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Messages from Loved Ones

Clients ask for messages from their deceased Loved Ones as often as they ask for relationship or love life advice. When you have a session with me, you have access to your Angels, Spirit Guides and Lost Loved Ones.

Any entity or soul not physically present in our world - can be accessed through my channeling gifts. You can also get information about other people in your life, if their Spirit Guides or soul surface to provide that information to you.

Providing messages from Loved Ones to clients is the best part of my job. In 1974, my great-grandmother died and visited me at least 3 times a week: when I got dressed for school then on bus ride home after school. I loved that. We stayed in touch through 1981. When my maternal grandmother died in 1976, same happened. She would open and close drawers in the kitchen, den and my bedroom all the time - to get my attention and my mother's attention. When my brother and sister died in 1988, they visited me and my parents the instant of their deaths through the following 20 years. They sent lots of messages, symbols, scents, etc. Every day for 20 years.

When you love someone, you want to feel them, talk with them again. You miss them. You want to know what they say about things in your life. You want to know if there's anything they need you to do for them. If you handled their funeral and estate correctly. If you treated someone fairly. If they're alright and happy where they are. You want to know if they talk to other Loved Ones now. You simply want to communicate with them! You love them. You want what is best for them. They want the same for you.

Providing all types of messages from your Loved Ones to you: brings Heaven into your session and your life. The deep mutual love, understanding and compassion shared between you and your Loved One will live in you and him/her forever. Heaven energy, exchanged between you & your Loved One during your session, is the most wonderful feeling. For you, your Loved One and me too!

There's a certain energy that a professional psychic feels when channeling information from your Loved One. I focus on that energy, tapping into it, before providing you answers.

Sometimes your Loved One or his/her Spirit Guides may not available during your session. You ask about someone and they do not come through. Several reasons why this happens. 90% of the time, it is not your fault. When your Loved One crosses over, the #1 thing they don't want you to feel: guilt. Once we cross over, we realize guilt is a useless, negative emotion. Once we cross over, we want those we left behind to feel good, not bad. Nothing you did or didn't do matters to them now. If it does, they will tell you through a Psychic Channel or Medium. Reasons why your Loved One may not be available during your Session:

1 - If they crossed over from suicide, they are incubated for a while. Unable to reach you.

2 - If their role in your life is over and your karmic connection is complete - you will not hear them again.

3 - If they're busy helping out in "Heaven" (working in Angelic Realm), it's not the right time. If this happens, their Spirit Guides will come through, providing you the answers. That's why it's especially important to schedule your session at least 24 hrs prior. Giving your Loved One and his/her Spirit Guides time to prepare, be available to speak with you, provide messages. Scheduling at least 24 hrs prior helps ensure you get the messages you seek.

4 - If you both made an agreement to not communicate for a period of time. This happens rarely but does happen. My mother & I are a perfect example. For the last 15 years up until 4 days before her death this past November, my mother would say "When I die, I'm gonna hound you!" I'd say "Mom, I talk to Loved Ones professionally every day. Please don't hound me or visit me that much. Especially when I'm working. Unless I ask you for help, please don't hover! I'd rather you have a good time in Heaven than hang out with me." So - the moment she died, she sent a song on the radio while I was driving, then only came through when I asked her about funeral songs, during her funeral and that entire funeral day. Since then, she doesn't visit often; maybe once a week versus daily. My father, on the other hand, who died March 2016, is around me every day. Mom pops in, when I ask for her, to remind me to have fun and show me how much she loves Heaven. She & my father are together. She's happy, contented. She's paving way for my ultimate happiness on Earth, while my father, brother and sister visit me often during the week.

5 - If they immediately transitioned to Heaven and now preparing for their next life on Earth.

6 - If they transitioned into a new entity that is unreachable.

7 - If they're getting their "wings".

8 - If their death was traumatic and their Angels are helping them feel better.

Ultimately, if your Loved One doesn't appear during a Psychic session (with me or someone else), there is a good reason for it. And 9 times out of 10, it's not because of something you did or didn't do. If this happens to you, wait another 4-6 months before trying to reach them again. In most cases, it's all about timing. Wait and try again.

If you attempt to contact them several times over a 3-yr period (through professional psychic channel or your own gifts) and they don't appear - Answer 2 is the reason. Feel grateful they were in your life. Move forward making your life beautiful. Know your karmic connection and soul destiny with that Loved One was completed when he/she was physically here. That's a major windfall! Your spiritual agreements were met! Rejoice. Be happy.

---Robin Amanda

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