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© 2009-2020 Sedona Spirit Connection LLC  -  PO Box 21390, Sedona, AZ 86341 -  (928) 963-6977

All material is copyrighted & protected. No reproductions allowed without written permission from Robin Amanda Kelley.

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"Best Sedona Psychic"
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Phone Sessions Only Through January 31, 2020

Access information from your Lost Loved Ones, your Spiritual Advisors (Spirit Guides), Angels and other positive entities who assist you along your life's journey. Each person has a unique set of "invisible" spiritual advisors to help you fully enjoy your life.

​Robin's Message to You:
Your Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Lost Loved Ones want what is best for you: happiness, contentment, balance. Through my direct channel to your unique individual "Spirit Helpers", you receive direct, authentic messages from them that touch your soul, heart, mind and help you move through life with more confidence, direction, strength and purpose.

"Life is meant to be good! You are meant to be happy. Oftentimes, we forget that. Our Angels, Guides and Loved Ones exist to remind us. I exist to communicate their wisdom, inspiration to you. Unfiltered."  ---  Robin Amanda, The Sedona Spirit Psychic


So happy to have met Robin on my latest trip to Sedona. I was looking for a wonderful medium/healer and my research really paid off! Robin was delightful, engaging and made me and my son feel completely comfortable. She possesses such warm, positive energy and is spot on with her psychic work! I am sure that I will be visiting with her on my next trip to Sedona! Thank you Robin!! Lisa P.

I return every September to Sedona! Robin is always part of my trip, with her accurate reading of my life, choices, and what is in store for me. She assists me with my family relationships, finances, and health! I enjoy her energy, accuracy and professionalism. I have been to many psychics in the past and Robin is on the top of my list! -- Jenifer M.

Robin is the real deal. I have met with plenty of people who claim to have the spiritual gifts that Robin has, and my sessions do not come close to the experiences I have with Robin. Met with Robin twice in two years. My second experience was not unlike my first. Some mediums/psychics start the clock as soon as you walk in. Robin asks you to prepare a list of questions you may have, take my advice, write a list. Robin answers your questions matter of fact with justification without probing for clues. You don't have to give her details or clues. Again, the real deal! -- Rie, California