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Reconnect With Your Beautiful Spirit (TM)
In Sedona Since 2009



E-Book Now Available 
on Kindle! $7.99

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Paperback expected release:
February 29, 2024

Tragedy & Beyond released by February 29, 2024

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Robin Amanda is an authentic, accurate Psychic Channel-Medium. For over 30 years. Use her to access information from Your Soul, Akashic-Soul Records, Spiritual-Angel Team & Departed Loved Ones. No background nor photos necessary. She accesses everything about you and those you ask about. Simple. Private-confidential sessions. Ask questions. Get Answers.

Phone and In-Person Sessions. Your unique Spirit-Angel Team helps you succeed at anything you desire. If you think it, you can be it. Hire Robin to get answers from them. No topic off-limits. Health, Home, Relationships, Career, Love, Money, Best Locations, Soul Information, Relationships. Messages from Departed Loved Ones. Your session is recorded & emailed to you.


Phone Sessions are equally effective as Office Sessions. 30 years experience pays off! Book Now.


Assisting Clients

Since 1992

Sedona Private Practice


Since July 2009

Fortune 500 Consultant


She Connects

Accesses Your Soul,

Angels & Loved Ones

from anywhere

She Disconnects

Separates herself

in every client session.

You Get DIRECT messages.


Crime Victim Advocate (1991-1996)

Homicide/Trauma &

Grief Counselor


Survivor of Double-Homicide



If She Can't Access Your

Info in first 5 minutes, tell her. She will stop session. Reschedule or get refund.

You get Session Recording.


Texas A&M Graduate (1988)

Honesty, Integrity, Fairness

Jenifer M, PA

Robin is always part of my Sedona trip.

I enjoy her energy, accuracy and professionalism. Been to many psychics in the past and Robin is on TOP of MY LIST!

Pat H, Sedona

Robin has a gift. Her predictions for me were more than simple experiences. They were profound and life altering. I continue to rely on her for my guidance. Bless her!

Shannon, Tucson

I am stunned at the accuracy of my last reading. My amazing guy came along just as predicted, correct name and scenario! Thank you, Robin!

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