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Election Day

There's an old saying: "Speak the Truth and Shame The Devil." As a psychic-medium, clients choose me to receive the most direct, truthful, authentic messages from their Loved Ones, Spirit Guides & Angels. With no filter. My skill connects directly to the Spirit Realm-Heaven. I can hear, see and sense direct messages. My consciousness sits on a shelf during client sessions. A client's Angel Team speaks using my voice. That's how I work.

I channel-communicate with my Angel Team daily - same way I work with clients. My consciousness sits on a shelf. This morning, they advised: "Speak the Truth and Shame The Devil. Tell them what you see." So here you go. Daily, direct messages from Spirit-Angel Realm (Heaven) since May 2020. Some information given to me since 1969. They repeat 1969 info - this entire year. So you get that too!


"2020 US Election Day will be fraught with voter fraud, violence and chaos. Violence and voter intimidation present at polling locations across US. Especially suburbia and big cities. Rural areas will not see it. Who will do it? Anarchists, violent felons released from prisons & jails last 8 months, BLM, New Black Panther Party and Antifa activists. Fully funded, orchestrated violence and chaos financed by domestic enemies inside the US. Real Americans fighting real Americans for the soul of your nation. That shouldn't be a campaign slogan used by enemies of the US Constitution we created.

How long will civil unrest last? Depends on which presidential candidate wins the election. If Trump wins, the chaos will last 30-45 days. If Biden wins, the chaos will last longer (months). Hundreds of "recounts" will happen. Delay in official Electoral College vote count expected. We're working on shrinking that delay from 3 months to 3 weeks maximum.

Voter Fraud cases currently exist. Most are legitimate. Ballot box stuffing & ballot harvesting happening at largest scale in US history. Main cause of voter fraud. Democrat Party connected to fraud, violence and anarchy.

After Tuesday's election, Social Media companies will continue censoring constitutional voices. In next 12 months, no matter which presidential candidate wins, national media will morph into something new. What the "new media" becomes - depends on which president wins. If Trump wins, media will return to freedom of press. If Biden wins, media will turn into full-throttle Communist-Marxist propaganda.

US Civil War began in 2018. Media & education system fuel it and hide it. Their propaganda meant for individuals and kids who lack knowledge of how America works. Hiding that knowledge hides power from you.

US Civil War. Boiling point now.

This election is most important in US history. Move into Marxism. Or continue living as free people. Those are your choices. Cuba/Venezuela or America. Anyone saying US is a Democracy is lying. Founding Fathers worked hard to prevent a Democracy. Democracy is mob rule. The Republic of Congo is a democracy: civil unrest & authoritarianism cover that nation.

US Electoral College prevents mob rule. Electoral College gives every state in the Union an equal voice and vote on federal elections. Without the Electoral College, states like Rhode Island would lose their vote-voice in federal elections. Larger populated states like California, New York and Texas would rule. Mob rule: population majorities.

Current Democrat Party believes in mob rule. They're allowing anarchy and mob rule in their individual cities and states (MI, IL, NY, WA, OR).

USA is not a Democracy. It was created as a Constitutional Republic in 1789. Where Federalism rules. Federalism: Each state is a sovereign entity. Federal Government has little power over states and local municipalities (10th Amendment). Each state decides its rules and laws; not the federal government. This gives every citizen in each state a voice and choice. What works for Iowans may not work for Texans. Two completely different cultures, demographics and flora-fauna - creating their own rules and laws. Self-governance: federalism.

State and City Covid Lockdowns and Restrictions created by state and city-specific leaders. That's how Federalism works. A sitting US President has little control over cities and states. Local citizens decide. Local and state officials decide. Local and state officials also decide if National Guard is necessary to keep peace in their municipalities.

Locally, your best ally is your County Sheriff. Sheriffs swear oath to US Constitution. Not to Presidents, senators, governors, mayors, etc. Sheriffs swear an oath to protect American citizens.

Americans learning this year: Electing President and federal representatives-senators is not as important as choosing local officials. Local officials created Covid restrictions. Not the federal government. The US President, Senators, Representatives, US Supreme Court and federal agencies did not create, prolong or institute lockdowns. That is unconstitutional. Lockdowns and restrictions: locally created. All based on fear of a virus with 99.7% recovery rate. They chose based on fear.

Why do we mention this? No matter what happens Tuesday or next 45 days - Americans need to know how much power they have over their "rulers". Younger generation Americans are not being taught their rights under the US Constitution. They're not being taught Civics anymore. They do not know the power, freedoms and liberties bestowed upon them. They need to know. Most Americans need to know.

Americans have complete control over how they are governed. Americans have 100% control of their daily lives and choices their leaders make. That's the Constitutional Republic we established in 1789. Free Will. Freedom. Independence. Protection from enemies: inside and outside USA borders. That's what we created.

The US Constitution created the most spiritual government plan on the planet. Allowing you freedom to pursue the life you want - with liberty and justice for all. No other nation across the globe today comes close to the freedoms and liberties bestowed upon Americans. Yet you often forget that. You forget your power, rights & freedoms.

We see the news. Some groups want justice for criminals and anarchists. They hail and support violent people who harm innocent people or property. That's not what we created for you. We created a system where justice given to legitimate victims. Every black person shot or killed by police this year: idolized by certain groups. Those individuals were not "innocents". They harmed innocent people or property. They each had violent pasts. Yet they're praised, honored and hailed as "hero" to BLM, Antifa and other groups.

Use your intuition to sift fact from fiction. Over the next 2 months, more fiction coming your way. Sit still in silence. Listen to your soul voice; not the media. Media thrives on fear. Your soul has no fear.

President Trump is the most constitutional American president since James Madison. Domestic enemies want to get rid of him. In 2021, everyday Americans who honor the US Constitution need to surface; protecting the nation from harm: foreign and domestic. We gave you a participatory government. By the people. For the people. Participate or you will lose it. Presidents don't have ultimate power. You do. Presidents are not super-heroes. You are. We built this nation for you. Full of prosperity, freedom, liberty and protection. We put our souls, hearts, sweat and tears into creating it. Please honor what we built. Practice your Free Will. Fight for your freedoms and real justice. Use it or lose it. We can't do it alone."


--Sedona Spirit Psychic Medium - Robin.


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