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End-Of-Year "Clearing"

Whether your year was good or bad, the best way to "clear" it for New Year, as per The Spirit-Angel Realm:

(1) Take Personal Inventory of what you liked and didn't like.

(2) Celebrate the joys (with others preferably).

(3) Celebrate the challenges you overcame! With others preferably.

(4) Give to others, what you can spare.

(5) Brainstorm what you want in New Year.

In other words: Acknowledge, Celebrate, Share, Create Anew.

Their other suggestion, during these last days of the year:

"Appreciate what you have. Be Grateful Every Day. Feeling authentically grateful raises your vibration. When you start a New Year with a high vibration, everything falls into place easier throughout the year."

Some people believe what they do on January 1, sets the tone for the rest of year. That is true 90% of time (says the Angelic Realm). So while you're shopping, celebrating cheer with family and friends, make a great plan for your first day of the year (January 1, 2019). How you feel emotionally on January 1 sets the tone of the year for you.

Annual Clearing. End of the year is the most popular time for souls to "crossover" into other realms/Heaven. While Earth rests, the Spirit Realm (Heaven) is more active. Most religious holidays happen November 1-December 31 (Hanukkah, Christmas, Virgin of Guadalupe, All Saints Day, All Souls Day, Day of The Dead). For the same reason.

Ancient societies and cultures like the Druids, Celts, Egyptians, Romans, Mayans, Persian, Juda and prehistoric cultures predating Pagan - all celebrated this time of year as a time of quieting the mind, appreciating relationships and spiritual celebration.

The veil between Heaven & Earth is thinner. For several reasons. Days are shorter & nights are longer (Earth rotation around Sun), so we're less active. When our bodies are less active, our souls are more active. Hearth and Home are more important to us this time of year. Family, friends, relationships take center stage. We are more grateful and more giving.

Sending you love, light and good cheer as you celebrate this wonderful Season.

---Robin, The Sedona Spirit Psychic

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