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Channeling Current Events

Conference Call

Recording $25

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Friday, July 24, 2020 at 6p AZ (7p Mountain, 8p Central, 9p Eastern)


​Psychic-Channeled Information about Today's Events.


Live Recording of Event. Psychic-Channeled Information from High Level Angels. Public Information.



Topics: Masks, Covid, Statues, Statutes, Autonomous Zones, Anarchy, Economy (national & global), Big Picture, Politics, Election, Upcoming Challenges through end of the year. How to dispel fear and create or protect life you love - through the chaos.  

Spirit Guides & Angels Present During Call:

3 High-Level Angels

Spirit Guides: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Thomas Payne, Adam Smith (economist), Alex D'Toqueville, Albert Einstein, Joseph Stalin, Nicolas II Romanov (last Russian Emperor), Napoleon Bonaparte, Caesar II, Andromeda (Roman Goddess), Aristotle, Plato, Ayn Rand, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Henry Ford, Edgar Cayce, Madame Curie, Tolstoy, George Patton, Adolph Hitler.
Length: 2 hours. One hour of intense channeling-mediumship discussing Events. One hour of Audience Q&A channeled from same Angels & Spirit Guides.

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