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Soul of America

Watched US news. Riots & more riots. Destroying Soul of America. It's not easy watching humanity tumble and make mistakes.

Most mistakes we make can be remedied with accurate information. Either we learn from mistakes, learning we didn't have adequate information, finding the accurate information and change our lives; or we keep living life avoiding what we do wrong.

Sooner or later, we get it. Sooner or later, we discover the holes in our beliefs that keep us from happiness and wholeness. Once we discover the holes, we fill them with good information. Then we change our lives, moving toward happiness, peace, prosperity, abundance and all things positive in life.

Watching the riots, one thing occurred to me: As humans, we prefer attracting negative vs. positive. It's easier for us to believe the negative: in ourselves & others. Why? Answer from Angel-Spirit Realm:

"As you test your soul limits, your physical limits, your mental & emotional limits on this Earth - you start focusing on the test instead of your Inner Power: your soul. You get distracted by the small instead of looking at the Whole Picture.

"When a butterfly flies over you, you focus on its wings instead of the entire butterfly; enjoying its beauty, its historic transformation from creepy caterpillar to majestic butterfly.

"Stop focusing on the test and focus on your Soul growth. Remember tests prove your strengths more than your weaknesses. Every test brings you more information, which is the essence of Self-Empowerment and Spiritual Evolution. "When you focus on the test instead of the entirety of your life (Soul Growth), you lose precious information. You start self-doubt. Your mind works fast. It moves where you tell it to move. When you think small, negativity enters. Self-doubt, sadness, stress, anger enter your life. These traits, if left unchecked, lead to violence, screaming, self-hate, depression. "Use your Inner Power (Soul) to move you along in life; not your mind. Stop focusing on the test. Focus on your life & the Big Picture. Devil is in the details. Small thinking will always hurt you, your soul, your heart and ultimately your physical body & quality of life.

"Focus on brilliant successes of the Big Picture: in your life, others' lives, and your external surroundings. From a distance, everything is beautiful. When you pick apart life, focus on small, you pick apart the strength in you. You move toward negative vs. positive. Train your brain. Elevate your Soul. Learn everything you can. See others' perspectives. Not just yours. When you focus on the small, you focus only on you. There's more to life than your ego & self-interest. An abundant, beautiful world lives outside you. Find it. Enjoy it. You'll respect others more that way. You'll respect yourself more that way. And you'll find true happiness on this planet."


Psychic Robin Amanda

Twitter: @sedonarobin

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Youtube: robinamandakelley

Google+: Sedona Spirit Psychic

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