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Psychic Readings

Phone & Sedona Sessions. 

Ask questions. Get answers. Unfiltered and recorded for your convenience. No topic or question is off-limits.

Ask About: Your Relationships, Finances, Career, Best Home Location, Love, Romance, Departed Loved Ones, Family-Children, Your Gifts/Talents, Your Soul Information (Akashic Records), Next steps to ease your Earth Journey.


Ask anything! Prepare your questions prior to appointment for most effective and robust session. Your Angel team likes knowing what you want.

Robin is a direct Psychic-Channel and Medium since 1990s. She doesn't use Tarot, Astrology, Numerology or other "crutches" to deliver messages from The Spirit Realm-Heaven directly to you.


Receive messages from Departed Loved Ones, Robin's specialty. Or your Spiritual Team (your unique team of Angels and Spirit Guides). Robin's voice. Their messages - verbatim.

Your Spirit Guides and Angels know all about you. They assist you along your life journey.

Experience enhanced clarity, expanded awareness, uncover hidden opportunities, remember your gifts/talents, learn steps or tools to help ease your journey.

Since 1992, Robin Amanda has communicated with the Angelic-Spirit Realm. She has assisted individuals through grief and daily life.


She's accurate, authentic and compassionate. Her "channel" accesses all positive realms. Within seconds. She can immediately tap into your Soul Information and your Spiritual Team. She's also a Remote Viewer and Certified Usui Reiki Master Level III (since 2009). Providing remote healings and viewing.

Robin opened her Sedona practice July 2009.

Phone & Sedona Sessions are equally effective.

"Robin is the best psychic in Sedona! Amazing." 

Nina Joy

Sedona, AZ

"Robin is a very gifted, positive and caring psychic. Four of my family members have had readings with her during the past couple of years. Each of us have benefited by her guidance. It was truly an amazing and informative meeting with the ancestors! Our Dad was there to help as well. He had an addiction in this lifetime and acknowledged it when we asked him why he wasn't a better Dad for us. He is here to help us now. I am totally at peace with his answers and experienced an emotional shift as did my sisters."



Robin's warm and welcoming spirit put me immediately at ease. She is truly gifted and provided a reading that was insightful, revealing, and amazingly accurate. I found encouragement, guidance and peace as a result of her reading. I would highly recommend her to my friends. Thank you, Robin, you are truly blessed.



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