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Choices & Fear

A good friend recently asked me to watch a video highlighting Dolores Cannon. Cannon was a hypnotherapist specializing in Past Life Regression and ancient Human-God-Earth information she received (channeled) during her client sessions. I didn't know about her until my close friend recommended I watch Dolores' video last week. Read more about Cannon. She died October, 2014.

One topic she mentioned in the 2011 video excited my Angels and Spirit Guides. Cannon: "Whatever your spiritual or religious beliefs, our human existence is summed up in two words: Choices and Fear. We're given Free Will to make choices about what we want to experience on Earth. The opposite of that: the limits we place on ourselves, our individual souls and Earth experience based on fear."

When the truth is spoken or written, my Angels give me a sign. They ring a loud clear bell in my head. When Cannon mentioned "choices and fear", my Angels rang several beautiful bells all at once. Ding-ding-ding!

2020 is all about Choices and Fear, right? You choose whether to live in fear of a virus with a 99.8% recovery rate or rise above, use your soul energy and keep creating joyful, expansive life experiences. You choose: Fear or independent Free Will? It's an individual choice.

My Angels double-down on that: "Live in Fear or Live in Faith in Yourself, God's bounty and goodness."

Some people say: Faith over Fear. Whether it's faith in God, Angels or your Inner Power as a soul. Your Free Will choice is your real Inner Soul power. While your soul contains all knowledge and wisdom about you and this planet, it also loves expressing Free Will choices.

One thing your soul tells you this year: "You are your own Superman. You have courage and strength beyond your imagination. Use your soul gifts. Create positive life experiences."

When people say "be accountable for your actions" or "actions have consequences" what they're really saying: "Use your soul's Free Will to choose your Earth experiences. If you mess up, learn what didn't work and try again a different way." That's our human experience. Trial, error, and success. If you add fear to that mix, life gets messier than it needs to be. But you can always swat that fear, change direction and do things differently. You have that power. You always have the power to change.

Everyone's ultimate soul goal on Earth: Live Your Best Life. Move toward positive, uplifting experiences. Raise your vibration. Seek a healthy balance between work and play. Enjoy the life you have. Make it the best life possible for YOU. Appreciate your accomplishments. Go for things you love, enjoy, and want. Remove self-doubt and fear. Fear limits your life journey. Free Will choices expand it.

There's no such thing as failure. Attempt everything. Find out what you like. Find out what you're good at. Move toward those things; live your life based on those things. Remove fear. Your soul will soar! When your soul soars like an eagle, you're perfectly aligned with it. You're living your Best Life. You're in your "zone". When you live that way, appreciate it. The more you appreciate what you have and how you're doing, the more positive energy and positive life experiences come to you. Earth is challenging enough. Why create more challenges or limit your experiences through fear? Fear is an illusion. Your soul knows no fear. Facing fear and overcoming it: that's true courage. That's using your soul courage.

Major city lock-downs and restrictions clouded this year like a dense fog that wouldn't clear. Maybe you bucked the restrictions. Maybe you didn't. You made an individual choice.

Every second you breathe air, you make choices. Small and big. Tired of being under lockdown orders? Change your latitude, change your attitude. Travel for a while. Or change your routine. Breathe clean air. See the sky. Watch a sunset. Talk with people you love. See them. Do something different. Attempt new things. Move toward positive experiences.

As we move through this holiday season, allow your soul to soar. Choose positive, uplifting experiences. Be with people you love. For one day or one week, practice removing fear from your life. Identify fear-based thoughts. Stop thinking about those for one hour or one day. As Wayne Dyer suggested, "when a negative or fearful thought pops up, say "NEXT"!"

Training your brain, using your soul energy, to empower your life really is that simple. Many times, we make our lives more complicated than necessary. Fear complicates our experiences. Acknowledge your fears. Then forget about them for a while. See how you feel.

Breathe. Be good to yourself. Move toward positive experiences. Your soul's human Earth experience is based on two things: Choices and Fear. Fear less. Worry less. Choose good. Choose more. Like the 1944 hit song: "Accentuate your positives. Eliminate the negative." Keep your life simple.

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