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Everything good in your life starts with love: your most precious and prominent soul motivator. Seeking or feeling love and loved.

Gratitude Journals work because you list items you love: people, pets, events, experiences and even physical things. You list what makes you smile or happy: that's love. Your Gratitude List reveals what you love about your Earth life. Remembering what you love brings more love to you. Metaphysical law of attraction.

Love is your natural soul state. When you're living in your spiritual "home" (Spirit Dimension-Heaven), you give and receive love 24/7. It happens naturally. Love is your soul's energy that fuels your high soul vibration. Much like quantum physics "invisible energy" that fuels everything in the Universe. Including the cells, atoms, protons, neutrons and electrons of your physical body and a vibrant supernova. It's all the same energy: motivated by love.

Love is that omnipotent invisible force that guides you along your Sacred Path - whether on Earth or your soul "home".

Earth life will challenge your natural soul state of love - on purpose. You chose to live on Earth - overcoming obstacles, feeling joy-love-freedom, respect, admiration and elation from your accomplishments - to strengthen your love energy. This naturally raises your soul vibration. On Earth and when you return to your soul "home."

Seeking Inner and External love. As spiritual souls living on Earth, both are equally important. When our Inner Love runs dry, external love from others refuels us. Just as giving and receiving love 24/7 in our soul-home recirculates, increasing our soul vibration. The same applies on Earth. Giving and receiving love is a natural interdependent process.

Psychology-Psychiatry practices and theories over the last 50 years minimize the power of love; the fuel of your soul. Its terms codependency, mirroring, and transference (and others) move the needle in your mind - while forgetting your heart and soul. The psyche field, while providing a vital service to mankind, reflects analytical mental energy versus heart-soul energy. Fueling guilt, regret, doubt or self-loathing over love. Starting from the negative then moving into the positive. Sometimes this method works to heal people. Sometimes not. The mixed results created a spiritual resurgence: people thirsting for heart and soul answers over mind-analytical answers.

On Earth, we have these wonderful minds connected to our body. Sometimes our mind (brain) overrides our heart-and-soul. For instance, how often do you recognize or feel that you're important to other people? Do you feel loved, nurtured and appreciated? Or alone and isolated, fighting Earth battles alone? If you feel alone, there's a high probability that you're more important to other people than you realize. Your mind-brain is probably blocking that truth. When we fuel our brain with negative thoughts, those thoughts multiply faster than bunnies! Right?

Think back to times when you felt appreciated, admired, loved, nurtured by another person. Whether you recognized it at that time - or long afterward. Soak up that past experience; that love experience. Refuel your soul. Recharge your spirit. Increase your vibration.

While Earth life can create detours from your natural "love" soul state, it also provides shortcuts to your heart and soul. Shortcuts: A Gratitude Journal; talking with people you love and admire; remembering positive past memories; doing something you love every day or once a week.

This week I experienced a "love shortcut". Reason for this post. It's been 5 years since my mother died, my last living family member. Her death created a huge heart-soul hole in me. We still had soul contracts to complete. But she was tired of Earth's constant struggles and wanted to go "home." I understood. Besides, she and I weren't real good at showing each other love in ways the other person accepted or felt love.

Mom and I are soul family. So you'd think our Earth life was easier, right? Not always. From the moment she died through the next 3-4 years, I tackled our mutual Earth regrets alone. We talked often since her death in November 2017. But our regrets haunted our talks most of the time. Positive, encouraging words left unsaid. Amazing deeds not done. Mutual soul destinies unfulfilled. No matter how enlightened we both are, Earth life still challenged us. She didn't know I truly loved her until after her death. I felt the same. While we walked Earth together most of my life, I often felt a disappointment to her. I knew she loved me. The unconditional love shared between a mother and child (and vice versa): neither of us felt or showed often during her last 30 years on Earth.

The "love shortcut." After 5 years since her death, I finally had the courage, patience, privacy and time to sift through her personal boxes of photos and keepsakes. Disposing of your parents' physical belongings after their death (eg. furniture, selling home, etc.) is much easier than releasing their life "in pictures" and keepsakes.

What I found in those boxes: life's miracle healing medicine. Free of charge and quick as lightning. My mother saved every Baby Book scrapbook she created for all three of us kids: my brother, sister and me. Since 1962. She saved every newspaper clipping about us: since we were born. She saved every article, newspaper clipping or TV appearance that I wrote, appeared in or articles about me. Since 1988. While feeling that I was her biggest disappointment, she left evidence that I was not. She wrote letters to me: some hurtful; some wonderful. While we argued over her choices during her last 2 months on Earth, she wrote me letters.

One argument we had, 5 days before she died, blew out my furnace! She hospiced at my Houston house before/at time of her death. As soul family, the magic between us was so strong, when we argued, things broke. If we argued in a car, the car would mess up. If we argued around our horses or household pets, our animals would act up. Our blow-up before her death, actually blew up my furnace! Cost me $5,000 to replace. She and I laughed about it. Mom and I loved to laugh. Irish humor. Laughing while "Rome burned"; common for us."The spirits don't like us fighting," she said when the furnace blew. She followed with: "You're gonna miss me when I'm gone." I agreed with her on both that day.

Loving memories of her, my dad and brother and sister were found in those boxes she left behind. Love surrounded me with each photo I pulled from the 4 tubs-boxes. Memories of my family. The life we had. The love we shared. The love I still felt. The love they still felt for me. Love filled up my house while going through those tubs-boxes. Why did I fear opening them all these years? Afraid it would set me back, throw me into severe depression. No. Silly mental fear. The loving answers to my regrets, grief and loss stared at me with each photo of the thousands I picked through.

Love crosses realms. Love penetrates barriers. Love heals and motivates. If we let it.

Sometimes we don't know how someone truly feels about us - how important we are - until that person goes away. Either through death or estrangement. Life's miracle: eventually we do see and know.

Isn't it better to know, see, feel loved and love while the other person is still living? YES! Discovering you're loved and respected by those you love and respect is vital to your existence. Discovering that when you're both still alive: crucial to your soul journey. It's not codependency; it's interdependence. We need, want and seek that love reinforcement and reassurance as souls on this planet.

What blocks us from that reciprocal, recirculating love energy we crave as souls? Our mind-brain. It creates self-doubts, depression, regrets and all things negative. Our hearts and souls live and thrive on positive energy: love energy. Our brains do not. Use your love energy to fuel your life. Use your natural soul and heart essence: love. When that fuels your life, everything good follows. Use your brain for Earth actions like working, balancing your checkbook, driving or cleaning house. Use your soul and heart for everything else.

Love is your biggest motivator. It fuels your life. Happiness is your reward when living from your natural "love" state. If you don't love or feel loved, you'll feel off-balanced and wobbly as you walk your Sacred Path on Earth. Walk strong and tall. Walk with love. Carry it with you - always. Share it with others. It's your strongest defense when facing Earth challenges. It's your Number #1 ally. It's your soul state. What's the key to spiritual enlightenment and wholeness? Living life through love. Like Dorothy's ruby-red slippers, love lives within your soul, giving you the means and roadmap to find your happiness. Inner and External love are both required to live a full life.


Robin Amanda - Your Sedona Spirit Psychic-Medium

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