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Peace Amid Chaos

Practicing Inner Peace. Feeling at peace within you. Taking a step back from the world and just letting yourself "be". It's the best way to experience Monday's Eclipse and the soul damage caused by recent riots.

Remember that you are a perfect soul living on this planet. Remember that you have Angels and Spirit Guides watching you, helping you, embracing you, touching you.

Remember that your Soul Essence knows no fear. Your Soul Essence knows no judgment. Your Soul only knows peace, love, unity.

Your Soul also holds the records of your past (and past lives) and humanity's past. Your soul remembers every horrible event of mankind - even if you didn't personally experience those events. It remembers how well humanity survived them. It remembers how resilient and soft mankind is.

Your soul knows "this too shall pass." Your soul knows you control your life and your life experiences. Your Soul knows your heart and mind have equal say (Equal Speech) in your life. And your Free Will controls it all.

Your soul passes no judgment. Your Spirit Guides pass no judgment on you.

The Spirit Realm-Heaven-God cries during painful events as we've seen on the news this weekend (Boston Rally). They cry for the lost souls who believe they are making a difference. The Spirit Realm-Heaven know this: "you cannot make a positive difference through violence, upheaval, destruction of property, etc."

They watch as these lost souls succumb to mob mentality, unnecessary brutality and savage behavior. Lost Souls forgetting their brilliance. Forgetting their Inner Peace. Forgetting who they are. Forgetting they're human. Forgetting to respect & honor others. So the Spirit Realm-Heaven-God waits. It waits until those individuals wake up and realize the horrors they created. The hate, anger and violence they created.

As the Spirit Realm-Heaven waits for the chaos to end, you can wait too. Practice Inner Peace. Pray for those causing undue harm, chaos, division. Access and Practice your Inner Peace. The Spirit Realm-Heaven-God will handle the details later.

---Message from the Spirit Realm, Angelic Realm, Heaven & other Positive Entities re: Charlottesville, Boston, Ferguson, Chicago, Berkley riots.

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