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Afterlife Misconceptions

After years of helping over 50,000 clients, here are some common questions, misconceptions & answers about The Afterlife.

Answers are specific to your communicating with your Loved Ones after their death; and how things generally work when we "cross over" (die & leave our physical bodies).

Some exceptions apply. The biggest exception to all these answers: suicide. Other exceptions may also apply.

Suicides are mentioned in previous blogpost October 30, 2015. My previous blog (2009-2017) "Sedona Spirit Psychic" For Suicide Info Click Here. Then Scroll to bottom of page.

These answers apply 80% time to many client questions.

(1) Question: Am I holding him/her on Earth because I need them, keep talking to them, or want them near?

Answer: No. Impossible. Free Will exists there too. Misconception that we prevent our Loved Ones from fully crossing over to Heaven or The Spirit Realm. It is up to them, not you, whether they fully cross, stick in between (purgatory) or fully transition. Unless you hire a Santeria Priest who performs voodoo to "hold them" on Earth or "purgatory", don't worry. They decide.

If they speak to you, if you sense them after their death - it is because they choose to be near you. It is not your choice or manipulation. It is theirs. Those of us "left behind" on Earth do not prevent our loved ones from "seeing the light", transitioning, fully moving to Heaven.

It is not recommended that anyone "cut cords" for you after a Loved One crosses. Let the process happen naturally. If a Loved One bugs you, ask them "can you come back later? Like 10pm or in 1 hour?" They will oblige 90% of the time. Second option: hire a professional, authentic medium to learn what's happening.

(2) Question: What happens when we cross-over?

Answer: It's normally a very nice, gentle slide into our "home" consciousness. Even when we die of a horrible accident. Our consciousness does not feel the pain of the accident. Our supreme consciousness (soul) takes over before we feel any pain. My brother and sister told me this 30 years ago when they were shot and killed. This topic surfaces with clients last 10-20 years too. If you die of a horrible car accident, gun, plane - or any way that seems horrible and excruciating - there is no pain. Our consciousness switches from "Earth" to "Soul-Heaven" milliseconds before death. Exception: suicide.

The millisecond we cross over, many loving souls greet us. Some we know from this lifetime, some are our Spirit Guides-Angels, some are souls we've known for eons but not this lifetime, some are "leader" souls (eg Angels with Wings), some are "administrative" souls who will explain our choices. Imagine a wedding procession line where bride and groom shake hands with everyone. It's like that.

If you've ever seen 1980s comedy movie "Defending My Life", parts of that movie are 100% accurate! Plus Albert Brooks is a comic genius. Check it out on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Hilarious!

What happens next? We have choices of what we do, where we go, how long we visit with others (in Heaven or Earth), or even if we WANT to visit Earth ever again! The more wisdom we compiled through Earth and other "transit" experiences, the more choices we have.

There is a hierarchy in The Spirit Realm based on soul wisdom. Either soul wisdom you obtained from Earth experiences, past Spirit Realm training, past Spirit Realm-Heaven jobs, or other experiences you had in the astral plane. The more wisdom you gained, the more choices you have when you cross-over again. There are millions of "jobs" in Heaven-The Spirit Realm. Sometimes we spend hundreds of years there, helping others. More to the "hierarchy" story and Heaven "jobs." Let's save that for another time.

"What Happens when we cross over?" Complex topic. Besides the forementioned, it is a unique, individual experience. We are individual souls in Heaven-Spirit Realm just as we are on Earth.

(3) Question: When can I start communicating with my Loved One? It's been weeks (months) and I've sensed nothing.

Answer: Once a Loved One dies (crosses over), it can take weeks, months or years before you can communicate with them. They usually show up at their funeral. Then they have a "Heaven Party". If they take a while to communicate with you, it is not your fault. Repeat: It is NOT your fault. They do not have any issue with you - preventing them from visiting or talking with you. It just is. Their choice. Exception: Suicide.

If it bothers you that you cannot sense them after a long absence, contact a professional, authentic medium.

(4) Question: Does my grief, anger or guilt harm them once they cross-over?

Answer: You can do them no harm. If you get mad at them, they understand. If they didn't understand you while they were living, they understand you better now. If you buckle under immense pain of grief - affecting you physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually - they will sometimes feel it and THAT IS OK! They are back in their pure essence; their soul essence. Nothing you feel, do or think will adversely affect them AT ALL! They are (many times) more worried about you. Does their worrying prevent or block their happy state? Not at all.

If you blame them for things they did, let it out, scream it out, then let it go. Blaming them does not harm them either. If you feel guilty or want them to feel guilty, they may feel guilt for a brief time. In Spirit Realm-Heaven, most times soul guilt turns into action. If they did something bad to you and they feel guilty, 90% chance they are working hard, bringing in angelic forces, to make it right with you. If you feel guilty about something you did to them - they are over it! They wiped that slate clean once they transitioned. If you cannot release that guilt, speak with a grief therapist or hire a professional medium. Good Grief Therapists can help you understand your guilt and help you release it.

Exception: Suicide. Click Here to learn more about that. Once click link, scroll to bottom of page. My old Blog.

One Last Thing: Sometimes family members, friends or colleagues (Loved Ones) made agreement to be with you this lifetime, but disconnect from you immediately after they die. Their job was complete! Your bond with them is complete and over. So....if you don't sense a Loved One and don't feel bad about it - PERFECT! That means your Spiritual Bond and Karma was completed and you're free to "move about the cabin" of life with NO regrets!


Hopefully these answers have helped you further understand how things work in The Spirit Realm-Heaven. Ultimately, there is nothing you do that affects your Loved Ones after death. Karmic ties? What can you do about that? Covered in previous Blog Post, click here.

While our souls are ecstatic in Heaven after we die, we also enjoy Earth life very much. No matter the challenges and obstacles.

Namaste - Psychic Robin Amanda

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