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All Dogs Are Angels

Dogs, cats, horses, pigs have one key thing in common: they can hear our thoughts and sense our feelings. Coyotes and havelinas also hear our thoughts and sense our feelings. Discovered that 10 years ago when I moved to Sedona and they approached my house.

Let's talk about dogs! If you visited my Sedona Office over the years, you probably met my Border Collie "Zoe, The Black Coyote." Zoe is her name. Black Coyote is her Sedona persona.

A month after we moved to Sedona, she stared down a coyote in our driveway. She hadn't seen a coyote before. Me neither! Coyote approached us. Zoe (unleashed) stood her ground without flinching, barking or growling. Standing 5 feet apart, they had a silent "stare down" for about 30 seconds. Then the coyote ran away. After that, no wild animals trespassed on our property while we lived there.

When Zoe was 6 months old, I trained her how to behave and "stay close" unleashed. Using telepathy and word commands. When she confronted the coyote, she was 5 years old. New to Sedona, I didn't know wild animals got that close to human areas! Now Zoe is the "wild animal" scout when we hike red rock trails. She loves greeting people and other dogs on the trails.

Her favorite job: greeting clients and sitting near them during sessions in the office. Her second favorite job: sniffing for wild animals during hikes. She has a different signal for rabbits, coyote, havelina. Her 3rd favorite job: bringing dirty clothes to the laundry room.

Like our Spirit Guides and Angels - Zoe is helpful, fearless, careful, compassionate, funny, smart, industrious and very sweet. Your dog is probably the same way. If you give them room to be "them".

Have you practiced telepathy with your pet? I have. With Zoe, horses and cats. Cats sometimes "fake you out" when you use telepathy with them: their hilarious mind games. Dogs and horses react wonderfully to telepathy.

Telepathy is how our Spirit Guides, Angels and Lost Loved Ones best communicate with us. It's their most effective way of communicating. Hearing our thoughts, sensing our feelings, responding to us through thought and feelings. Animals are the same. Animals respond best to image telepathy (imagery). Give them an image, they will understand you. Some of us humans also respond best to image-telepathy. However you and your pet respond best - use that.

Zoe is almost 15 years old now. She turns 15 in June. She's never had surgery nor anesthesia - except spayed at 4 months old. Last 3 months, she had 2 surgeries requiring anesthesia. Anesthesia for an older animal is very risky. Surgery (cutting) is risky, no matter how old your pet. Vet prepared me (50-50 death risk) before both surgeries.

While vet was operating, I sat at home and telepathically talked to her. "You're doing great. You decide if you want to stay on Earth or "go." Your choice. You'll feel so much better after this - either way. You're so wonderful and loved by many. My "Mary Poppins dog": practically perfect in every way. Remember all the fun times we had? You're the best part of life - almost 15 years! Oh the fun times we've had. Remember the time....? Just breathe. Many people love you. I love you. You're doing great. Just relax. It's almost over. Just breathe."

Used telepathy each surgery for approx 15 minutes. 20-30 minutes later (each time), the vet called: "Surgery done. She did great. Already awake and almost ready to go home." Vet staff were amazed at her stamina and recovery each time. Older pets simply don't respond well to surgery or anesthesia.

Telepathy works great with animals. Like it works with our Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and Lost Loved Ones. Dogs love telepathy. Horses love telepathy. They use it alot. The more you use it, the better you get. The better you get, the easier it is. Through telepathy, you can "hear" your pet talk to you. If they're in pain or discomfort, you'll know. If you're in pain (sick), using telepathy will help them understand and know.

Wild animals can smell our "fear" pheromones and also hear our thoughts. During Red Rock hikes & rides (horses) last 10 years, encountered the following: mountain lion, coyote, havelina, bobcat, ocelot and the ringtail cat. Squirrels and rabbits don't count. Each wild encounter, practiced telepathy with no fear: they each ran away or "stood still" while we passed.

Our pets mimic traits of our Spirit Guides: telepathy, image projection, compassion, unconditional love, quest to make us happy, hearing our thoughts, sensing our feelings. Setting boundaries with your pet helps them know the "rules." Same applies to your Spirit Guides/Angels.

When our pets "cross over" (through any type of death), they immediately transition to "Heaven"-Spirit Realm. It's easy for them to visit us, if they choose. Their "heaven" is nearest where Angels live. They go there first. Their innocence and protective nature helps us on Earth and souls in "Heaven", the Spirit Realm.

Pagans & Wiccans call pets "familiars". That's an excellent word for them. They're familiar with us, Angels and how the Universe works. Most times more familiar than we are! All dogs are Angels. All domesticated animals are Angels: horses, cats, pigs.

Namaste -

Sedona Spirit Psychic Robin Amanda

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