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December 5, 2023 - Message From Robin

December 5, 2023: Dogs' Changing DNA

Dalmatian Dog

Wired Magazine just published an article about American dogs getting sick. Why? Based on my psychic channel, their DNA illness caused by their owners' Covid vaccine. Vaccine Shedding onto their dogs through saliva, palm sweat or other means. 

Second reason: Bad dog food. During & after Covid dog food manufacturers like Purina started cutting corners and adding bad stuff into dog food. 

Remedy? Read labels. Pay extra for pure dog food. Or cook chicken-rice-vegetables for dogs.

Here's Wired Mag's article about this new pandemic - for Dogs.

December 5, 2023: False Pope

Man of Faith

If you're non-Catholic or Catholic, you sense something wrong with this Pope. Yep. Pope Francis is the False Pope. He's side-stepped traditional Catholic teachings. Replacing Catholicism with new progressive political culture that is NOT progressive. World Economic Forum has bought Rome. 

Pope Francis recently punished two US Catholic Priests & Cardinals who protested against  Francis' new anti-Catholic, anti-God ideologies. 

The Pope declaring Climate Change and Global Warming exist - nonsense & stupid. Geologists and Paleontologists now say humans walked Earth over 100,000 years ago. They also claim Earth changes: gets hot; gets cold. Every 5,000-10,000 years. And yet Earth doesn't blow up!


This Pope is not Catholic nor anointed by God. Hope more Catholics, Priests & Cardinals protest against him. He needs to be replaced. SOON.

August 15, 2023: Hawaii


Fires in Hawaii caused by Hawaii Land Management. Poor land management and lazy government. Cyclone winds didn't cause fires. Hawaii didn't manage brush (kindling) on deserted Pineapple farmlands. They own the defunct farmlands. And didn't maintain them to ensure no brush fires.


Recent cyclone winds revealed State of Hawaii's poor land management. Their laziness and neglect.


Horrible Rescue-Recovery efforts and approx $1Trillion in losses & damage - reveal Hawaii's discriminatory practices (against non-Native Hawaiians), its deep ineptitude, carelessness and poor leadership. State of Hawaii caused the fires.


Legal Civil court actions against Hawaii will commence in about 1 year - or sooner. Who will pay the bill? American Taxpayers. Hawaii has been a white hot mess for decades. Thriving on residual revenue from tourism. Without much effort; without preserving their lands properly. Karma happens. 2023: Year of Truths Revealed.

August 15, 2023 - US Elections & Trump

Trump photo.jpg

Still see Trump going to jail, imprisoned. Still see 2024 Elections rigged or not happening at all.

What Is NOT making the news.

News Cameraman

July 6, 2023

Philadelphia Shooting: Committed by a Transgender. This is the 6th mass shooting involving a Transgender person. Meanwhile, local municipalities across US (Democrat-led) are qualifying Transgender violent crimes as "mental disorders". Gender Non-Conforming People (GNCP) are getting a hall-pass when committing violent crimes and hate-crimes. What can you do about it? Stop using their preferred pronouns. Stop obeying their "rules."

2024 Presidential Election already rigged. Doesn't matter who candidate is. What can you do about it? Know your local politicians. Especially your county sheriff. Your County Sheriff has more power than any US President. When Fed Agencies begin patrolling neighborhoods for non-conforming Americans, you'll be relieved to know your Sheriff can stop it. He/she can. Your sheriff is your protection from Big Government. Let him/her know you. Without saying "I own guns."

Control What You Can. Forget the Rest. Know your neighbors. Keep them close. Major threats to your liberties & freedoms still exist. You're not obliged to open the door to a Federal Officer. Not even the IRS. You are legally obliged to open your door to your local Sheriff.

Violent Crime. Still a major problem in all major cities, especially Democrat-led. August is statistically the highest violent and non-violent crime month of the year. Last 30 years. Please be aware of this. If your local law enforcement or local officials are still releasing violent offenders from jails/prisons, protect yourself in August.

Russia Updates

Military Aircraft

July 6, 2023

Are you tired of hearing about Russia? You're not alone. We all are. Today's news about Russian jets colliding with US drones: click here.

Another article about Russian Jets-US Drones.

Also news: Russia contemplating attack on Nuclear Facility near Ukraine.


It's all nonsense. Basic truth about Russia. They've been our friend-ally for decades. They patrol Eastern globe - all the way to Alaska. While we patrol Western part of globe. Been that way since before JFK assassination Nov 22, 1963.

Media and Federal Agencies will tell you a different story. "Russia is our enemy!" Why? They want to play God. That's why. Little kids wanting to play with toys and build new toys. Military Industrial Complex. President Eisenhower warned us about it. JFK cut State Department funding 20% before his assassination. President Johnson put money back in. 

For some reason, US intelligence and defense agencies love telling us "Russia bad." For decades. Russia fighting Nazis during WW2 is what really won the war against Hitler & communism.

Boys with their toys. That's all. Job security for intel agencies, defense departments, defense contractors, and Hollywood. Spending our tax dollars to fool us. That's all.

We are not, and won't be, at war with Russia. Russia won't start a Nuclear War.

Lab-Based Foods

Food Knolling

June 30, 2023

New fad: Lab-Based Foods and Eating Bugs.

CNN Lab Food Article.

The Guardian Article: Save The Planet - Eat Bugs


To feel connected to Earth, helping and sustaining the planet and your health, eat Earth foods. Not lab-based foods. Eat produce, meat, poultry, fish. From Earth. To stay connected with Earth. Do not eat boxed foods, nor plant-based food replacements for meat. Your body needs true nourishment. To think clearly, feel healthy and stay healthy: body, mind, heart, soul.

You are what you eat. Eating food from Earth is your body's best nutrition. Eat whole real foods. Anything fake will cause disease: mental, emotional and physical. Stick to real foods. Not fake. Eat fake foods, risk a "fake" life.

Fake foods create immune diseases like diabetes, MS, dementia, depression, suicidal tendencies. 

Stick to real food. You'll stay "awake" in life. As your soul intended.

2024 Elections

Election Day

June 30, 2023

If you wait until Nov 2024 election cycle to change things, you've waited too long. Federal Presidential election already being "rigged." Focus on local, county, state. Some states' elections will also be rigged: Governor, etc.

Your best chance to make changes is now. Get involved with Committeemen Meetings in your neighborhood. Find out who is your Precinct Committeeman. Talk to him/her. Get involved before primaries begin.

Once primary elections begin, it will be too late. Once general election begins, it will be too late.

Your chance to make a difference: Now.



June 12, 2023

Taiwan. The new Ukraine. Like Ukraine to USSR, Taiwan belonged to China. Like Ukraine, the US wants war here.

Russia doesn't want war with US or NATO. China doesn't either.

US Foreign Policy. Industrial Military Complex, CIA, NSA, NIA and others. Want to pick a fight with anyone on planet. Egos over peace.


Who blew up bridge in Ukraine? Threatening Russian Nuclear Power plant? The US and Allied Forces (UN). Not Ukrainians nor Russians.

Neither Russia nor China have the money or means to enter a war. No matter what you're told. The US, UN, NATO, WEF want war.


Tucker photo.jpg

June 12, 2023

Don't worry about Tucker and Fox News. He can afford to fight them. He won't be silenced. He can play it out in the courts next 4 years if he wants. While keeping his new Tucker On Twitter platform. Please watch his Twitter videos. He speaks the truth. And will empower you with new knowledge and courage. Click here for Tucker On Twitter.

RFK, Jr. I recently heard Elon Musk and RFK Jr. interview on Twitter. Please listen to it when you can. Here's RFK's Twitter Account. Here's the Twitter interview. 2 hours long. Worth it. 

Free Speech. Use it - often. Every day. Speak your mind to others. Gently and firmly. 


Free Speech: everyone voices their opinions. That's how we learn to respect our differences and "meet halfway" on things. That's true diversity and inclusion. Plus we all learn something. Win-Win for you, them, society.


Sustainable Hydroelectric Power Generation .jpg

June 1, 2023

Lots of talk about this. Recently US Senators given satellite phones. One Senator per state. Most plausible reason? In case grid shuts down. Phones can communicate with FEMA.


Every year, certain regions of US experience rolling black-outs during summer months. Is it necessary? No. We have enough power across the US. To sustain electricity during winters and summers. 

Will a total grid shut-down happen? Likely. For a very short while. This Summer. Who will do it?Terrorists or US Government or both. Why? Create another crisis. Why? Because they can.

There's no real protection against this, except: Have emergency food, water, power on hand. A gas-powered generator. Battery flashlights. Faraday Boxes for your electronics. Keep enough water in your home for at least 2 weeks.

Will you get prior warning? Not sure. Prepare same as Hurricane Preparedness. Then you're good no matter when or what.


Accounting Documents

June 1, 2023

Everyone will see a tax increase in next 12 months. Whether it's a new gas tax. An extra 1-12% on your Federal Tax. Or a new consumer tax (eg VAT).


Why? US Government needs more money. They just broadcast the debt deal. We can't pay for it.


Federal Government uses our tax dollars to support Federal budgets and debt. About 60% of US federal debt and budget: non-essential, unconstitutional stuff. US Government has 3 responsibilities: Postal Service, Interstate Commerce and Border Patrol (keep our nation safe from enemies). Funding Firefighters Unions, Police Unions, Labor Unions, NPR, PBS, other media outlets, Bill Gates' farms, National Arts Alliance or AI projects? As sexy as those might sound, not part of US Federal responsibilities. Not where your hard-earned money is meant to go.


On Air Sign

May 2023.

This topic can easily spawn at least 20 different articles on this page. Showing you what media says. Then countering their broadcasts (paper, online, TV, video) providing truths they omit - with true-source documentation.

Hiding truths from the public makes Top 5 List of ways to destroy a civilization from within. Dating back at least 7,000 years, including the first fall of Egyptian Empire in 3,000 BC.

Last 30 years, I witnessed media skewing truths to public. Personally with criminal cases I was connected to (as crime victim advocate & media rep) and channeling while reading headlines, articles, TV broadcasts that I wasn't connected with.


Over the years, I watch-read media reports then channel "truth". If channeled truth defies media reports, I find true-source documentation supporting my channeled information.


During Covid, everything media said defied truth. AZ news broadcast high numbers of people flooding hospitals affected with Covid. I drove to those hospitals on same day. No cars in parking lots. Walked into hospitals, talked with receptionists. "We haven't seen patients in days." Media knew you were locked-down and/or isolated. You wouldn't drive to hospitals to check their work. I did. I had to check my "channel". Plus my "channel" said Covid was nothing to fear. I didn't get Covid.

Media only broadcasts "their angles" on a story. What they want you to hear. What their advertisers want you to hear. That's reason Tucker Carlson was removed from Fox. He spoke truths that defied Big Pharma advertisers.

For local and national media - if it's free, you're not getting straight, honest news. All outlets are hiding truths from you. To get honest news, you must pay for it. With an online subscription. Intentionally.

Same applies to Google searches. If you Google-Search or Wikipedia - you're not getting the whole truth. Intentional. Use Duck-Duck-Go or any search engine besides Google. To get true results.

Information is power. With inaccurate, untrue information, you have no power. Intentional.


Politicalizing media polarizes our society. Moves us into tribalism. Like Ancient Egypt and other developed civilizations last 20,000 years.

I want straight news. Give me the truth and let me make an informed decision. What news do I use? The Epoch Times, OANN, MxM and Twitter. Read headlines, sometimes articles and take common denominators of all - plus my "channel". Nothing on Cable is straight news. Haven't watched Cable News in 15 years. Sometimes hear a broadcast on CNN, MSNBC, Fox - while at gym or airport - and want to scream at TV! They lie to public. Or broadcast stories that aren't important to you and your life.

Good examples of media hiding truths: Livestock in US killed during Covid - ordered by US government. Caused high food prices now. Feed for livestock (including chickens) contaminated with mRNA injections - at feed manufacturers. Causes infertility and deaths. Reason for high price of eggs. When you see price of eggs lowered - means chicken feed . Covid vaccine dangerous side effects. Covid vax injuries causing chronic disease and heart attack deaths - globally - for those aged 5-40. African white farmers killed at alarming rates. Farms across the globe seized by governments. Dutch Farmers fighting to feed Europe - against their government forcing them to close farms.

One nation has fought against media manipulation: Hungary.


People with Masks

May 2023.


According to several studies, the Masks mandated during Covid are VERY ineffective. Even the N95. Masks do not protect against respiratory illnesses. They are great at filtering dust and particles when you work in the yard or garage or your attic. Masks ineffective at protecting you from respiratory germs-spores. Especially not contagions. What sources say that? CDC (pre-pandemic) and the prestigious Cochrane Library (which medical experts and doctors use for their medical practices).

It's also recommended NOT to wear a mask while enjoying outdoors: hiking, kayaking, etc. Masks deplete your oxygen and reduce your Lung Capacity. 

CLICK HERE for proof from Cochrane Library - Jan 2023.

Cancel Culture

Happy Girls

May 2023.


This is a real deal. Professionally, I was canceled by Facebook, Youtube, Twitter back in 2020 - for speaking truth about Covid & restrictive measures. "Covid death-rate less than the annual flu." CDC confirms this now. Covid death-rate 0.05%. Regular Flu death-rate 3.5%. I mentioned how Covid measures would hurt society  (Lockdowns, masks, etc.) Cause increase in violent crime, suicides, depression. I got removed or support material I posted removed. "They" didn't want you to know that. I posted natural immunity cures to Covid. Removed. Hopefully you now know these things. Plus rise of Vaccine Injuries that cause MS, cancers, infertility, etc.

Question to You: Have you wondered this? If we can easily cancel people or groups in 2023, has "Cancel-Culture" happened in past civilizations?


Answer: YES. Many societies and civilizations have existed on Earth that we don't know about today. Their histories, stories, existence "canceled" by whomever or whatever rewrote history. We're repeating "history."

QUESTION EVERYTHING! Use your intuition.

AI - Artificial Intelligence

Article on Artificial Intelligence

April 2023.


If you agree with Elon Musk "we should regulate this before moving forward", you are correct. There's a danger with AI. Replacing humans with robots. Not what your Creator or Earth intended. Strips your Soul Power & Freedom.  You actually become the robot. Like Smartphones make us dumb, can't add or remember phone numbers. Right?


When Musk mentioned this to Google Founder Larry Page, Larry called him a "Speciest." Musk agreed. "Yes, I believe in the human species. Sue me." Page and Musk were discussing Chat & Open AI. 

AI is dangerous to mankind. Plain & Simple. You release power of your life to governments. They buy all your information, including what you say - to highest bidder to discover your habits then control them. Remove your Alexa, Google Assistance & Siri.  


Ukraine Flag

April 2022.


Information you're being told is false. Ukraine War is a US-created war. Since 2014. Ukraine is a "corruption hub" for human trafficking, drugs, guns, nuclear armament and so much more.  Very corrupt nation. We're giving them money that gets filtered to Western enemies: China, Iran, North Korea, etc. Please don't donate to this cause. It's a money-laundering scheme for Bad Guys. Nuclear War won't start here. It will start from Taiwan or other Eastern area. Putin will not start a nuclear war. North Korea could! China would - by proxy.

Education in Western World

Class Portrait

February 2023


If you're wondering how our Western society is changing on all fronts. This is the main source. Educators influencing our children. Away from God, individualism and Self-Empowerment. Into manipulated and controlled by new ideologies that are anti-human. From K-12 to university systems. It's a fad that has remained untouched and unknown. And now smothers our childrens' psyches, souls, hearts.  Transgenderism, Critical Race Theory, Racism, violence, drug use (even Rx drugs) and school shootings - Kids being taught IN THE CLASSROOM by TEACHERS - to believe nonsense we see today. Nonsense? Yes. Any belief system or social change that depletes your heart and soul - makes you feel guilty about who you are as a human is insane nonsense. Educators use classrooms for cult-like craziness. Helping detach kids from their soul essences. If you feel there's Evil in the world, it started here. Across all Western nations. This is the BEST place to affect real positive change. Go to your local school board meetings - even if you don't have kids. Make sure kids are protected and learning. Not manipulated into being robots who just take a test once/year. School administrators, under advise from Teachers' Unions are hurting our kids - emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. Sad fact.

Cow Mutilations

Cow and Calf

January 2023


Why are cows and cattle being masterfully mutilated over last 20+ years? Their tongues and other organs cut out with expert precision and no blood? It's not alien manipulation. It's our medical system, pharmaceutical companies and some FDA-approved product manufacturers (eg Collagen Protein companies). Most human heart transplants are from cow. Cows mimic many of our human traits. Pharmaceutical company also uses cowhide to mask side effects of some drugs - and create new ones. Collagen industry uses cowhide and tongue. DNA-RNA testing done through cows, cattle. For almost 60 years, some believe that ETs or Aliens committing these cow mutilations. Nope. It's us humans. On top of that, during Covid, many ranchers were mandated to slaughter cattle, pigs, chickens and other protein sources. Across globe. Deliberate sabotage of our food supply. Why? To decrease global population. Same reason as Covid itself.

December 5, 2023: ISRAEL

Kosher Cookies

Israel has the right to defend itself against Hamas. Americans and global interventionists do not have right to condemn them for it.

Will Israel-Hamas conflict escalate? Yes. It's an extension of the Holy War in the Heavens. The Holy War escalated during Covid. While innocent people locked-down, Evil surfaced. Believe in God? Support Israel, not Hamas. Hamas is a disruptor and terrorist organization. Anyone supporting Hamas, supports terrorism. It's that simple.


August 15, 2023: Russia & War

St. Basil's Cathedral

Only 10% chance of war. No matter what media tell you. US & Western World want a war. Russia doesn't. I'm not a Communist. I'm an American! That doesn't deflect from reality: Russia doesn't war. 

When you hear "We need to fight Russia over Ukraine!" or "Russia-Putin starting WW3!" - change the channel. It's all a lie. The only groups that want war: Islamic Terrorists & US-NATO (Military Industrial Complex). Why does US want war? Old adage: War stimulates the economy. This time, it doesn't. That's an old theory. Past its expiration date.


Putin and Russia see Western World as feckless, crumbling and weak. Economies tanking. Societies crumbling. Why spend blood & treasure fighting a weak enemy?


Wars are expensive: money & people. Russia has neither right now. US & NATO don't either. 


Putin's view: Why bother with a war. Just wait a few more months and NATO nations will crumble. Besides, Russia and Western World aren't real enemies. The main enemy of The West: Communist China. 


Russia won WW2 by beating the Nazis. NATO didn't honor their sacrifices. That's the main rift between Russia and Western World. Without Russia's sacrifices, Hitler would've won and ruled the world.

Religion. Putin and most Russians: Catholic. Do no harm. Take no lives. No matter how media and Hollywood portray Russia as "bad", their moral values are stronger than Western World. Russia and US work together to prevent WW3 - especially along Alaskan-Bering Sea area. Russia and China have a strong alliance. China is the real enemy of the West. Unfortunately, US government is aligned with China. So is Russia. No war will happen. China & Soros groups want war. To throw Western World into famine & austerity. That's what a war will do.

July 21, 2023 - Revelations

Sunset Kayak

Trump will go to jail. And no one will do anything about it. You'll see Americans' cowardice even more - after Trump arrest - than during Covid.

Don't donate to politicians or political parties. Wasting your money. 2024 elections, except your local candidates, already fixed and done. Martial Law pre-2024 election is 90% expected.

Coming in September, a new "lockdown" reason will occur. It's not real. They'll ask you to follow "Covid protocol." Fight back. Talk to your sheriff.

Covid Vaccine & Boosters cause sudden death across globe for those aged 1-55. Check out this film - Died Suddenly. Free on Rumble. It's real, unfortunately. Very very disturbing film. Mainstream media continues saying "this movie is all lies. Just right-wing conspiracy." It's not conspiracy. It's all true. And very alarming & sad. You'll want to talk to someone close to you after you watch film. 


If you're starting think "they're trying to kill us all." You are right. Whomever "they" are, there is concerted effort across every layer of our society to decrease western population at least 30%. Their goal is 40-50% decrease. These are evil people. They don't believe in humanity or your soul as a human. 

Rand Paul's office was set afire by political opponents.


NYC paid BLM & George Floyd protesters over $3,000 each. For police brutality that didn't happen.


Interest rates will continue increasing. On purpose. To limit home & real property ownership. Marxism cannot flourish if people still own property. If you own property, pay it off. Banks are being coerced by Federal Government and Federal Reserve: "Charge more interest. Call-back mortgages." This is happening right now. Why? If you own a mortgage, Federal Government wants your home. This year or next year.

When government policies restrict ownership of real property (residential, land, commercial), that is one last step toward Marxism. This happened in Russia, Nazi Germany and China. And Rome. We're repeating history.

Last sad points. What I "see" in near future. Next 12-18 months.


Essential workers dying or massive chronic illnesses forcing them home. No working-aged Americans showing up to work anymore. This happens in next 18 months or less. Businesses closing. Economy, food supply, infrastructure, USD destroyed. Will take years to rebuild what we have today. Marxism: only answer.


No 2024 elections. State of Emergency called. Trump & GOP lawmakers jailed. Without charges. Just like Jan 6.


Famine. Begins this year across Europe. Millions die. Starts affecting US by October. 

July 21, 2023 - Tough Talk Remedies

Enjoying the Nature

US House Hearing on Censorship. Worth watching. Basically, Censorship by Social Media and Governments is widespread. Day 1 Click Here.

Day 2 Click Here.

Specifics on 2024 Election. Federal candidates already chosen and election machines calibrated for their win. All Democrats. State candidates (Governor, Attorney General, State Reps & Senators, most mayoral elections) same. For Democrats' win. Focus on your county then city. 

We live in dangerous times. Know your neighbors. Stock up on food. Eat healthy. Wean yourself off Rx. Possible Rx shortages beginning end of this year. Replace Rx with natural remedies. e.g. Regular aspirin reduces, eliminates inflammation. Better than any heart Rx. Stop using Tylenol and Aleve. Regular dose Bayer aspirin has same effect. Tylenol, Aleve - made in China and eastern nations now. Likely contamination in near future.


Most Rx opioids are laced with fentanyl and other designer drugs now. Careful. Don't have surgeries unless absolutely necessary.


Number One way to stop the madness in society: Talk to God. Every day. Ask Him and His Angels for help. Strengthen your intuition. Do not fear. Remember your soul doesn't fear. 


Stay authentically positive. By balancing all this bad information with healthy habits and hobbies you enjoy. Save money. Stretch every day to include at least one thing you enjoy. Enjoy life's pleasures. Especially your close relationships. If you have a "Bucket List", start doing those things now. Don't wait.


Federal Reserve is tweaking their Digital Currency. This is not good. Privacy concerns now. They could control how you spend money. This is mainly for Federal Reserve accounts - versus individual bank accounts. They're discussing trespassing on individual bank accounts.  Nothing set in stone yet. Good way to save money? Use a home safe or your freezer. Instead of your bank account. To save dollars.

Talk to your neighbors. The ones you trust. Spend time with them. When things get bad again (eg Covid), they're your family because they're geographically closer to you. Protect each other. Have an emergency plan that excludes evacuation. Emergency plan that allows you to stay put in your home.

Censorship Case


July 6, 2023

HUGE GOOD NEWS! By now, you've probably heard about the Censorship-Free Speech case ruling on July 4, 2023. If not, click here.

Accuses federal agencies and current WH of colluding with Social Media to censor Free Speech - conservative speech. Plaintiffs: Missouri & Louisiana AGs.


US District Judge in Louisiana agreed with Plaintiffs. WH and Fed Agencies are blocked from talking to Social Media co's and influencing-manipulating Censorship.

This is round 1 of a 4-round battle for Americans' liberties, freedoms, and First Amendment Rights. Most Americans cheered the ruling - aptly delivered on July 4, 2023. Me too.

I read the briefs. Very solid case. Will it stand? 60% Chance. Even if SCOTUS takes it next year. WH appealing ruling and will request venue change to a Democrat-appointed judge.

Good news. Today, some Fed Agencies, including the State Department, canceled their meetings with Social Media companies. Click here for more. 


Bottom Line: It's time for all Americans to realize:  our Fed Government - Executive, Legislative & Judicial - do not represent us nor follow US Constitution. Each arm of government bought by Lobbyist groups hell-bent on destroying the USA and Americans.

If Free Speech July 4 ruling is overturned by Supreme Court, Americans will revolt. This could be the next "shot heard around the world." 

Cocaine ** Trump Raid ** JFK Movie

Reading the Paper

July 6, 2023

WH Cocaine: Why this is making news - boggles my mind. Nothing we can do about it. WH secrets happen. Another media "Squirrel" you don't have to worry about. Many presidents and WH staff use cocaine since 1960s. I don't do drugs. Not protecting WH. Only saying: truly nothing to see here. Focus on your life.

Trump Raid by FBI in 2022. New developments today. Judge ordered release - remove seal - on unredacted portions of FBI affidavit allowing search of Trump's Mar-A-Lago home - back in Aug 2022. 

Why is this important? One of anti-American Marxists' tools: Imprison its opponents. Current WH wants Trump in jail.


Love or hate Trump. This stuff is a big deal. If Fed Government can imprison a former President, or prevent him/her from running in politics ever again - that means: YOU ARE NEXT.

"JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass" Check out this documentary. Very well done. Amazon Prime for $3.00. Oliver Stone. 

Digital Currency

Credit Card

June 30, 2023

Lots of talk about US Federal Reserve moving toward Digital Currency. Effective July 1 (or July 5, 2023). And how that will affect your privacy, US Dollar, US economy & global One World economy. Federal Reserve blog link gives more detail. Click Here for their blog about it.  

Psychic Info about this. No need for worry. You're already using Digital Currency. US Dollar already down to 50 cents, if using Gold Standard - which all developed countries including US, stopped using decades ago. The only difference between Fed Digital currency and current digital currency: The Fed issues it versus your bank. It's the Fed's answer to crypto-currency and stabilizing US economy.


Is it a precursor to One Global Currency? Not at moment. Not even next 3 years.


Your privacy. Fed's Digital Currency will not adversely affect your privacy - any more than today. Your privacy and financial information are already being "mined" and stored by the Federal Government and some companies.


Your privacy is already stripped, mined and stored by these:


(1) If you have medical insurance, everything about you, including your health, personal habits, mortgage and federal tax payments, are monitored. 


(2) If you use Google, Alexa or Siri.

(3) If you play and purchase video games on your laptop or phone

(4) If you use your car's automated systems like Google Maps, finding restaurants, Sirius XM Radio, etc. your privacy already non-existent.

More fear than truth surrounds Fed's move toward Digital Currency.  Your life won't change. 


Trump photo.jpg

June 12, 2023

Love him or hate him. This man is being attacked on all fronts - constantly. During his presidency, assassination attempts and threats happened at least 5 times daily.

Why so many indictments lately? Besides the obvious: his enemies want him in prison and not on 2024 ballot.


Real reason: His enemies want to assassinate him. Flying, driving, going in/out of court. Lots of wide-open opportunities to kill him. His Secret Service detail is tough and smart. Best security team.

Will indictments stick? Will he go to prison? As of today, 50% chance. Technicalities. Not real evidence.


Pride Month flag.jpg

June 12, 2023

Gay-Lesbian Pride Month has been hijacked by the Trans, non-binary movement. Majority Gays and Lesbians do not honor this new "group." Nor do they agree with gender-affirming surgeries for children.

As posted on this page in May, Transgender folks are not emotionally, mentally stable people.


Those affirming or allowing gender-changing surgeries for kids under age 25 - are not good people.


This new fad is horrible for humanity. If left unchecked, It will topple basic fundamentals of Earth life and every Western society.


On Earth, there are only 2 genders. If that offends you, Evil has brainwashed you. If you accept new trans movement, you're harming Earth and your soul. 


Fruit Stands

June 1, 2023

Food shortages will happen rapidly by end of this year. Especially starting Harvest Season (Sept). Government restrictions make it harder for farmers to grow food for us. Family or corporate farms. 


Local and federal environmental laws restrict water, land and farming labor practices. During Covid, many farms required to "stop operation" by US Government. Most ranches (pigs, cattle, chicken) and dairies closed down during Covid.

Takes about 2 years for a Farm Crisis to reach consumers. 

This Forbes article reveals 44% increase in costs to farmers to grow our food. And raises question: Are we entering another Farm Crisis? The answer was not given in article. What's the answer? Yes. 

Bill Gates. In Forbes article, Gates listed as biggest farm landowner in the US. GMO foods. Biologically engineered fake produce. Fake food. Biggest lobbyist with FDA. Directly suggests new FDA label requirements for GMO products. To hide GMOs and include "organic" label when food is not organic. To supply vast amounts of produce quickly to world - his farms use stuff that's unhealthy for your body. Undigestables. Including mRna stuff: changes your body's healthy RNA code.

Poultry and Pork. Injected with mRNA. That's why chickens might taste different to you nowadays. That's why eggs were in short supply. US Chicken feed manufacturers required to change formulas to include new mRNA stuff. During Covid. After new feed, most chickens couldn't produce eggs for a while. mRNA vaccines will soon be injected in cattle and dairy. Their feed is already being changed.


Spinach, lettuce, tomatoes will soon be injected. FDA not required to label them "with mRNA". Unless people fight back. It will just happen. EpochTV created a good documentary about this. How our Food Supply is already tainted. Remember the spice scare a while back?

Let Them Eat Bugs. Craziest idea ever. Hollywood folks promoting to public: "Eat bugs. Not live animals nor live plants." Bugs don't provide nutrition your body needs. When food runs out, bugs come in handy though. I guess.

Remedy? Buy local. Farmer's Market or "local" produce in your grocery store. Ask local farmers what fertilizer they use. Join with neighbors and create separate gardens. So your families combine resources to eat good produce. Grow your own food, if you can. Use old-fashioned fertilizer (horse or cow manure - mixed with some nutrients you trust). My Czech grandmother made her own fertilizer. Went to barns for manure. Feed Stores for nutrients. Bagged fertilizer: new phenomenon last 40 years. 

Your protection? Keep your immune system very strong. Exercise. Get plenty of sun, Vitamin C, D, A and Zinc. Stock up on supplements. Don't use Pharmaceutical Drugs. Get some chickens or plant a garden. Just for you.


A Better Tomorrow

May 21, 2023

If you want to "turn the boat around", or fight for real American rights, here are some ways. Use all or some. In US, focus on local, county and state. Federal Government is too out-of-reach right now.


In 1990s, I was part of Crime Victim Movement. Back then, Violent Crime Victims had NO rights. Dinosaur Days, right? We made changes to give voice to Crime Victims, using these ideas. Result? Crime Victim Impact Statement,  harsher penalties for Drunk Drivers, sex offenders, violent spouses and murderers. Stopped Early Release programs for 20 years - now it's returned though. Gave survivors the right to speak with their "criminal" in prison. For closure. Lobbied for more "pro-victim" judges - local & state. Added more Victim Services nationwide. We won 99% of the time. We used methods below.


First. Pick your topic-issue. This is important. Hundreds of topics to choose from. Pick 1 or 2. Focus on those. Spreading yourself too thin on 5-10 different topics will prove ineffective. Focus on 1-2 issues, win those.


Second. Join groups, or create a group, of those who have same passion and solution as you.  Choose like-minded people. Meet once/month or twice/month. 1-2 hour meetings max. Social Media is a great tool for this. So is talking to your neighbors. Get the word out, join a group, consistently attend meetings. Private meetings of 30 people max is best. 

Third. Focus local and state. Know your mayor, sheriff, city council, county administrators, State representatives and Senators. 10th Amendment still applies in US. That's how Governor DeSantis, and other governors, over-ride federal mandates. 10th Amendment: States rights over Feds. Local rights over a city or county. Contact your officials. Remember they work for you. They're not untouchable. During Covid, my community (Yavapai County AZ) and other AZ counties (eg. Gila) stayed "open for business". One of our local Sedona barbers re-opened his shop 2 weeks after first "lockdown." His shop sat next to our Yavapai Sheriff's office. What did our sheriff say? "Mandates unconstitutional. Stay open if you need to. We're not enforcing Governor's nor Federal mandates." 

Fourth. Have one solid message for policy-makers (officials), influencers, social media, potential group members. Keep repeating it. Include evidence, facts with your message to policy-making officials. Be respectful. No anger. Just state facts. 

Fifth. Keep building your group. On Social Media, post every day. Respond to other like-minded groups everyday.

Six. Get public support. Stand on street corners with your posters and signs. Verify with your local municipality if permit and prior notice is necessary. Have a website. When public honks or agrees with your cause, give them a flyer with your website and info. Websites are cheap to set up. About $20/month. Newsletters same: about $30/mo. Build your members and newsletter list. 

Don't be afraid of policy-makers. If they're not interested in your issue, it's because they DO deal with 15 issues per day. Local, state and Fed. If they're unfamiliar with your issue, be glad! It means it's not getting attention it deserves. Your group will give it attention.


Local and state: that's where your power is. City, County, State.


Research, or designate someone in your group to research, your local officials' bills and referendums for the week. Attend those meetings, subcommittee meetings, conferences - when your topic-issue is covered. Also - research, or designate a group member to research, other city-county-states' movements with your issue.


eg. TikTok. Only one state has banned TikTok , a very dangerous tool for kids 5-35. Influencing them to hate themselves or suicide. US Government professes to change-ban TikTok. BUT... it's actually up to individual states to decide.


Which US state banned TikTok? Montana. If TikTok is your issue, discover how that state got public approval to ban TikTok. What groups or individuals got involved? What was their message? Contact those people. Find out how they did it. 


Seven. Public-Private Hearings. Attend any official hearings-meetings on your issue. At least 5 people from your group should attend. Not to disturb the meeting. Be present and follow meeting rules. You don't want to be thrown out. Show officials respect. That's all they want. If you respect them and the process, they will listen to you. If you don't, they will shut you out. This happened a few times in 1990s. Mothers of murdered children became so passionate and angry during Texas state committee hearings, they were thrown out and those state committees threw away legislation that those mothers helped write.

If you're passionate about an issue, fight for it. Local, county, state. When you're passionate about something, it's your soul saying "yes please!"


You are the Superman Hero in your Life's Story.


Government Building Columns

May 21, 2023

The US Federal Government might make headlines on national news, but that's not where your power lies. You CAN contact your Federal congressmen and senators. However, you can affect change easier, quicker, more effectively at local level. If a national topic hits home with you, find out what your local, county-state is doing about it. 

National media focuses on national events. US government is a huge behemoth. Been that way since 1960s. Gets bigger every day. That means more hoops to jump to change or affect policy at federal level.


The good news? Local-state-county is where your voice WILL be heard. That's where your power lies. That's where real change starts and ends in the US. And it's easier for you.


Talking about national issues is like talking about today's baseball scores. Water-cooler talk. But that's all it is. Talk. It's very hard to "turn national boat around." It's easy to get angry, despondent about national stuff. Especially since you have no power there. Easy to feel frustrated. You CAN contact your local officials about what you hear nationally.


There's nothing wrong with emailing your local officials every week. Be respectful. Be funny, if you can. Treat them like your neighbor next door - if you like that neighbor. Respect goes a long way.


I work with some people inside our Fed Government. Red tape stands 50 feet high and takes 2 years to accomplish anything. There are dark forces at work inside US federal government. The Swamp does exist. About 7 swamps in DC - not just one. 

During Covid, President Trump relinquished power to local-county-states: to decide Covid measures. He respected 10th Amendment (States' Rights). While allowing "Fake Fauci" to control national narrative. Regardless how many people inside Trump camp said "Fauci is horribly ego-driven and hasn't done ANYTHING for public health in 30 years!", Trump kept Fauci at microphone. Why? Trump knew Fauci was part of Swamp. Trump Motto: "Keep your friends close and enemies closer." While preserving Americans' rights (10th Amendment) and giving people options and choices. 

During Covid, we saw massive migration out of Democrat-led cities and states - to conservative freedom-loving states. Democrat led municipalities forced restrictive measures. That told us something: Americans forgot or don't know they have rights and a voice - at local level.


If Americans had protested on streets in their Democrat-led municipalities "No Lockdowns! No masks! No Early Releases of violent offenders!", they could've stayed in their homes.


Instead, no one protested locally or knew their God-Given and US Constitutional Rights. They simply fled their homes. Moved out of state. Moving out-of-state takes a lot of work! You must sell your house. Pack your house. Find another home elsewhere. Start a new life.


Protesting for a few days, understanding your rights. Affecting change locally, where your power is. Would have taken 4 weeks max - protesting once/week. And empowered millions of Americans. Instead of Americans feeling powerless. While Social Media canceled anti-vax, anti-mask folks, you could still call-Zoom-text your neighbors and family members. There was still a way to protect your home, comfortable lifestyle, neighborhoods. Most Americans either forgot or didn't know their Constitutional Rights. Or too afraid to speak up.

Q-Anon. Some of my clients follow Q. Some of my friends follow Q. During Covid, Q was posting frantically to provide balance in our Covid-restrictive imbalanced world.

Many people asked "is Q real?" Q was real. Then its original founders jumped ship before and during Covid craziness. Now it's not real. There isn't an underground effort inside our US government to fix our problems or Drain The Swamp. There are a few people inside each Fed agency who still fight for what's right. But they're not organized as a group. Nor does a Q group exist to take down Swamp at large. It's an impossible task. 

Why did Q founders jump ship? Or Q writers leave? They didn't want the vaccinations - mandated to Federal employees. So some were fired or furloughed. They took early retirements. They left Federal Government. They jumped ship to take care of their personal lives. You can't fault them for that. 

Are some Q founders or writers still writing for Q? No.

Are some Q founders or writers still aware of inner-DC dealings? Not really. They certainly won't publicize what they know. They risk safety of their lives and people they love. They're still good people. They're not leaking information.

Are some Q insiders leaking information to media? A few. Maybe 6-20 people. They're very cautious about what media sources to use. They don't leak to national newspapers or cable news. Some outlets they leak to: Project Veritas, Tucker Carlson, Elon Musk, OANN, The Epoch Times.

You are the Superman Hero in your Life's Story.



May 2023.

In US, from this May 21-30, Congress is deliberating whether to give control of US population to this organization. Did you know that? UK Commonwealth and majority of European countries, except Hungary, have essentially transferred their sovereignty to WHO. Now US decides whether to do same over next 2 weeks. Who is WHO?


Channeled information. Check my work.

WHO is an untrustworthy, unregulated global group funded by China, US ($700 Million annually), other western nations, WEF, and Big Pharma. Consists mainly of non-physician, non-scientist political appointees pushing global health decisions. A few true physicians and scientists are part of WHO to give illusion they are health-experts. When you review Board members and actual members of WHO, check their country of origin. Ask yourself: are these totalitarian countries? In most cases, yes.


WHO #1 goal: control public behavior. It rarely refers to accurate studies when propagating policies. Like the media, it hides truths. It's a political organization, more than a health organization.

During Covid, this organization controlled how to manage you and your activities. All western countries used WHO guidance to control you (except Hungary). 


Lockdowns, isolation, fear of death. All nations allowed WHO policies to dictate your movement during Covid (or lack of). 

Now you've discovered that lockdowns proved ineffective - except to destroy economies and individuals' psyches. Masks ineffective. Vaccines ineffective and dangerous. Every bit of WHO guidance proved wrong. The Wuhan Lab where Covid-19 developed and ultimately leaked from? WHO lab.

Do US citizens want WHO to further control them? I think not. Email your US Senators and Congressmen. Check what Congress and Health-Committees are doing. Fight back. Your freedoms depend on you. Not WHO.


immigration 2.jpg

May 2023.


Title 42. Created in 1944 to protect Americans' health.  Enforced at our US borders during Covid. To prevent spread of Covid and other diseases. 

US immigrant "illegal" border-crossings will increase to pre-Covid levels. About 6 Million non-legal crossings per year. Contrary to most media opinions, mass migration does change the dynamics of sovereign nations. Just ask Hungary, Germany, UK and Israel. Same applies to US. Uncontrollable "illegal" border crossings and lack of sufficient "vetting" of migrants - happening at US border since 1990s. Nothing new. 

What IS new. From 2003-today: Most border-crossers are single males with criminal histories. Mainly from Eastern countries. That's a problem.

Earlier in May, NYC Mayor Adams moved these single-male migrants, unvetted by DHS & Border Patrol, into NYC K-12 schools (eg Brooklyn). Thankfully, parents fought back. This Tuesday (May 16), Mayor started moving migrants out of schools. 

Tucker Carlson

Tucker photo.jpg

May 18, 2023


If this story sounds similar to WikiLeak's Founder Julian Assange, you're correct. Doesn't matter your political leanings, if you watched any Tucker broadcasts, (FoxNews or FoxNation) or his public speeches - you watched one of the most honest media personalities today. Practicing true journalism. Asking questions. Getting answers.

He's apolitical (Independent leaning traditional liberal) while talking politics and policies. He doesn't skew news. He questions it.

If you find him offensive, you're manipulated by non-journalistic media hacks who don't practice true journalism. I don't apologize for that. Being honest, staying true to my channeling gift.

You're probably now aware why he was "let go" from Fox. Channel's advertisers didn't like his anti-Pharma and "free" journalistic techniques. Now he's on Twitter. Follow him. He's an asset to American journalism.

If you watched Tucker's "Today" show on FoxNation, you saw his true innate contributions to the public as an ethical journalist. For 14 months, I subscribed to FoxNation exclusively for Tucker's Today Show. Watched nothing else on FoxNation. Paid $6/month for Tucker only. Before his 2-part interview with Elon. That show was awesome! He had amazing guests and topics. He let guests speak for almost 1 hour. You learned alot about all sorts of topics on that show. I quit FoxNation subscription 2 weeks after his Fox separation. Wanted to watch Tucker Today re-runs before cancelled subscription.

Financial Markets

Stock Market Down

April 2023


Yes currencies are dropping. As US dollar slides to almost zero. But don't move your money! It would create another 1929 scenario. Besides, all Western World currencies are being reduced. USD declining for last 2 years. Most people unaware. Should you move your money? No. Once USD hits bottom, it affects every American and every nation abroad who invests in USD or our Federal Bonds. Moving your money won't protect you - nor anyone else. Every continent and Western currency is connected to USD. What will replace USD and Euro? Chinese currency - or global currency - that UN wants to ratify. Will all this hurt Human Sovereignty? YES. It is a ploy to strip your uniqueness & individualism. Like the Euro in Europe - subduing individuality. Is it Global Marxism? Yes. WEF (World Economic Forum) leaders want Global Currency. So they can control all banks, you and your God-Given freedoms as a soul on Earth. Cryptocurrency is WEF's nemesis. That doesn't guarantee that your crypto investment is sound either. The financial slide - across globe - is imminent. Nothing will stop it. No actions can thwart it.


Typing on a laptop

March 2023


For the last 10-20 years, we use Wikipedia as a credible source. It is not. Wikipedia co-creator Larry Sanger recently acknowledged in a recent interview "it's become a propaganda source. Much like Google and other "sources" and media sources. Anyone can modify Wikipedia facts now. When we created it, we used only experts in designated fields. Now it's "open book" sourced. Anyone can add or delete content. You can't trust it."


All Gender Restroom Sign

February 2023


Out of all the insanity in today's world, this takes the cake. And breaks my heart worst. Please don't support the trans community or sex transformation surgeries for kids aged 24 or younger. The trans community is filled with emotionally-mentally off-balance people. Majority in gay-lesbian community have stayed away from these folks for decades. Now is no different. Trans are not stable individuals. Especially if they've had hormone replacement, surgery, etc. And trans community wants to further silence and deflate the natural female community. Why? Females reproduce. Trans "fad" created to decrease global population. It's against everything in your heart and soul.


Mass shooters this year: trans and unstable. Why sterilize kids and overpower women? To stop human population. To end human civilization as we know it. Why? Evil. 

More mass shootings performed by Trans community will occur. Walking time-bombs. Manchurian Candidates. Designed to explode. And take normal "life" with it. No lie.

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