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Space & Relationships

"The Quieter You Become, The More You Can Hear." Ram Dass

Relationships can be tricky as you walk through conflicts or misunderstandings with the other person.

Whether it's a romantic, work, friend or family relationship, challenges will appear. Whether it's a new relationship or a 50-year relationship, conflicts and misunderstandings will happen.

What's one of the best ways to remedy or overcome relationship challenges? Space and Silence. As Euripides stated, "Silence is True Wisdom's Best Reply."

We live in a society where instant gratification and constant, quick communication rules. We tweet, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Email and text at the speed of light. We want our voices heard. We don't want to waste time. So we talk, post, reply, respond lightning-fast.

But sometimes responding quickly is not the answer. Real relationships take time, patience and space to grow and blossom. The best relationships are based on trust and mutual respect. Trust takes time and patience. Trust is earned - over time. Mutual respect requires patience, commitment and the ability to listen to the other person. Not just hear them; listen to them. Stepping in their shoes, asking them questions, waiting for their answer - discovering how they feel and why they feel that way. Trust and Mutual Respect, the building blocks of successful relationships, require space and silence. This is even true in today's political climate. No matter the type of relationship you have, trust and mutual respect are necessary. On a soul level, you need both. Space and silence bring you both.

Whether I'm working with single or married clients, trust and mutual respect issues pop up in their romantic relationships. For single clients, they wonder if the other person is being honest or the best fit for them: their ideal romantic soulmate. For married clients, they wonder if their spouse is still interested in them, or honest, loyal and loving.

Knowledge is power. Which is why people use my channeling services to understand their relationship partners better. Clients seek answers from their partners' Spirit Guides-Angels or their personal Spirit Guides-Angels. To help them better communicate or strengthen their relationships. Or to help them decide if the effort is worth the result.

But sometimes the answers they seek are not the answers they get. I cannot guarantee the answers they seek. I only relay messages from their (or their partners') Spirit Guides-Angels, unfiltered. Sometimes their Spirit Guides-Angels have no answer or provide suggestions that aren't a quick-fix. The "fix" might be "give them space" or "be silent" or "wait." These fixes require space, silence and patience.

When we use our ears instead of our voice, we learn more. When we take a step back and sit in silence, our soul voice speaks to us. We digest what the other person said or did - on a soul and emotional level. When we detach, through silence and space, we see the misunderstandings or conflicts more clearly. Without using up energy we need for other areas of our life. When conflicts or challenges occur in a relationship, nagging rarely works. Nagging or yelling digs a deeper ditch in a relationship. Interrupting is also not suggested. None of us respond well when someone nags us or interrupts us. Why would we expect it to work on another person? Treat others as you want to be treated. Give them room to speak, act and be themselves. Give them silence and space, allowing them to show you what they're made of, or if they fit in your life. Giving them time & space requires no effort from you. Magic happens when you let go and give them room. There's power in silence and space. You will feel it. They will feel it.

The best relationships are interdependent relationships. Where you walk with that person, instead of leading them or following them. Walking with that person means giving them room to be themselves. Giving them space and silence to tell you what they're thinking or feeling, instead of assuming. Asking them questions then giving them time to answer you.

When we give the other person silence and space, no matter what role that person plays in our life, we help ourselves and the other person. We learn who they really are. We give them time to tell us. We distance from them just enough to keep a healthy interdependence in place. This helps us avoid relationship pitfalls like codependency, obsession, assumptions, regret and lost time.

The more space, silence and time you give the other person - the less time and energy you waste. Be you. Allow them to be "them". Then you'll know how to mend fences, resolve conflicts or misunderstandings. They will tell you how. You won't need to assume.

If space, silence and time don't give you the answers you seek, walk away from that person or create a healthy emotional, interdependent distance. They're not worth your time. "If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it is yours. If it doesn’t, it never was.” —Unknown May you love others as you wish to be loved. And may that love circle back to you ten-fold.


Sedona Spirit Psychic

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