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Dispel Hate

If you feel anxious, this may be the cause. An overwhelming amount of hate exists in our society. Have you sensed it? Especially in mainstream and social media.

You don’t need to be a psychic or empath to feel it. We’re all empathic and sensitive to hate, anxiety and anger. It’s how we’re built. Naturally sensing “trouble ahead”. Then deciding “fight or flight”. From 9/11 (2001) through Covid response years.

During Covid, did you witness hate while grocery shopping? The masked attacking the unmasked? I did. In sleepy “spiritual” Sedona. Locals fighting locals. In grocery aisles and cashier lines. Hate fuels division. Acceptance, empathy and compassion fuel no division.

Acceptance, empathy, compassion are God-like qualities. Hate happens when God is absent. When we abandon God and God’s Love, fear and hate fill the void.

Hate is a strong word. And a strong, deep, uncontrollable emotion without reason or logic. Hate starts in the crevasses of an empty soul. When a soul or heart is vacant or empty, it needs guidance to fill it with authentic love and positivity. Absent guidance like God’s influence, Hate fills the void. Hate enters when God is absent.

Hate is the antithesis of Love. If one hates, one cannot love. If someone hates, no matter the object of that hate, they cannot love anything or anyone.

We can say “I hate spiders” or “I hate when that happens”. That’s not real hate. Yes, words matter. Words with intent matter most. Trump-hate: words with intent. Spider-hate: words without intent. Make sense?

While sipping morning coffee, I talk to God. A 34-year habit since I was 24. No matter where I am: New York City, Boston, Houston, Sedona, Pine AZ or Ruidoso NM. Morning coffee time: God Time. Peace Time.

Living in Sedona part-time, my coffee-God Time is this. Gazing at the magnificent red rocks while the sun rises. Spotting a lone coyote searching for its tribe. A deer herd casually strolls across the red rock flats, far from the coyote. The only sounds: an owl screeching “time for bed”, cardinals and bluejays rustling in the trees. Peace, nature, and God. Absolute heaven.

Then I turn on the phone. Check headlines and Social Media. Hate, anger, anxiety jump out through the screen. Palatable. You can touch and feel it. Everyone does. As a professional medium, I know how to “shield” from it. Sometimes I forget. Ask God to help deflect and re-balance my energy. He does.

I wonder how younger generations deflect and rebalance the online anxiety, fear, and hate energy. Has anyone taught them? Or is fear, anxiety and hate normal for them? It shouldn’t be.

Hate, anxiety, fear penetrate our society. This blog is about hate, the toughest foe to our innocent, loving, spiritual souls.

Hate needs an adversary. People fueled by hate need an object to hate. Politics is hate’s object du jour. Term “Hate Speech” surfaced with rise of TEA Party in 2010. Now people holler “hate-speech” when they hear an opposing opinion. I remember calling that “free speech”. Accepting, learning and growing from different opinions. Now it’s hate.

Trump-hate grows like mold on cheese – or metastatic lymphoma. Turning our society bitter, sick and divided. Like Sedona “masked” locals fighting “unmasked” neighbors. Hate separates us.

Some days, I wonder if my invite for “hate” passes got lost in the mail. Modern-Day Passover. Glad I was overlooked. God’s Love protects my heart and soul from hate. I’m happier for it.

Nashville School Shooting motive? Hate. Religious Hate Crime. Your soul knows this. You don't need the media or law enforcement to tell you what your soul already knows.

Few days after the horrible school shooting, transgender folks stormed Tennessee capitol screaming for “rights”. Revealing their huge hatred for humanity. The lives of three innocent children and three innocent adults: unimportant to them. They want rights "or else". Soul-less, heartless, psychopathic.

Expect more mass shootings and violent crime from transgenders. Transgender, non-binary don’t know God. They're confused about life. Manipulated into constant confusion, unfortunately. Disconnected from their soul. Gay and lesbian friends wish transgender weren't grouped with them. My LG friends strongly believe in God. "Trans don't. They're lost and confused," they say. The "trans" community is a tiny sliver of society - only 0.005% US population. Trans is an affront to God. Yet media, entertainment industry, corporations and our government heralds them. ESG: follow the money.

Hate fuels murderers to kill. Hate fuels societies to crumble and burn. Rwanda genocide, South African farmer genocide and apartheid, China’s 50-year genocide (still ongoing), Nazi Holocaust, Babylon, Rome. When God is absent, Hate fills the void.

Media, government and certain organizations ignite fear and hate. Like German propaganda during Holocaust. The New York Times knew about the Holocaust – while it was happening. They deliberately hid the story. As millions died. Did you know that? True story. Please use your intuition with media messages.

Most of society’s woes are linked to absence of God. Mental illness, suicide, violent crime, fentanyl and drug overdoses, addictions. Successful 12-step programs include God or a Spiritual Being. Our souls need positive reinforcement from outside influences, like God and pure-good role models, to refuel.

What's the antidote to hate? Believing in God and that He is good. Ask for His help, directly or indirectly. That’s how you tip the scales away from hate. How you change and rebalance the world. From inside out, affecting positive change. Our world needs love. God’s Love. Bunches of it.

Use your intuition. Stay connected to God. That’s how you can sift fact from fiction. And dispel hate. God’s Love gives you renewed courage to navigate these troubled waters. Where hate is applauded and God is demonized. Ask for His help when you need it. You’re not bothering Him. He’s in the “helping” business!

No power stronger than God. Hate can’t breathe when God is present. Take God wherever you go. Preaching is unnecessary. Be one of His role models. Practice true acceptance, empathy, compassion. If you can't understand something or someone, love it anyway. As long as that "something" or "someone" is non-violent and non-threatening.

God loves you. Very much. Even if you question Him. Even if you forget about Him sometimes. He never forgets you. He wants to help you. And our world. Often times, we must call Him in. Now is a good time to "call Him in." Don't you think? Before our society crumbles into tiny pieces? Me too. I'll ask Him tomorrow - over coffee. Will you do the same? He'd love to hear from you.

Happy Easter and Passover.

-Robin, Your Sedona Spirit Psychic-Medium

In Sedona since 2009

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