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Romantic Intuition

We all want to love and be loved. It's part of our soul makeup. Our souls naturally love and seek love.

Our brain or fear can interfere with our ability to attract or keep the right romantic person for us. We either choose badly then find out later; or we choose well then life's challenges get in the way - creating a barrier between love.

When we allow our fears, past experiences, or brain to interfere with our quest for real love, we create a new belief contrary to our soul essence. Our souls naturally love and seek real love. Our individual soul knows and attracts "real love". Our individual souls have "Romantic Intuition." When we do or believe contrary to our soul, we create a huge barrier that separates us from what we want; what our soul wants and needs.

You will meet and be with the right person for you - the person who touches your soul and warms your heart. The right person will love you back and feel the same about you. Your relationship with that "right person" will survive and grow through good times and bad. How? Setting realistic expectations, communicating and - using your Romantic Intuition.

Romantic Intuition lives within us all: man or woman. When men meet that right person, they know it. A voice in their head says "she's the one." When women meet that right person, same applies "he's the one."

Sometimes fear, past bad experiences or our "self-doubting" brain interferes with our natural Romantic Intuition. Either we choose the "wrong one"; immediately run away from the "right one"; or we forget that challenges are part of life and run away or hide from the "right one" when life gets messy. Self-confidence and faith cure those obstacles. Know that you're meant to find and be with "the right one." Know that you deserve love. Know that you will find real love. And be patient.

Being in a romantic relationship, no matter what stage, takes understanding, patience, courage and the will to expand your heart. Your Romantic Intuition knows this.

Revealing your true self to someone can be scary. Remember that real trust is built when you reveal yourself and the other person "sees" you, accepts you and loves you even more - warts and all!

Trusting your romantic mate is key to a long-term, healthy relationship. If you open your heart, reveal parts of you to him/her and they do not acknowledge, "see you" or pay attention, trust does not exist. Without trust, acknowledgment, understanding - there is no relationship. Your Romantic Intuition knows this.

I work with hundreds of clients who ask about their love life. "Will I ever meet someone?" Or they are in the "wrong" relationship for them. "Why am I drawn to this person who doesn't love me? What's the lesson?" Or they're in the "right" relationship, but they face challenges.

Finding love with the "right one" and staying in that "right" relationship, strengthening your bond - requires Romantic Intuition. It requires you to have faith you will (or did) choose well. Requires you to have faith that conflicts are temporary and part of the process.

For single people, finding the "right one" is their goal. Some singles are so thirsty for love, they choose the "wrong one", hoping their Romantic Intuition is wrong about him/her. Their soul's quest for love clashes with their fear/self-doubt: desperation, loneliness. After weeks, months, or years - they discover their Romantic Intuition was correct all along. What was their error? Their fear contradicted their soul. They lost faith in their soul essence. They lost faith that "the right one" exists. They chose the "next available" instead of the "next right one." They lowered their standards - out of fear. Their fear controlled their actions. Using Romantic Intuition cures that.

Your Romantic Intuition will tell you within 10 seconds of meeting someone - whether that person is worthy of your "love" attention. A voice in your head or heart will say "he's the one"; or "she's the one." You just know. Your Romantic Intuition works fast! Can it be wrong sometimes? No. However, the "right one" can get cold feet or be too scared to move forward. What happens then? Communicate with him/her. If their stubborn fear still separates you from real love, walk away. Don't look back. Wait for the next "right one."

Each person has many "right one" choices in this lifetime - before you choose the ultimate "right one" to spend your life with. Wasting time on a "right one" paralyzed with fear: not worth it. I have personal experience with that! Met someone years ago who was "the right one." But he was too afraid; closed his heart; past experiences blocked him. We saw each other off/on for a few years. Saw him last year (10 years after we first met) - he was still single with a closed heart, bitter, discompassionate, lost, and just not a nice person anymore. He had a heart attack a few months ago. Keeping your heart closed; allowing fear to block you from love - can physically damage you.

Men and women equally need love in their life. We just pursue and perceive it differently.

For married people, or those in long-term committed relationships, life's challenges can wreak havoc on your bond. Breathe. Re-affirm your love for one another. Disagreements happen. Arguments happen. Being on the "same page" does not always happen. Learn from one another. Life's challenges are tests that strengthen or weaken your bond.

A great resource for couples to strengthen their bond: the book "The Five Love Languages" (Gary Chapman). It explains - even better than "Men are From Mars, Women from Venus" - how each person perceives "love". It defines 5 distinct "love languages" that most people feel or speak.

Identify your "language", tell your partner and watch your love blossom. If your partner doesn't care or listen to you, you're in the wrong relationship. The "right couples" want to please each other, trust each other, learn more about each other, make life easier for each other, create happy times. Most successful couples naturally know their individual "language". But not all couples do. Some people may have a combination of "languages."

5 Love Languages (Gary Chapman):

(1) Words of Affirmation (compliments)

(2) Quality Time (spending quality play time with each other)

(3) Receiving Gifts

(4) Acts of Service (cleaning the kitchen, paying bills, wardrobe shopping, massages, etc)

(5) Physical Touch

Sometimes we assume the "right one" will automatically know how to show us love properly. In today's hectic world, that's not always the case. Communicating is key. Try on each "love language" with your romantic partner. See which one fits them. See which language fits you. When you're with the "right one", your bond will grow, expand, strengthen.

Everyone is meant to love and be loved. Finding that one "right person" to walk through life with, holding hands, your ultimate "team mate" - very important. Choose the next "right one"; not the "next available." Choose love; not drama. Don't settle for less. Wait for the best.

Happy Valentine's Day! A great day to honor LOVE - your soul's natural state.

--Robin Amanda, The Sedona Spirit Psychic


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