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Robin is a gifted authentic Psychic Channel, Medium with over 30 years direct experience assisting others with their personal & spiritual growth through Spirit Realm information. She opened her practice in Sedona 2009: as a Spiritual Sedona Vortex Guide, Psychic-Channel and Reiki-Elemental Energy Healer. Her office is in Sedona, AZ.


"We each have the power within us to build our lives into whatever form we desire. We are meant to enjoy life."  - Robin Amanda

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Houston native, Texas A&M University alum, Robin's background covers corporate positions at Fortune 500 firms, counseling work and using her psychic-medium skills. 


She earned her International Business Degree from Texas A&M University in 1988. She spent most of her college years in the school of Engineering then switched to International Business. Her first post-graduate job: Working for Alliance Capital Management in New York City, an institutional mutual fund investment wholesaler. Other past employers include FedEx, Waste Management and Thomson Reuters Tax-Accounting Division.


For several years, Robin used her business degree during the day and moonlighted as a psychic-medium on weekends. At age 6, her great aunt recognized her gifts and helped fine-tune them.

In 1990s, she served as a Crisis Hotline-Suicide Hotline Volunteer and Crime Victim Counselor for Homicide Survivors and Domestic Violence victims. She provided assistance, guidance, counseling & support - targeting Grief Recovery while guiding crime victims through the Criminal Justice system and lobbying legislatures for Crime Victims Rights.

From 1994-97, Robin appeared on CNN, CBS 48 Hours, Good Morning America, Bill O'Reilly, Court TV and was the subject of an Emmy-Winning 1996 HBO Documentary "A Kill for A Kill."


In July 2009, Robin left corporate America and opened her Sedona Psychic-Medium practice. Originally she offered clients Psychic-Medium Readings, Reiki and Elemental Energy Healing, Crystal Bowl Sound Healing, and Spiritual Sedona Vortex Tours. Official Member of Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association (2009-2016).


From 2009-2014: Her Spiritual Vortex Tours and psychic medium talents were highlighted on shows "Ex-Wives of Rock", "Erica's Travels" plus numerous magazines (US & International).

In 2015, she stopped providing Sedona Vortex Tours and Sound Healing services. Freeing her schedule to help her parents with health issues. Her father died in 2016 of pneumonia. Her mother died in 2017 of Stage 4 Lymphoma. Her brother and sister died in 1988 (double-homicide). Robin knows grief and trauma.

CURRENT SERVICES: Psychic-Medium Readings, Psychic Workshops (training you to be your own personal "channel & medium"), Angel-Coaching and Grief Therapy. Losing Loved Ones is a difficult journey. She speaks about Grief in her Blog.

Robin honors the power you possess with the help of your Spiritual Advisors (Spirit Guides & Angels) and your Departed Loved Ones. She believes every client can achieve their soul destiny. Your Spirit Guides' job is to help make it happen!  Read Client Reviews.

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Robin is amazing... Truly a blessing to have a reading with her. Set my mind at ease about loved ones who have passed. Thanks for everything Robin!!!

Mike P.


Robin can tap into my strong points and weakness. Her ability to help all of us is amazing! She has a true gift. The best part is she shares it with us. What she says happens!

Deb O.

Scottsdale, AZ

I just had my second reading with Robin on September 1, 2014. It was amazing and provided such detailed information that only I knew. Chills continually ran through my body! Yes, there will definitely be another reading. Robin is so warm, kind, and the best in Sedona.

Becky H.

Sedona, AZ

I went to the holistic fair in Sedona twice, had a reading with Robin and really like her energy and her ability to tune into your guides and get credible insight to enhance your journey.


Cottonwood, Arizona

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Sedona Vortex Tour Client
Sedona Vortex Tour Client
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