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Health Tip #2: Acupuncture & Herbs

Acupuncture: inserting very fine needles into the body for treatment of health issues or relieving pain. Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture and Chinese Herb remedies), also known as Oriental Medicine, has been around longer than Western traditional medicine. Oriental Medicine goes back twenty-three centuries at least, according to Encyclopedia Britannica. Some historians post-date the use of herbs and acupuncture to the Third Century BCE.

I have personally used acupuncture several times in my life. It is very relaxing and works! I've also used Oriental herbs with more success than Western prescription medications.

Today's Blog Guest: One of the most popular (if not THE most popular) Licensed Acupuncturist & Oriental Medicine Doctors in the Sedona area for over 15 years: Kathy Fisher, OMD.

Q: Kathy, why choose Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture as a profession?

A: "I was amazed to see what acupuncture could treat. Without side effects. That's my short answer."

Kathy started her private practice (office) almost 25 years ago. Practice makes perfect. Locals love her. Tourists are beginning to find her. She loves helping people heal and feel better. She's a natural healer. Even her humor, laughter and wit heals!

Why do clients love her? While she takes her job serious (and your health issues), you'll find her very lighthearted and easy to work with. She helps you relax: with her superior skills, wit and humor. A healing Trifecta! After 25 years, her gifts are expert level and well-honed. Her personality is fun; her smile is contagious. She's grounded, down-to-earth and confident without arrogance. When you're the best in town, why boast or act arrogant. Right?

Q: Kathy, what's the best thing someone can do - to prevent disease and feel better?

A: "Keep your blood sugar balanced."

Like most Oriental Medicine Doctors, Kathy performs Acupuncture AND creates individual, unique Oriental herb combinations to help your body heal. You can choose "herbs plus acupuncture" combination or either of the two. Your first treatment with her lasts about 1.5 hours ($125). Follow-up treatments last 1 hour or less ($70-80 ea).

Kathy Fisher, OMD (Oriental Medicine Doctor)

Kathy Fisher's office is located 10 miles West of Sedona, in Cottonwood, AZ. You can contact her at (928) 963-1033. She's also on Facebook, continuously posting funny memes. Laughter IS the best medicine! What's the second best medicine? According to Kathy Fisher: Oriental Medicine.

This month's Health Tip?

Keep your Blood Sugar balanced. Watch your diet, exercise and stress levels. Too hard to do? Try Acupuncture &/or Oriental Herbs.

Here's to a Healthier YOU This Year!


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