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Protect Yourself

Robin Amanda - Sedona Spirit Psychic

I'm a professional psychic channel. Want the best life for my clients. Clients come to me for suggestions & answers from their Angels-Spirit Guides & Lost Loved Ones. "How Can I live my best life? Reach my potential? What is my potential? How can I be better? Live more happily?"

They ask about romance, relationships, work, money, how to gain more happiness or contentment, how to live a robust life. Rarely do they ask: "What are best ways to protect myself?"

The only time a client asks "How can I protect myself" is when they feel psychically, emotionally or physically attacked by someone or something.

To live your best life, personal safety is crucial. Protecting yourself is key to your empowerment -spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally. It's also important to live without fear. You can do both: focus on safety while not living in fear. When you physically protect yourself, or know how to physically protect yourself if in danger, you lose fear and gain empowerment.

All of my friends & most family members know how to physically protect themselves. Whether they carry mace, a whistle, a Black Belt in Karate or MMA, knowledge of Self-Defense Tactics, a knife in their boot or a handgun under their jacket.

Defending yourself and property are important. You cannot live your best life if you're injured, wounded, victimized, attacked or worse. Protecting yourself, knowing how to protect yourself against danger: very important and just plain common-sense. It shows you respect your life, the lives of others who love you and your Spiritual Sacred Path.

School shootings remind us: Protection is important. Who can protect you best? You. Learn how to be a survivor, a hero; and not a victim.

18 months before my brother & sister were killed at my family's pawn shop, we had a family debate about guns. My brother, recently honorably discharged from US Army, managed one of our shops. He told my dad: "I don't want to wear pistol while working at the shop. Customers seem afraid." My dad Jim told him: "It protects you. You need to. You're protecting your customers too." My brother Mark and my mother Linda insisted holstering a pistol wasn't as important as making customers feel safe, comfortable. The shop was in a safe part of town. Why scare the customers. My brother and mother decided: Mark didn't need to holster his weapon. He'd stash it under the cash register instead.

My dad kept saying "you keep alot of money in that shop. You need to protect it. You're important to your wife, kids, me, your mom, your sisters. Wear the pistol. I do." That was true. Pawn shops carry thousands of dollars per day. And my dad carried a weapon everywhere he went. He managed one of our shops in crime-ridden side of town. He always holstered his pistol visible to customers. He never had any problems. My brother was stubborn. "I'm trained to retrieve a weapon fast. Will put a pistol under cash register and one behind me, on the wall. I'm fast. It's OK, dad. I'm quick."

18 months later, 2 thugs cased 3 shops on street where my brother Mark's shop was. They spent hours watching & entering all 3 pawn shops on street, including ours. During trial testimony, both killers said: "Kelley shop was an easy pushover. The only shop where nobody was carrying weapon on them. The other 2 shops, all the men had weapons holstered on them. Kelley shop was easy. In & out and done."

It was easy. Assailants came into shop. No customers there. They immediately shot my sister in the head & she died instantly. Mark was on the phone and immediately hung up phone while they riddled him with bullets - to torso and head. He didn't have time to grab those pistols - one under the cash register and the other - on the wall by the phone. No time. Easy pushover.

A few months after my brother and sister were killed, I moved to New York City. My dad demanded I carry a pistol or have one at home for protection. I was afraid of guns before their murders and definitely afraid afterward. But my dad insisted, to protect me. He also insisted I learn how to shoot, carry it.

"A gun you don't know how to use - is a useless weapon," he said. "Any weapon, even your physical body, is useless if you don't know how to use it." So I learned how to use it. Took it to New York City. Reluctantly. In 1989. Now own 2 pistols and 1 rifle. Haven't needed to use them. Since 1989. Hope I never will. They're my "life" insurance policy. Safety first. For my clients, friends, family and me.

Easy pushover. Evil likes easy. Don't make it easy. Protect yourself. Know how to defend your life. Whether it's martial arts, mace, self-defense moves, a knife, rifle or handgun. Our bodies are great weapons! If we know Self-Defense. Protect yourself. Then you won't live in fear. You will live in your own power. Self-protection is wonderful for the soul, self-empowerment. And those who love you will love you for it. Who knows. You might even be a hero one day - saving not just your life, but others' lives too.

We cannot live our best life if we're injured, victimized or worse. Safety first.

--Robin Amanda

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