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Health Tip #1

Nina Joy Rizzo, co-owner of Hands That Hear You in Sedona Arizona, explains how your body works with other areas of your body.

In 1989, Nina's fiance died in her arms from a vehicle accident. She experienced full-on trauma: heart, mind, body and soul. To accelerate her healing process, she landed in Massage School. From then forward, she continued education to understand all areas of our body and how they work together.

After 20 years practicing massage, she opened her Sedona private practice in 2009. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), Advanced Practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy® Integrated Energy Practitioner, CranioSacral Therapist, Visceral Manipulation and Buti® Yoga Instructor. She's currently studying the brain through Amen Brain Coaching Courses.

How does our body work? Her explanation:

"The body is a multi-system, multi-dimensional machine, in a sense. Bones, muscles, blood supply, neurological conduction, lymphatic, bio-mechanical relationships and more. Each system functions unto itself, but they all need to function together and as a whole. We are also, physical, emotional, mental, etheric, akashic and more energetic systems as well. All systems within the body and outside of the physical body are affected when any kind of obstacle comes our way. However, our brain is so smart that it knows when the body is in jeopardy and will send out specialized soldiers, cells, to assist. There’s also a hierarchy of protection. When we feel pain, it doesn’t usually come from where a person feels it. It’s a matter of being able to assess what’s going on by listening to the tissues, which system, which organ, which emotional piece is connected. I listen to the tissues and where they take me, they never lie. I follow those lines of tension and inhibit from there.

"In my experience many clients have been dis-empowered to feel the way they do. They need to be heard and not imposed upon. Trust between client and practitioner needs to be established on a personal and cellular level for healing to happen. I listen to the client. Then his/her cells talk to my hands and my hands listen. The client feels safe and self-corrects that way - on cellular, emotional and spiritual levels. Clients gain, relief, a feeling of expansion internally, movement and hope.

In 2009, I started with massage therapy to get to know clients and them know me. Once I began to introduce Ortho-Bionomy ® into my sessions, the results spoke for themselves. My clients loved the long-standing results they were getting. As my education continues, my practice expands.

My sessions run 90-minutes: enough time to recognize patterns, offer new information to the body and then assist in integration. I move back and forth around in the body working with different systems. I’m not much of a “clock-watcher” but usually 90 minutes is a good cycle of time for a client to move through a period of relaxation and then be ready to get up again."

Client feedback about her work: "I walked in your office with a pain right here, (pointing) in my neck. Now, I’m walking out, the pain is gone and you never even touched that spot!"

"Wow. It felt like you were taking the insides of my brain apart when you had your hands on my head."

"You’ve helped me when I though I had no hope."

"Thank you. You have changed my life."

She describes her best client:

Someone who is pro-active about their health. Prefers not going the western medicine route unless it’s a last resort. Or has had it with western medicine or can’t get a clear diagnosis from western medicine. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with western medicine, but being proactive and preventative is paramount to your health.

Nina has written 3 curricula (classes). For laymen, energy workers, Massage Therapy students and Chiropractors. 2 classes are NCBTMB approved for national CE certification: (1) Massage foundations (assessment, mapping and inhibition) and (2) Advanced Cranio-Sacral. Advanced Cranio-Sacral focuses on Dural, osseous ans sutural restrictions of the cranium. She's in the process of submitting "Intro to Cranio-Sacral" to NCBTMB.

Nina worked on me when I first arrived in Sedona 2009. I tried many body-workers and energy healers in the Sedona area and across the United States and parts of Europe. Her abilities supercede them all! Her hands really hear you. She's a Heart-Mind-Body-Soul Intuit. You notice her open heart, compassion and healing abilities immediately. And you feel amazing afterward.

Nina prefers office appointments while also offering remote healing sessions. On rare occasions, she will travel to the client. Rate: $120 for a 90-minute session.

Her classes take place at her office or Sedona School of Massage. You can contact her through website or email handsthathearyou@gmail.com.

Here's to a Healthy You in 2021!

Namaste -

The Sedona Spirit Psychic-Medium, Robin


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