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The Little Things

Little things in life matter most. For our souls and hearts. A kindness we do. A kindness we receive. A gentle touch. A hearty laugh. An encouraging word. A small act of appreciation or respect. Shining our Inner Light in small ways can matter most to people. Impacting their lives in miraculous ways.

I grew up in Hurricane Alley Houston. From birth to age 45, endured hurricanes, floods, and severe tornado storms. Lived with no electricity for days, and sometimes weeks. Fond memories of those days: neighbors helping neighbors. Family helping family. Everyone contributed something. Little things mattered most. Checking on people. Ensuring no one went hungry, thirsty or was left behind, sitting alone in their house. My fondest memories: Strong friendships built from "storm days".

How you ride out a storm determines who you are. We smiled, laughed, made a game of everything. Seasoned storm troopers. Living in Sedona for 13 years, power outages rarely happen. That sense of community from surviving storms: absent.

Now in Pine AZ, it snows every week since November. Few weeks ago, woke up to beautiful soft, steady snowfall outside my window. Largest snowflakes my eyes ever saw. Gazed in awe and wonder. God's gorgeous beauty. Pristine Pine. Rolled out of bed, feeling warm, peaceful and "zen". Stepped into a freezing house. No electricity: power outage.

Just like Houston Hurricane Days. Except I wasn't prepared! 20* outside. 40* inside. Icy roads stopped the most seasoned local from traveling that day. No power, no heat, for almost everyone in town. Stores and gas station closed.

Bundled up with blankets and a coat. Had plenty of food and non-electric activities to fill the day. Heard loud growls of generators echoing through the neighborhood. I went into "storm mode." Wondered how Pine locals handled this.

What did I crave most? A very little thing. My morning coffee: hot and bold. Sold all my storm provisions a few years ago: propane-fueled coffee maker, camp stove, gas grill, small propane bottles. Had food. Had water. No electricity. No coffee.

Stepped outside to check on neighbors. Every neighbor had a generator going. Great! No need to worry about them. Spent next few hours, bundled up, reading books, using my laptop alternate battery. Wishing for a hot cup of coffee. Wondering when the power would return. Snow kept falling: two feet by noon. Watched tree branches break from weight of ice and snow. Inside my chilly 40* house.

Shadow of a woman walked up my steps. I opened the door. "Hi neighbor. We don't really know each other but thought you might want some hot coffee. Do you drink coffee?" My new best friend. I moved to the right town.

After the neighbor brought me coffee that afternoon, I felt warm - inside and out. House felt warmer though the temperature was still 40*. My day went smoother. My heart felt full. My soul delighted. Electricity restored later that night -16 hours later.

Little things matter most. Since that cold snowy day, I would do anything for my neighbor. We talk three times a week. Few days after the storm, helped her type/print some work papers. Glad to do it! Her kindness impacted my heart and soul. I often tell her that. I hope we stay friends forever. She often says "That was nothing. Just thought you might want some hot coffee. No big deal." It was a big deal.

Over the years, people have said to me: "I always remember how you did "xyz" for me. Changed my life. Made me feel better." Usually a very small, simple deed that I barely remember. They remember it. It impacted them. I listen, honoring their words and accepting their appreciation.

In our daily lives, how often do we perform small deeds that create a huge impact for someone else? More than we realize.

Stories of strangers bumping into someone, and that "someone" moves left instead of right, avoiding a hit-and-run car accident. Those two people are strangers, yet a life is saved. From a simple gesture. What if that stranger was you? You may never know. Doesn't matter. Consciously or unconsciously, little things matter most.

Sometimes life's biggest miracles happen from the smallest deeds. Shine Your Light.

--Robin Amanda, Your Sedona Spirit Psychic-Medium

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