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2020: Soul Lessons

Year 2020 tests your beliefs, soul courage, forgiveness traits and ability-opportunity to love yourself and others. Your soul, heart and mind tested multi-dimensionally this year. Whether you see it or not.

Covid-19 "scare", Election chaos and national division: perfect classes to excel or fail. Based on your soul essence and Free Will choices.

How do you know if you passed tests? If you succumbed to fear this year, and still live in fear, you're still learning. Whether it's fear of Covid, fear of national chaos and unrest, or fear of your future.

If forgiving yourself for your own actions this year was hard, you're still learning. If forgiving yourself for prior years' actions is still hard, you're still learning. If feeling compassion & understanding for those who don't "get it yet" is hard; you're still learning. If your 2020 "life review" does not include good times and joy, you're still learning. The Good News: you still have time to learn, and pass the soul tests of 2020. You have 30 more days.

2020 is a test of your soul power. A test of your connection to your soul, God and "all that is."

This year, local officials shut down churches, synagogues, mosques. An "in your face" test of your faith. For a virus with 99.8% recovery rate. Did you obey the "spiritual disconnect" orders? Or use your soul courage to stay connected? Did you stay connected and continue practicing your faith with others? Or allow politicians, complete strangers, to separate you from those base beliefs? Did you practice your God-given Free Will? Or restrict your choices, live in fear,, and allow others to enslave your soul?

This year, local officials created orders that physically separated you from those you love, a job you love, lifestyle you love &/or a business you love. Separating you from your identity and the life you built. Did you fight for the people and things you love? The lifestyle you enjoyed? Or did you allow fear & politicians' control to enslave you?

Mandated masks restrict your lung capacity & life-giving oxygen you need for a strong immune system. Did you buck the mask mandates? Exercising your soul's Free Will and soul power to live on your terms? Or did you wear masks that restrict and harm your body's need for air-flow? Did you succumb to others' widespread fear or practice self-love? Self-love is not selfish nor self-centered. Self-love is soul love. Did you practice soul love? Honoring your body's needs? Or live in mass fear, honoring others' wishes or orders - above your own?

Honoring and obeying others' orders and wishes against your soul's Will, knowledge, power: penultimate definition of co-dependence. Succumbing to victim mentality. Your soul is not a victim.

Your soul is omnipotent: connected to God and "all that is." Your soul knows no fear. Fear cannot control it. Unless you allow fear to control your soul. Fear lives in your mind. Free Will lives in your soul. You choose which energy to direct you: your mind or soul.

Succumbing to fear, restricting your soul's Will: disconnects you from your soul, God and "all that is."

2020 tests your connection to your soul. You love from your soul. You forgive from your soul. You feel joy from your soul. You feel empowered from your soul. Your soul is directly connected to God and "all that is" by the strongest chord or rope imaginable. It is a rope that will not tear nor break. You can Free Will choose to break it. The "break" will be temporary not permanent. If you choose to tear or break your "soul rope" to God and "all that is", one thread will always remain. God's safety measure. Always giving you a lifeline to "all that is and all that can-will be." Giving you infinite chances to reconnect to your natural soul state of omniscience, omnipotence, all-knowing and all-loving. With zero fear.

Forgiveness and understanding. It's easier to forgive others when you forgive yourself. It's easier to forgive yourself when you know and exercise self-love. Without loving and accepting yourself, good and bad, you cannot love and accept others. Treat you as you want to be treated. Love, accept, forgive, understand and practice compassion with yourself.

Best way to practice this self-love? Stay connected, aligned with your soul. Always. How? Through prayer, meditation, stillness, positivity and/or knowledge-faith that you are always connected to God and "all that is and can be." Believe that. For it is the ONE real truth that existed before 2020 chaos, before your soul was placed in this human body, before history books were written and told.

2020 is a test of your soul connection. Reminding you that you have the power to change any part of your Earth life. No one else controls you. No one else restricts you. Unless you allow them that power. Reminding you that your soul is connected to God and all possibilities, all knowledge, all wisdom with no fear.

You have infinite chances to excel. Infinite chances to re-test & ace your soul tests. The longer you wait to excel and succeed, the tougher the climb. Many Angels are pushing back the "chaos-to-come" in the US. Giving you time to excel and ace your soul tests.

If people "ace their soul tests", chaos-to-come will either be pushed back 3 more months or severity reduced. The more people who ace their soul tests by January 5th, the less likely chaos will happen. Yes. You are that important. You forgot how important you truly are. Politicians dictating your Earth journey are more aware of your importance than you are. Remember who you are. Remember you play a key role in your life. You're the script-creator of your life plan. No one else. Your soul knows this. God knows this. Complete strangers know this. Time for you to remember. Reclaim your power. Rewrite your script. You're the Superman you've been waiting for. No one else.

Namaste -

The Sedona Spirit Psychic-Medium- Robin Amanda


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