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Christmas Confession

While this is a magical time of year, it may not feel magical and joyous to everyone. This can be a rough period for some. Those who have lost Loved Ones to death or divorce, lost jobs or experiencing hardships may not feel the joy of the season. This could apply to you or someone you know.

If you know someone who feels sad or depressed this time of year, reach out to them. Share your Inner Light with them. Spend time with them. Listen to them. Let them know you're thinking of them. Spread your Light. The more you share your Inner Light, the stronger your Light becomes.

When we know someone experiencing hardships, we often say "Call if you need anything." Our best response: "I'll keep checking on you." And do that. Keep your promises. People experiencing sadness, depression or hardship usually lack the energy or motivation to reach out. They don't want to bother you. Sadness slows them down or debilitates them. They isolate. A simple gesture such as texting, emailing or calling that person - can make his/her day.

I haven't always had magical Christmas years. Last year was hard as hell! Riding the tidal wave of grief, after my last family member died, left me feeling alone, lost, depressed and sad. Remembering wonderful, warm Christmases that would never happen again. I felt empty and sad. I wasn't surrounded by people who lived those past Christmas times with me. No one around me knew my past history of joyful family Christmases.

Gathering strength to attend Christmas dinners hosted by friends? Too hard. Smiling and feeling joyous? No possible way. Shopping for gifts, hearing Christmas music at stores and on radio? Made me cry. All I wanted was MY family back! I wanted a happy Christmas with MY family; nobody else's. But they were all in "Heaven". So I isolated. The worst thing you can do when feeling alone. But it's all I COULD do! Lacked physical and emotional energy to participate in anything "Christmas". Hanging out in my pajamas, without obligation to get dressed, feel happy or smile - was all I wanted.

What helped me? My cousin in Texas called me Christmas Day. We spent 2 hours on the phone, reminiscing about our past family Christmases together. We laughed and smiled while recalling fun times and good food. We wrapped ourselves in those good memories. For 2 straight hours. "Remembering good Christmases gets me through rough Christmases," he said. He was so right. I felt lighter and stronger after our talk.

If you're experiencing sadness or depression this time of year, for whatever reason, here are some tips:

(1) Don't force yourself to experience Christmas. Unless you get some solace or emotional benefit from it.

(2) If you're obligated to attend certain Christmas events, be "present" as much as possible with everyone around you. Try your best to live in the "now" versus past. Leave early if you feel like it. Don't over-extend yourself.

(3) Do something different. Visit a new place or change your routine. The first Christmases after my brother and sister were killed, my family and I went to Vegas one Christmas. Then we donated our time serving the hungry and poor at a local Food Bank the following year. Replacing old memories with new ones helped us.

(4) Give something to others. If you normally cook or bake, cook or bake for others. If you normally shopped for kids' toys or gifts for your Loved Ones, shop and give those gifts to strangers, friends, family or people in need.

(5) Appreciate what you DO have - more than what you don't have. This is a hard one when you're sad. But it works. Retrain your brain; recharge your heart. Use a timer if it helps. Spend a straight 30 mins or 1 hour: directing your thoughts to appreciate only. If you think "I wish I had but I don't", say "NEXT" and redirect your thoughts to appreciate what you DO have. The "NEXT" method works. Dr Wayne Dyer suggested it. A way to retrain your brain.

(6) Realize you're not alone in your loneliness. Other people may feel as you do. Also know your loneliness is short-term. It will pass. It's only one Christmas Season. You'll get through it.

(7) Pray, meditate, ask your Angels, God, Higher Power or your inner soul for solace, hope, peace or assistance. Have Faith they're listening and helping you.

(8) Write down what you WISH your Christmas was this year. This will be your blueprint for NEXT Christmas. This switches your brain, heart, soul toward new beginnings and experiences. Replacing old with new. Your imagination is a great engine for creating your future. This time of year, the Spirit Realm sits closer to you. Hearing what you want. Helping you manifest your future.

(9) Journal the wonderful Christmas times you had in the past. Write down your feelings and desires. Don't stifle them.

(10) Call someone and let them know "you matter". Especially if they remind you of magical, joyful Christmases in the past.

(11) Whatever you're feeling, it is OK. Breathe. Hope for a brighter future. Start imagining your brighter future. God-Heaven-Spirit Realm listening to you. You're not alone. You're special. You're important. Don't lose Faith in you or God (Higher Power). As hard as it may seem, don't isolate yourself too much.

If you're feeling sad this Christmas, hopefully those tips will help. Use one or all.

Simple rule from our Angels and God-Heaven: "If you're still breathing, there's still much life to live and happiness to feel. Feel what you feel now. The sooner you move through it, the sooner you will "live and love" again. At a higher vibration. Attracting high vibration experiences later."

Your individual Angels and Spirit Guides protect you when you're grieving, feeling sad, lonely or depressed. Imagine their wings expand and wrap around you during this time. Allow their nurturing and love to surround you. Fully feel loved. If only from your Lost Loved Ones and Angels. Feeling loved is what you need.

Whether you're joyful or sorrowful this Christmas....Your Angels, Loved Ones and God surround you with love and nourishment. Accept these "gifts" they bring. Sometimes they use places, pets and people around you - to provide you that love and nurture.

Wishing you Love & Light this Christmas, Hanukkah and Holiday Season.

The Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda


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