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2018: Number 11 Year

Since 1991, I've tested effectiveness of Numerology for predictions, individuals' soul paths, personalities, months' characteristics and annual energy themes. Comparing its answers to channeled information I receive.

Numerology proves to be the most accurate modality for predictions and describing themes-patterns-energies, details about years and months. You can also use it for best places to live (using numbers of a new address & checking meaning of that number).

Hiring an authentic, accurate psychic channel is the second best way to get accurate answers. While Tarot can be helpful, it is not consistently accurate like Numerology and a Psychic channel.

With that said, this year (2018) is a Number 11 Year. (2+0+1+8 = 11). Full of inspiration, spiritual energy, karmic events, balance and peace. Number 11 is the most powerful number in Numerology. Bringing you amazing energy, tools to correct any imbalances in your life.

Number 11 symbolizes your connection to the Angelic Realm, Universe, God, your Inner Soul. If you often see number 11 or 11:11 on a clock - it is your Angels, Spirit Guides or God talking to you "We're here! Helping you!"

What can you do with this wonderful energy? Move toward things you want. Act on things you want. Know what you want and go grab it! Have faith that your Angels and Spiritual Helpers ("Your Invisibles") will carry you toward your goals: spiritual, emotional, physical, or mental.

"As Above, So Below." This is especially true in a Number 11 year. A time when the Spiritual Realm and Earth Realm share the same powerful energy. What's that mean? It's easier for your "Invisibles" to help you, once you determine what you want.

We can overthink things in life. Doubting ourselves, the steps we're taking, decisions we make. As my father often said: "Think Long, Think Wrong."

This year, go with your gut-intuition. It's your most powerful tool. Your gut-intuition is directly connected with your soul. When faced with decisions, use your first "answer". Allow your soul to lead you. Allow your Inner Spirit to flow. This does not mean: do nothing. It means when making decisions this year, choose the ones that make you happy.

Choose events, people, things, experiences, and decisions that bring you happiness, balance, joy. Take steps toward them. When you make a decision, stick to it. Act on it. Know your Spiritual Team (invisibles) are helping from above. Their assistance will appear fast this year! Also this year, state affirmations every morning & night (positive affirmations not negative ones). This practice moves energies toward what you say. This year is full of magic! Your magic! Simple positive affirmations like "I love myself", "I feel calm", "I feel loved", "I am wealthy & abundant", "I am blessed with good fortune" bring triple-power in a Number 11 year. Some people choose affirmations like "I'm not a victim", "I'm not poor", "I'm not going down that path again." These are negative affirmations. They will not work in a Number 11 year. Change your words. Rephrase affirmations in the positive: "I'm a survivor (thriving)", "I'm walking my best path", "I'm wealthy and prosperous." Rephrasing affirmations from negative to positive adds more power to them. As souls on this planet, we want and seek positive things, events, experiences - naturally. Staying positive through 2018, Number 11, will help you get them. Staying positive, no matter your challenges, will help you. Stay authentically positive.

With that said, if you experience or feel sadness or disappointment, feel that. Don't camouflage your feelings. Your feelings bring you power! Negative & positive feelings have equal benefits. Life is full of positive and negative. Feel both. We chose to live on this planet to experience the duality of life: positive & negative. Don't mask your feelings, whatever they are. Feel them, then choose to "flip" them from negative to positive. Feel & think "positive" more often than "negative." Negative happens. Make positive happen more. You choose that.

Your Inner Soul, subconscious & super-conscious, knows no difference between positive & negative. You're here to experience both! Your heart knows the difference. Your gut-intuition knows the difference. Tap into your heart & gut. Make decisions from there. Stick to them. Act on them. Your Angels will help you get what you want.

If you second-guess your decisions, take a step back and ask yourself (your heart & gut): "Is fear getting in the way? Or should I take a different path, make opposite decision?" Without attachment, listen to answer. These are best ways to move through this Number 11 Year. Remember. Anger comes from fear. Your soul knows no fear. Your soul easily maneuvers past fear. Fear, doubt, anger come from your mind-brain. Use your mind-brain to take action on what you want. Your mind-brain is a great tool for action. Use it for action. Use your heart, soul, gut to make decisions. "As Above, So Below" - your spiritual helpers will help you immensely this year.

--Robin Amanda, Sedona Spirit Psychic

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