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Generational Curses

Have you heard about this? A few months ago, 2 separate groups of people asked me about it. The two groups didn't know each other. Their calls came in within 2 weeks of each other. They asked "Can you remove a Generational Curse?" I asked them to identify what they meant. I hadn't heard of this in 40 years. Interesting how history repeats - pun intended.

In case you're not aware, a Generational Curse is defined as a "black spot" of bad luck or repetitive bad pattern on your soul that is passed to you from your ancestors. A negative life pattern that you inherited. According to the Torah (Bible's Old Testament), God promised a Generational Curse on families who disobeyed Him or His 10 Commandments. "If your family line is marked by divorce, incest, poverty, anger or other ungodly patterns, you're likely under a generational curse", according to

It's not just a phenomenon in The Bible. This theory exists in other religious sects and cults. Haitians believe this. Some Eastern religions believe it. People practicing Santeria or voodoo believe this. Some psychics and mystics in New Orleans and lower Louisiana are notorious for mentioning curses. Gypsy readers mention it too.

Translation: Dark energy "spiritualists" believe in Generational Curses. People wanting to manipulate you by fear. Don't fall for it. Generational Curses do not exist.

Some Bible scriptures can be interpreted as "God curses you" or "Your future generations will be cursed if you don't do XYZ." Remember society during the Old and New Testaments. Kingdoms ruled. Governments wanted total control over the populace. Religious Curses are a perfect scare tactic to control the masses. Like Covid was used 2020-present.

I learned about Generational Curses as a practicing Catholic in the 1970s. I also learned they're so rare (occurring 1 in 6 million people) that they don't exist. Back in the '70s, when our global population was approximately 650 Million. Now we have over 350 Million people in the US alone. If you do the math, using statistics like an insurance actuary, LESS people have Generational Curses today than in 1970s. Even if that 1 "cursed" person in 1970s had 8 children. The other 5.99999 million people did NOT have a curse. And had children too.

Since Covid "government control" mandates, and majority of people obeyed that insanity, I'm not surprised the Generational Curse theory has resurfaced. During lockdowns, many people turned to Youtube and Social Media to learn new ways of thinking and believing. People were scared and bored. Easier to manipulate.

"Generational Curses are total manipulation and not real", is what My Angels say. "No person's soul is born with the sins of their ancestors to bear. Whether sins of parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. Souls are born with their own slate. No one else's."

So why are we fascinated by curses?

Angels say: "Because you're stuck in a human body. It's dense and low-dimensional. Dense feelings of guilt, shame, blame, depression will happen. Part of your Earth experience. Swat those low energies like a fly."

And what about God? "He doesn't punish. You punish yourselves. Stop it! Make your life easier. It's hard enough carrying around a dense body. Don't add more weight. Don't carry burdens that don't belong to you. Self-sabotage happens. But you can stop it! Part of everyone's soul job: Don't Self-Sabotage or feel you're born bad. Just don't. You won't accomplish your soul destiny. You'll disconnect further from God, your original source. God is merciful and full of love. Low energies manipulate. Fear manipulates. Swat it when you feel it."

And so it is. During our Human Experience, it's often easier to feel bad about ourselves - than good. We also like being afraid sometimes - and watch scary movies. Gets our juices flowing. Hollywood loves scaring us. Some things in today's society scare us.

Fear exists to overcome it. To reconnect you with Your Beautiful Spirit and God-Your Original Source. You're more powerful than you know sometimes. Your soul is powerful. Because it's connected to an omnipotent source (God). Some people believe their soul comes from a different planet or dimensional source. That could be true. We're all different. One thing unites us: we're all souls on this Earth having a human experience. With its challenges and victories. Be victorious. Live from your soul. It will never disappoint or manipulate you. Your soul is good.


Robin Amanda, Your Sedona Spirit Psychic

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