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New Moon Today - Create New Things

Planets & space objects affect us. The Moon affects us most - for eons - emotionally, mentally. Today's New Moon is magical. Here are some tips on how to use its magic effectively.

While I'm not an Astrologer, knowing how the moon affects humanity is part of my professional expertise.

I chose to be a professional psychic-medium because I care about humanity. I care about you: helping you stay balanced through chaos; achieve peace, happiness and accomplish your soul's "to do" list. Spending half my time in The Spirit Realm-Heaven working with clients: learned general tools & information that help us all. New Moons provide a good tool for us.

New Moons are especially potent with creative energy. Today we have a refreshing New Moon (4p EST; 3p CST; 2p AZ; 1p PST). It's all about creative energy with no interference.

Our heart and soul are connected to Moon phases: especially New Moons. Our hearts (emotion, passion, feelings) motivate us to do what our soul desires. Our soul has a list of to-do's while we're on this planet. Our heart motivates us to do them! Located between your heart and soul: that's where your intuition lives.

Earth's Moon directly affects water. Earth is 70% water. Our bodies are 50-75% water. Water is normally connected to emotion; but it's also related to our mental, physical and metaphysical parts. The Moon and its phases link up with our creativity - our innate abilities to create something from nothing. New Moons are full of creative possibilities.

New Moons: Best time to "start fresh", set new goals or dreams, set the stage for your next 30-day cycle (or entire year) on Earth. Today's New Moon has no negative interference from other planets. Last year, we had TONS of interference - daily! What's that mean? You are free to create! Next 30 days will be less emotional, less full of conflict - than last 13-15 months.

What's the best thing to do during a New Moon? Ask yourself what you want. Manifest what you truly want; what your heart wants. Write out those "wants", wishes, desires as affirmations. Affirm what you want (see below). Speak your affirmations around time of New Moon (2-4 hours before or after official New Moon time).

Affirmations are powerful tools that assist our journey and soul "to do list." How do you turn "wishes" into affirmations that will move into reality? Follow these easy steps:

(1) Brainstorm what you want. What your heart wants; what you'd LOVE to have but don't right now. Example: "I want more romance."

(2) Imagine it; feel how you WOULD feel if you got that. Does it feel good? Perfect.

(3) Rephrase as affirmation: "I have a very fulfilling romantic life." or "My partner fulfills my romantic needs." or "I'm romanced every day and it feels wonderful." or "Romance rekindles my marriage (relationship) every day." or "My spouse and I fall in love with each other more every day." or "I met someone who romances me perfectly."

(4) Once you've written the short, concise statement (affirmation) - say it every day. Either 1, 2 or 3x per day. The moment you wake up; before bedtime or during lunch. Power of 3 holds extra significance this year. But you can state it once or 2x per day.

(5) When you state your affirmation, imagine it, believe it will happen. Attach good emotion to it. This is where our imagination helps us succeed! Use your imagination to trigger positive emotion. When you attach emotion to your affirmation, you're 70% there!

(6) Make your wish or affirmation realistic. Winning the lottery tomorrow? Not realistic but you can try it! Wanting to be 14-yrs-old again: unrealistic. Wanting to enhance "empty pockets" of your life? Perfectly realistic.

New Moon magic helps you create new things in your life. It provides more potent invisible power to propel your "wishes" forward; like a slingshot to the sky. Brainstorming your heart's wishes. Creating Affirmations that align with that desire(s). Repeating them every day for next 30 days, attaching emotion to them, detaching expectations - steps of Creative Manifestation. And they work!

Enjoy the "emptiness" of today's Moon. Fill it up with what you want! Creation and creating is part of our Sacred Path on this planet - for everyone.

Namaste -

The Sedona Spirit Psychic, Robin Amanda

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