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Purchase multiple sessions.

For you - or several people at once.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Best Value
    THREE 30-min Phone Sessions. Good For 1 Year. Save $100.
    Valid for one year
    • Save $100 (Reg $450)
    • Book now or later!
    • Check-In with Your Angels & Loved Ones when you need it most
    • Contact Robin at least 72 hrs prior to preferred appt time
  • 300$
    Every month
    3 Coaching Sessions per Month by Your Angel Team
    Valid for 3 months
    • Angel Coaching
  • 50$
    Every 2 weeks
    $100 for 4-week Program to Fine-Tune Your Intuition. 2-Split Payments
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • Not a group class. Individual, private course.
    • Personalized Video Program with Homework
    • 3-4 Phone-Zoom Sessions with Robin, verifying your progress.
    • Your Intuition Course is not complete until it works!
  • 200$
    Tailored, customized Psychic Skills program for Unique you.
    Valid for 3 months
    • Psychic Skills Program
    • 5 Sessions with Robin to fully access Your Psychic Sense
  • 10$
    Every 2 months
    Channeled Information about Today's World & Headlines ($5/mo)
    • Fresh Posts Emailed to You & Available Online
    • Know the story behind Media Stories.
    • Know how to prevent Anti-Human Progress
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