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Soul Connections

We're moving into that time of year again. When the veil between Heaven and Earth is translucent, transparent and thin.

Thursday, November 1st marks the beginning of this annual cycle, ending the 1st week of January.

It's the time of reflection and spiritual reconnection. When reflection, introspection, strengthening your connection to your individual Spirit; restoring your Faith in all things good; restoring your Faith in yourself; remembering your inherited bond with God-The Spirit Realm-The Universe-Great Mystery - all happens naturally.

Spiritual Enlightenment comes easy during this time. We reflect on who we are; what we are; what our main priorities are - each of us individually.

Spiritual Enlightenment is simply a conscious awareness of your Soul Energy and its connection to "all that is" and "all things good and possible." Spiritual Enlightenment reminds you that you can do anything in this world that is right and good. It reminds you: there's a time for rest, a time for play, a time for work. Include all 3 in your daily routine. If you've felt unsettled or distracted this year, focus on "rest" most. Quiet your mind. Get plenty of sleep.

Through reflection and introspection, quieting your mind, removing the mental chatter - you discover your strengths and weaknesses. Taking a personal inventory of your life, you discover all that is good in you. You discover areas to build upon; areas to remove or fix; areas of your life that you're most proud of. Through January 8, journal, write a list or keep a mental inventory of your strengths and weaknesses. It's not necessary to act on them, although you can if you'd like. Free Will. The thin veil between Heaven and Earth provides you the opportunity to "brainstorm" before you take action. With the help of your Angels, Lost Loved Ones and other pure, "white light" Spiritual Beings. You can wait to take action in January.

During the next 2 months, find time to reflect, quiet your mind, meditate. Even if only 10 minutes per day. The energy this year, during the translucent spiritual veil, is quite strong. As a Number 11 year in Numerology, everything we experience this year is heightened, strengthened, a bit over-exaggerated. Be gentle with yourself. The Spirit Realm-God will be gentle with you.

This is an excellent time to refresh your "channeling" skills, talk to your Angels, pray to God-The Universe and receive information. These activities will come easy for you. Rebuilding your Soul Connection to "all that is" and "all that is good and possible." When you feel at peace or centered, you're doing it right! Our individual souls love feeling at peace. Our individual souls love feeling abundant and free. That is our natural state. Our soul's natural state: peace, abundance, gratefulness and free.

During this time, appreciate the complexities of life on this planet. The Spirit Realm-God understand and acknowledge that life on Earth has its challenges. That's why they exist to support you! Remember that. The pure souls in the Spirit Realm - whether your family, loved ones or your Angels - admire your life and work on Earth. They admire and respect your courage. Life on our planet is not always easy. If you're reading this and still breathing - you're doing great! That's how they see it.

As a psychic channel-medium, I tap into clients' "channel" which connects them to their individual soul, their Angels, Spirit Guides and Lost Loved Ones. Each person has a "channel" or invisible energy rope or lifeline that connects him/her to the Spirit Realm. We are all born with it. We are all born with souls. Our individual soul is always connected to The Spirit Realm-God. Always. Even if we don't sense it all the time - it always exists. Some clients ask "how can I connect to my soul?" or "How can I expand my spiritual awareness?" or "How can I further expand my Spiritual Enlightenment?" Starting November 1, you'll sense it - naturally without much effort. That's the benefit of this period of time. You'll naturally and easily sense your soul energy, your soul's connection to the Spirit Realm-God. Quieting the mind is key to that process: meditation or sitting in silence for 10-20 minutes will bring you closer to your soul and the Spirit Realm-God.

Enjoy this time of year! Move slow, be open, be consciously aware of the information and gifts you receive - from others and the Spirit Realm-God. Accept love and kindness from others. Give love and kindness to yourself and others. You're rebuilding your foundation; strengthening your Soul Connection. When we walk our Sacred Path, consciously aware of our soul energy and our constant connection to the Spirit Realm-God, we naturally gain Spiritual Enlightenment. That's what this time period is all about.

--Robin Amanda, The Sedona Spirit Psychic

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