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Signs From Heaven

While this year was very challenging for me personally, it is a fabulous, highly spiritual-charged year for most folks! Number 11 years usually are.

You still have 18 more days of 2018. Plenty of time to enjoy yourself, get or stay in the "groove", finish projects with more momentum, enjoy this Christmas season with family &/or friends.

As a psychic-medium, I prefer spending most of my time in ethereal, spiritual dimensions versus Earth. That's just my nature. This year, I spent 80% energy and time in Earth pursuits instead. Sometimes life throws you curve-balls. It happens. Life comes in waves, much like grief does. You roll with the waves until you reach the shore.

With that said, here are some "Signs from Heaven", letting you know you're not alone. When I speak of "Heaven", it's meant as the high-vibration Spirit Realm. Whatever that means to you (Great Mystery, the Biblical "heaven", New Age "Universe", The Spirit Realm, Angel Realm, etc.). "Heaven" is a great word; encompasses it all; people connect with it. I like using it. It's a good word.

Heaven: Your Angels, higher-level Angels (they don't visit Earth often; help from afar), your Spirit Guides (high vibration beings you may or may not have known since birth or pre-birth), and sometimes Lost Loved Ones. When you book a session with me, you're accessing "Heaven."

Your soul and often your Lost Loved Ones' souls are in a different area than Heaven. But it's still a wonderful place; the "heaven" we grew up believing in. Hierarchies exists in "heaven" just as hierarchies exists on Earth. Can we elevate to The Heaven of High Vibration Beings (our Angels, Spirit Guides & high-level Angels)? Sure. We choose based on our actions & intent. Sometimes our soul & Loved Ones' "heaven" is just perfect and we don't want to move from that area. For Suicides or sudden deaths, there's an area for that too. No area is less than the other. We go where we fit or feel most comfortable.

Just as we have billions of people on Earth who live in different places, billions of souls exist on different levels in "heaven." I can access them all for you, unless they turned on their "Do Not Disturb" sign, which does happen.

Back to Signs. Here are some signs that either your Loved One or a high-vibration being with your best interest at heart - is saying "Hello! I'm here!". These are just a few examples. Several more exist.


(1) Electricity. Lights turning off/on without provocation. Your Spirit Guides, Angel, or Lost Loved One. Electricity is easy to manipulate when you're not in 3rd dimension energy.

(2) Radio signals. Songs on radio, satellite radio, Pandora, TV, etc. that you like or remind you of good memories. One of your Angels or a Loved One.

(3) Pennies/coins/feathers from Heaven. Your Spirit Guide or Angel (rarely a Loved One). This phenomenon often happens after someone close to you dies. It's not your Loved One. It's one of your Angels or Spirit Guides, saying "we hear your pain, we hear you, we will guide you."

(4) Aromas. Usually a Loved One. If your grandmother, mother or sister wore a certain perfume and from out of nowhere, you smell it - that's them. This applies to men too (grandfather, uncles, brothers, dads). Even if you're in a Walgreens and smell the familiar scent that reminds you of a Lost Loved One - it is that Loved One reminding you "I'm here!" Usually sending you feel-good energy.

(5) Thoughts. Either a Loved One or one of your Angels. If you're doing something and suddenly a memory of a Loved One pops up, unprovoked - that is them saying "hello!" If it's one of your Angels, they will add another sense to the thought. For instance, you'll get a chill or warm sensation at same time you "thought" it.

(6) Birds. Our Spirit Guides and Angels visit in bird-form often. Some Loved Ones have capacity to take on "bird" form. When you see a bird acting strangely or consistently visiting your backyard or house - when that bird appears, ask yourself "What was I thinking of just then?" Really remember your thought. Birds answer our thoughts with "yes". Same for most beings with wings: flies, wasps, butterflies. When a winged being visits you, whatever your thought is before you notice them - the answer is "YES."

(7) Noises. Do you hear someone call out your name when you're all alone? That's either a Loved One or one of your unique set of Spirit Guides-Angels you've had since birth on this planet. Did you hear something fall in a closet or cabinet? Then you check what happened and nothing is "off"? That's usually one of your pets from "Heaven" saying "Lighten Up!"

(8) Do your ears pop at weird times? That's either barometric pressure dropping or escalating (sign of a weather event coming - so check your weather) OR it's a high-level, high-vibration being getting your attention: "Stop what you're doing and listen for a minute." That's usually their message when they "ring" or "pop" your ears.

If you have constant ear-ringing, like before bedtime until you fall asleep, or all day during day - that's a physical ailment reminding you that you're "off-center". It can be cured with certain Essential Oils. Constant ear-ringing is not a sign from Heaven. Make a minor physical adjustment to perform optimum again.

(9) Feeling someone touch you when you're all alone. That's either one of your Spirit Guides or a Loved One. Touching you on the shoulder, back, arm, leg. If it's a leg touch, it's likely to be one of your pets in Heaven.

Lower Vibration Signs: Watch Out for THESE!

(1) Plumbing or water issues in your house or office. It's a spirit or soul who does not belong with you. Cast it out. Say "Please leave. You do not belong here. Find your way." And that's it. Say it once with conviction. You don't have to yell it. They can hear you. If it's a soul that's been there a while, and your plumbing issues persist, repeat statement few more days until they get the message. Do this before calling a plumber. Unless you're house is flooding!

(2) Insects, rodents, roaches, spiders, mosquitoes in your house. There's a reason why pest control exists. Many philosophies have a different opinion about insects & rodents. Even book "Animal Speak" highlights the "message" of insects & rodents. In your and around your home? No pests. The easiest way to elevate the energy in your home is to rid it of insects & other pests. Don't deliberately live in a low vibration. That's silly. Keep your inner sanctum energy (home energy) as high as possible. Most pesticides today - removing insects & rodents from homes - do not affect the environment nor affect your home's vibration or physical body. Pest control eliminates low energy & increases your home's frequency-vibration. Which increases your vibration!


Since we're still in that period where the Veil is thinner between Heaven & Earth, pay attention to Signs From Heaven. Your high-vibration Spiritual Team will send you messages. Your Loved Ones also find it easier to send messages to you. Enjoy the experience! Life is meant to be enjoyed - not endured like the flu or Black Plague.

Merry Christmas!

--Robin Amanda

The Sedona Spirit Psychic, since 2009

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