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Politics, Media & Soul Vibrations

Our planet is covered with a new "heart-centered" vibration. Some experts claim it's a higher vibration. Other experts claim the new vibration is a "real test of our hearts and souls. Forcing us to recognize what's truly important, authentic and real". I sense it's both.

Going with the flow and staying true to your authentic self is required at this time.

Whenever we sense a higher or different vibration - as individuals or society at large - it shocks our system. It's a new feeling and dynamic we must adjust to - whether we're consciously aware of it or not.

Adapting to changes, metaphysical or physical, requires patience with ourselves and others. Moving into a new vibration is similar to moving into a new home, working at a new job or career, having a new baby, or getting married. Be patient! Go with the flow. Don't panic. Accept whatever comes. Feel it. Let it move through you. Don't resist it.

This is a time when our individual beliefs will be tested. Our intuition will be tested. Our truths will be tested. Our trust in ourselves and others will be tested. Where we get our information about the world will be tested. Knowing who to trust and who NOT to trust - will be tested. Maybe you've already gone through those changes.

You are moving toward true authenticity. Past experiences, people, beliefs, truths - if not true nor authentic - will not work anymore and may cause inner turmoil. Remember the good from your past. Release past pains or disappointments. You're not that person anymore. You're better! You're reflecting the high vibration that is authentically YOU!

Enter Stage Right: Today's US politics, media and global turmoil. Testing our inner trust and intuition.

A good friend recently asked: "Why is politics such a low-level, low vibration energy?"

My answer: "Because low-level, low vibration people control it." She asked that question in December. Before Impeachment hearings.

I'm a constitutionalist. And a professional psychic. US Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Federalist Papers and our Constitutional Republic - all reflect same values and high vibration that exist in the Spirit Realm-Heaven. Limited government - high vibration. Self-empowerment - high vibration. Free Will - high vibration. We control government policies, not politicians - high vibration. We control our destiny, no one else does - high vibration.

Since 1929, we became afraid. We allowed fear, a low vibration energy, to control us. Like attracts like. When we became afraid (low vibration), we attracted people with low vibrations to represent us. We wanted to believe they were true and authentic. They weren't. We wanted to believe they were helping us; fairly representing us. They weren't. They started controlling us.

We're now raising our individual vibrations. That raises the vibration in all areas: including politics. Like attracts like. We will choose politicians who reflect our higher vibrations.

World War 3. This is psychic-channeled information. It won't happen this year. It was very possible a few weeks/months ago. Provoked by Iran government, a low-vibration. Current US leaders prevented it - using all national and international tools available. Higher vibrations prevailed.

Now let's talk about President Trump. Hot topic for sure. This week, President Trump was acquitted, released of all impeachment charges. A higher vibration rose above petty, low-level vibrations. Whether you like the President or not, acquittal and dismissal was the higher vibration.

An interesting phenomena occurred while watching the Trump Impeachment proceedings and State of The Union on C-Span. I saw high vibration Angels and Arche-Angels on the Senate floor while the clerk called the Impeachment votes. Saw Arche-Angels surrounding Trump during his State of The Union. That's when I knew: Our nation is in good hands. God's hands. These Angels protect us all from harm. They're working with our national leaders to protect us all.

Low-vibration entities are the standard in Congress. Watch C-Span since mid-90s - even taped the Clinton Impeachment hearings and watched every minute of that. Follow politics since mid-90s. Over the years, saw low-vibration entities walk up and down the aisles in the US House and Senate. Saw low-vibration "ghosts" standing next to Presidents and other leaders during press conferences and State of The Union addresses. This past week, saw low-vibration entities hovering around the House prosecutors' table.

When I saw the high-vibration entities and Angels in the Senate and during SOTU speech, I was so happy!

Dark, low-vibration politicians are afraid, angry and bitter now. They're fighting with all they have - to control the narrative and our overall lives. Using the media and other tools to manipulate us. Their efforts are failing. Higher vibrations prevail. That was the lesson behind Impeachment.

Personally, I didn't like Trump during 2016 primaries. He seemed brash, classless, ignorant about Article 2 Executive Powers. Seconds after voting for him - through the next 5 days - I felt an immense sense of peace wash over me. Never felt that way before.

My Angels said: "Just watch. He's the perfect choice. His leadership is what the world needs right now." Watching his actions and leadership the last 3 years, I see they're right. The media isn't broadcasting what he's doing. They propagate hate. I watch C-Span for unfiltered, direct coverage - in US and abroad.

Even the global community is changing in positive, self-empowered, high-vibration ways. Brexit, Hong Kong protests, Iranian people protesting, Israeli-Pali Peace Plan, Assad cleaning up Syria after DAESH. And finally The White Helmets And Syrian Human Rights Observatory were exposed as frauds! All things I've waited for. All since Trump became President. No accident. The President's authenticity, high vibration and strong leadership skills set a new standard. What a surprise! A pleasant one.

As we move into this new Earth heart-centered, soul-control high vibration, we see things we hadn't seen before. Our souls speak to us more. Our hearts remind us "to live and feel free and loved." We might question things, ideas, people, politics - as we haven't before. Our soul and heart command our mind now - as never before. We're becoming more "awakened and whole." We're becoming "One" with all that is.

That doesn't mean we all believe the same things. It doesn't mean we all want the same things. Quite the opposite. It simply means we sense the same things. Individuality is still very important. Self-expression, self-empowerment, walking your individual Sacred Path and soul destiny: still important.

You can hold a different belief than your friends and family, and still feel accepted, respected. As you respect and accept their different beliefs. The more we accept ourselves, the easier we accept others and their differences. When we resist or judge others, it's a reflection of us: "what am I NOT accepting about me?" When we fully accept ourselves, as individuals - warts and all - we naturally accept others' warts and all.

Expanding your life experiences in a positive way, feeling empowered and intuitive - that's how you attain inner happiness. In 2020, you will feel that more every day.

Namaste -

The Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda


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