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The following information was directly channeled from Edgar Cayce and Gertrude Elion on Sunday, Aug 2, 2020.

"Covid-19 is a farce. Everyone is being fooled. It's a normal flu. It's not the Spanish Flu, Black Plague or Ebola.

"Recovery rate is 99.3% in adults 18-63. Children Recovery Rate is 98- 99.1% (age 0-17). Adults aged 64-104 Recovery Rate of 96.3%. Across globe.

"Wearing masks does nothing. It is dangerous to wear a mask, N95 or other types, outdoors or for prolonged periods of time (more than 3 hours). Wearing masks or bandanas or mouth/nose coverings do not prevent the spread of viruses.

"Prolonged use of masks will weaken your lung capacity. Depleting your immune system. Depleting your immune system makes you susceptible to any virus, infection, fungus and illness.

"Please do not wear hygienic masks or bandanas outdoors. That doubles your risk of lung infection, which depletes your oxygen and white/red blood cell count. These will cause you to get sick or sicker. Even if you're healthy with a strong immune system. When you wear a mask, you breathe in your own CO2 constantly. Breathing in your CO2, without a balance of healthy outside oxygen, will weaken your lungs. That's a medical fact. When you weaken your lung capacity, you will eventually get sick.

"Masks will not prevent Covid-19 from spreading. Besides, Covid is a "sticky" flu. Some people will get sick. They will feel horrible. They will recover. 99.1% Recovery rate overall. It is not a bad virus. The virus? Leaders manipulating everyone into hysteria and fear while depleting their body's immune system. These actions lead to more illness, isolation, depression and cause unnecessary harm to human bodies.

"Covid-19: completely manageable. Dark forces at work to strip individuals' freedoms and rights. Forcing you to submit to unhealthy habits. Wearing a mask is an unhealthy habit. Doctors and surgeons wear them for very brief periods of time. They do not wear the same mask for more than 2 hours. They do not wear masks for hours at a time.

"Watch out. Media - across globe - is lying to everyone.

"No accurate scientific evidence exists that proves Covid-19 is worse than a normal flu. Five months into this mess: it is still not lethal except to 5% elder and immune-depraved populations. It will affect those with lung disease, cancer, diabetes, hypertension. If you fall into those categories, take extra Vitamin C, D, Zinc. Make sure you are filling your body with healthy whole foods; not fatty or over-saturated foods (in packages).

"Decrease your sugar intake, including alcohol. Drink plenty of water. Take electrolytes once or twice a day. A good "electrolyte" regimen that flushes out fat and restores your immune system:

First thing in morning you wake up, drink a glass of water with Emergen-C powder; or a warm glass of water with one full lemon squeezed. This will anti-oxidate (alkaline) your body, producing healthy results.

"Wearing a mask harms your lungs & respiratory system. Damaging your immune system more than Covid-19 ever will. Wearing masks CAN and will create more Covid cases during flu season (Sept- Nov). This is also the reason why masks are mandated right now. The "cure" rate for Covid is currently high. Case numbers are low. When you constantly wear masks these last few months, especially outdoors while exercising, you are 60% likely to contract the regular flu or Covid in a few months during flu season. Wearing masks is submitting your body to high probability of getting flu this fall.

"Wearing masks prevents good oxygen intake. When your lungs and blood work off "limited fresh oxygen", it affects your nervous system and brain. Tainted blood circulates through your brain. Causing you to feel weak, foggy-headed, and mentally slow. Your brain is not getting enough good oxygen. Wearing masks recirculates your CO2. This creates "tainted blood" (low immunity in your red and white blood count). Tainted blood circulating in your body and brain creates lack of initiative, exhaustion, foggy-head, depression, anxiety, and a host of other mental and emotional imbalances. Including hormone imbalances.

"Any government official (including Health Depts), retailers or organizations who mandate masks are deliberately weakening your immune system, brain function and health. Just don't wear masks. Even the CDC studied "long-term mask effects" 10+ years ago. Check their website. Until Covid-19, they warned about long-term mask use. It does not prevent illness. It creates it!

"Mass harm is being propagated across the globe. By leaders who want to control the populace. Forcing you to submit, isolate, and give away your rights to the life you deserve. Fight back. Fight restrictions and mask mandates. If you do not speak up now, you will not be able to speak up later. Later - You will be persecuted, prosecuted and imprisoned. Stop that from happening now. You have the power.

From Economist Adam Smith:

"Shutting down businesses, town, cities and regions does nothing. Except harm economies and individuals' emotions, psyches and financial status across the globe. That is the reason for the shutdowns. To manipulate you. Like cults manipulate their new members. Crushing your spirit until you succumb. Do not succumb. Your livelihood and survival depends on your soul courage. Muscle your courage now. Or else you will suffer later. High Crime (violent and non-violent), Famine, Poverty, Bankruptcies, Soup Lines are predicted. These are real dangers. If you do not speak up, these will happen. 300% increase in violent crime in US and other nations is already happening. Many bad things happening that you're not aware of. Media hiding truths. To strip you of your livelihood, wealth, prosperity and abundance."

Above Information channeled by Psychic Robin Amanda - from several Spirit Guides/Angels - on Sunday, August 2, 2020.


Robin Amanda, The Sedona Spirit Psychic


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