected from their soul; grieving Loved Ones; or they'd rather be home taking a nap than thinking or doing. If you fall into the "take a nap" category, do it! Let your soul take the wheel. This is your Soul's Holy Days. Respect these days as you would respect others' wishes to take a vacation, hibernate, chill or take time off. Treat your soul as you treat people. Treat it even better. It got you this far, right?

Third. If you're alone this time of year with no family on this planet - use this time to talk to your Loved Ones often. They are alive-in-spirit yet separate-from-body. They're staying close by you this time of year. Talking and reaching you. Use this time to talk to God (or your soul's source) often.

If you have no family nor close, intimate relations on Earth anymore, I completely relate. I mention the following circumstances for one reason only: so you're aware I speak from experience. If you're alone this Holy Season, my suggestions to help you through this difficult time are time-tested and proven. I use them myself. Since November 2017, everyone in my family is gone. My grandparents, mother, father, brother, sister, niece, nephew, favorite cousin, aunts-uncles, my best friend since 1970s and my dogs Zoe The Black Coyote and Hank The Red Aussie. They're all gone. I have no children, grandchildren nor spouse nor life partner. Those closest to me, who knew me best and longest, no longer live on Earth. Since November 2017. This will be my 5th Christmas walking Earth alone. In my mid-50s, I'm too dang young to walk Earth alone! But I'm not alone. God guides me.

I am very grateful for the kindness of my good friends. Especially grateful and thankful for their friendship, bright Inner Lights and pure goodness.

If you feel alone or a failure this holiday, my suggestions are well-tried and "clinically tested"! Use this time to connect with your soul essence. Listen to your soul voice. Let your soul - or God - take the wheel. Turn off your brain. Keep your body healthy (eat right, sleep well and exercise). Find things about you to celebrate. Whether big or small. Strengthen your soul connection.

Whether surrounded by people you love who love you back - or living these Holy Days alone....

Use this time to connect stronger with your Soul and God. Practice your Intuition. Create an easy life for yourself. Take naps. Move slow. Follow your own flow. When you're alone on this Earth, you can create a new life that you truly desire - with everyone in Heaven holding you up!

If you're still breathing, your soul and God (your soul's source) are not done yet.

Find your flow. Move with it. Listen to your intuition. Follow it. During these Holy Days, walk Earth fully present in your soul consciousness.

Happy Holy Days! May Peace Surround You and Love Envelop you. Merry Christmas!

Your Sedona Spirit Psychic-Medium, Robin Amanda

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