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My Mom Linda after beating S4 cancer 2012

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Moms. Your most important relationship - until you choose a spouse. More details below.

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Most moms believe their children are their most important relationship. Partially yes - until your kids become adults. Your marriage vows still get top priority though. You vowed loyalty to your spouse before the kids came along, usually. Mom remains important to you. Whether you're male or female. She sets the emotional "tone" of your life's song.

Mothers hold a special place in our heart and soul. Even if we don't get along with them - or have a nurturing, loving relationship with them. They still hold a unique place inside us.

Many of us seek guidance, approval, acceptance, love from our Moms. Very natural.

Did you know you choose your Mom? You do! Before you're born, while writing up your life-script this lifetime, you choose which woman on Earth will be your Mom. Based on what you want to accomplish. You choose a Mom who will help you achieve your Earth plans quickly and easily.

Your soul choice comes first. You send your "mom" a soul request. She decides to accept or refuse. Most moms accept! Rarely does a woman refuse a baby-soul request.

Whether you chose a distant, disconnected Mom. Or a nurturing, loving, accepting one. Your soul chose. No need to feel victimized or traumatized by her. You chose her! To help you accomplish your Earth goals.

If your mom is distant or disconnected, or your relationship with her is, due to trauma, drugs, alcohol or mental illness, you still chose her. To learn resiliency of the spirit. To learn inner strength. You learned many things from her. As your soul intended.

If you're a mother, hearing "your kids chose you first" may sound hard to believe. On a soul-level, they certainly did! And you accepted! Blame-games don't really apply, do they? As souls you chose each other!

If you're distant or disconnected from your Mom, send her a gift this weekend regardless. If you're arguing over who is right or wrong, send a "peace pipe" or "olive branch". Either a card, flowers, or something more personal - like your time. Acknowledge, respect and thank her.

Studies show the #1 gift Moms love: Quality Time. Spending about 2 hours with you. If you're not able to do that, a gift helps.

The relationship between you and your Mom can be complex or simple. Whichever it is, this is a good weekend to acknowledge her. By doing so, you're also acknowledging and respecting your soul choice.

If you're a mother, it's normal to occasionally feel confused or rejected by your children. They are a physical part of you and you're a physical part of them! Heart-soul-body.

Moms with adopted kids. You didn't birth them. You chose them. You're raising them, protecting them and grooming them into wonderful young adults. Most adopted kids chose their "adopting" parents - on a soul level. They chose their original Mom to find you as soon as possible. Adopted and fostered kids share a soul issue: forgiveness and acceptance. Forgiving their original parents. Finally finding acceptance and love with their new parents.

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Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend.

Robin Amanda - Your Sedona Spirit Psychic-Medium

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