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Reconnect With Your Beautiful Spirit (TM)
In Sedona Since 2009


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Memoir: Tragedy & Beyond
Coming Soon: June 2024

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Robin Amanda is an authentic, accurate Psychic Channel-Medium. For over 30 years. Access information from Your Soul, Akashic-Soul Records, Spirit-Angel Team & Departed Loved Ones. No background nor photos necessary. She accesses everything about you and those you ask about. Simple. Private-confidential sessions. Ask questions. Get Answers.

Phone and In-Person Sessions equally effective. Your unique Spirit-Angel Team helps you succeed at anything you desire. If you think it, you can be it. Hire Robin to get hear their answers. No topic off-limits. Health, Home, Relationships, Career, Love, Money, Best Locations, Soul Information, Relationships. Messages from Departed Loved Ones. Your session is recorded & emailed to you. Book Now.

* Psychic Medium-Channel * Health-Medical Intuitive *
* Pet Psychic *

May 27, 2024: Last Day for Sedona Appointments in 2024.


Assisting Clients

Since 1992

Sedona Private Practice


Since July 2009

Fortune 500 Consultant


She Connects

Accesses Your Soul,

Angels & Loved Ones

from anywhere

She Disconnects

Separates herself

in every client session.

You Get DIRECT messages.


Crime Victim Advocate (1991-1996)

Homicide/Trauma &

Grief Counselor


Survivor of Double-Homicide



If She Can't Access Your

Info in first 5 minutes, tell her. She will stop session. Reschedule or get refund.

You get Session Recording.


Texas A&M Graduate (1988)

Honesty, Integrity, Fairness

Jenifer M, PA

Robin is always part of my Sedona trip.

I enjoy her energy, accuracy and professionalism. Been to many psychics in the past and Robin is on TOP of MY LIST!

Pat H, Sedona

Robin has a gift. Her predictions for me were more than simple experiences. They were profound and life altering. I continue to rely on her for my guidance. Bless her!

Shannon, Tucson

I am stunned at the accuracy of my last reading. My amazing guy came along just as predicted, correct name and scenario! Thank you, Robin!

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