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Debate Night

Did you watch US Presidential debate? Most Americans and global community did. What did you think about it? Post your comments below. All viewpoints welcome.

Majority consensus opinion inside US and globally: painful, sad, embarrassing, horrific. Leader of "free world" unfit for office. Did you feel the same? Most did. Some didn't.

Today's blog isn't about politics. It's about the spiritual, emotional, mental undertones felt by everyone who watched the debate. How to process what you saw, from your soul. Honoring your opinion and others' opinions - uniting as a nation and world. What might happen now - in US and globally. How to prepare for negative consequences.

How do you process what you saw? Be honest. Some of your beliefs probably changed after watching it. Whether you support Trump, Biden, or Robert F Kennedy Jr., you were shocked. Even the DNC is scrambling. Every American feels that way today. Capitalize on that. This weekend, talk to your family and neighbors with different political beliefs. Unite on common ground. Talk about how you felt. Not politics or policies. Thursday night united America. Keep it going. Unite from the heart and soul. Our souls naturally exude unity. Division cuts at our souls. We've lived divided long enough, don't you think?

After watching the first 12 minutes, I felt horribly sad then angry. Many Americans weren't aware of Biden's physical and mental troubles over last 2 years. I was. I don't watch mainstream news; it hides truths. Many nations across the globe didn't know Biden's weak, inept state either. Until Thursday night. No amount of positive propaganda could hide the truth we all saw.

As a clairvoyant psychic-medium, in that 12 minutes, I saw the probable negative consequences. US enemies watched that debate too. They now see US as weak; prime target for take-over. Like most Americans that night, they now know that the US President is not leading the country. So who is? They know the White House, federal agencies and US media lie to everyone. So what's the truth?

US enemies see an opportunity to harm us. Over next 100 days before the November election.

Every morning for last 2 years, I check probability of US federal elections in November. I do same with probability of world war-nuclear war and probability of electric grid or full-scale cyber attack. Consistent answers from Spirit Realm: no world war, no nuclear war, no federal elections, no US take-over or coup, no grid attack.

Thursday night, the answers changed. In that first 12 minutes. I continued watching the debate in its entirety. Channeling along the way. Enemies weren't listening to Trump and Biden's words. They muted them; watching only their body language. Enemies know where Trump stands on policies. They know where Biden stands on policies. They didn't know Biden's ineptitude until that night.

Most global leaders and Americans rarely see Biden in public, on television or video interviews. White House staff hides him. Media protects that. Biden sits down for a photo-op then leaves the room. No matter if Biden is overseas, in the White House, or elsewhere. He responds to media briefly then leaves. Thursday showed why. Enemies see Biden as a shell; and Trump as a threat.

So what answers do I get now? Still see no Federal Election in November. Now see 80% probable that we get hit with a super Cyber Attack, leading to full US Grid Shutdown. By November 1. Prepare now for "off-grid" living that could last up to 1 year.

Still see no nuclear war. World War - yes. Only 20% chance that Putin starts it. This world war is a 5th generation war: cyber, hi-tech, drone war without bombs. A think-tank study done a few years ago, showed that a Cyber-Grid shutdown would kill more Americans than World War 1, 2, Korean war and Vietnam war combined. Within 3 months. America would slide into the 1800s days. No electricity, water, food, cell phones, TV, cable, internet, Amazon. People in large cities will go hungry then get violent and kill each other.

In 5th generation warfare (cyber or grid attack), US enemies don't need to fire weapons. They just need to turn off our electricity - with a huge blast that takes a long time to fix. They can do this from space or physically in US.

Other consequences of Thursday night debate.

To Europe, we're now a liability. They'll start disconnecting from US - financially and politically. They'll donate more funds to NATO & UN. European nations likely to visit Putin and Xi - to renegotiate and re-establish relationships. Ukraine war could end.

Europe will want to "cash-out" the debt they purchased from us, which will drop US Dollar value to $0.10 cents. US Federal Government owes trillions of dollars - just on the interest of our huge multi-trillion debt. Strange part, Russia also purchased debt from us. They're one of our nation's stakeholders. So is China. Little known facts. And one reason why Putin doesn't world war. Until now.

China currently owns at least 25% US land. They use 10% of it for fentanyl farms, which our federal government knows about. China purchased most US land at a discount. With promise to buy part of our federal debt. That's been happening since 1990s and won't change.

What could change: China might show mercy on everyday Americans. Not Cyber-Attack us. Doubtful since they show no mercy for Falun Gong members over last 10+ years; killing and maiming their own countrymen. Last 2 years, there's a 25% increase of soldier-aged, young Chinese men crossing US borders (north and south) illegally. Some experts wonder why. The answer is simple. To affect US cyber meltdown and/or manage our national chaos after it happens.

What else could happen? Iran-backed terrorist organizations could cyber-attack us, or attack our grids. Over 40% illegal border crossings into US are unvetted, Muslim terrorists.

Why am I telling you this? You need to know what I know. To protect yourself and people you love. I want to protect and prepare you. Not create fear. One ounce of prevention beats one pound of cure. Prepare now so you don't live in fear. This is part of my soul-plan. It's free and true knowledge that you need. When you're prepared for the worst, you won't be afraid if/when it happens. Here's a video from Gregg Braden explaining how to prepare. Click Here.

My information is verified by numerous sources over last 10 years. If you want my sources, email me. I'll send to you. Not broadcasting them here. Don't want sources censored or de-platformed. Want you to stay powerful and informed.

Besides preparing for the worst, what else can you do? Pray, meditate, visualize a peaceful world. Not globally, the world immediately around you. Your neighborhood, local area, your home, etc.

What else can you do? Start talking and listening to your family and neighbors. Strengthen your relationships with people around you. Don't tell them you're "prepping" unless you absolutely trust them. Do start talking to them to create unity. Accept their different opinions. Ask them to accept yours.

Build unity in your community. This needs to happen now. Whether you live in USA or elsewhere, this is the time for unity. Whether you're a Democrat and your neighbors are Republican. Whether you're a conservative and your neighbors are liberals. Find common ground now.

Common ground was established on debate night. Everyone watching, across the world, felt some type of pain, sadness, shock, bewilderment. The unique opinions and reasons "why" may differ. The overall effect was the same.

Everyone was shocked on debate night. I was shocked that the DNC allowed Biden to debate! Others were shocked at the angry attacks from both men on the stage - two kids fighting in the sandbox. Some shocked at the lies told that night. Some shocked that the White House and media colluded to lie to them all this time. Some shocked to see Biden stammer so much - unaware of his physical and mental disabilities. Some shocked that Trump, 4 years younger than Biden, was gracious to Biden. Some shocked that CNN moderators did a very good job. Some shocked that DNC forced Democrat voters to choose Biden in the primary, when he's obviously unfit for the office.

Whatever our individual "why", we're all united in our feelings and fears. Focus on that. When talking with people who hold a different political opinion.

Unity strengthens us as a society. Unity is part of our soul essence. Unity is the spiritual energy we give to others. Division weakens us. Separates us from our natural soul energies and cuts our souls.

We've lived in a divide-mentality far too long. Isn't it time to change that? Let's accept each other - no matter our differences. Unite on common ground. Unite as a nation and globe.

Take care of your individual life. Don't focus on people or events happening to strangers who live more than 300 miles away from you. Save your money and energy. Give it to yourself, people you love and care about. Prepare for the worst - to kill fear. Expect the best.

Namaste -

Robin, Your Sedona Spirit Psychic-Medium

Now in Houston / Follow on X  Youtube  Facebook    LinkedIn

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