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Allies - Support System

Hank The Red Aussie (new dog)

Life can deal us unexpected challenges. How we react to them is our responsibility and defines who we are.

Staying calm through the chaos or challenge is the best reaction. Just stay calm. Remember "this too shall pass" in a wondrous, easy and beautiful way. Trust in the process. Have faith that the outcome will prove better than you imagine. Move through the challenge resolutely and calmly.

Know you can handle whatever challenge lays before you. If you couldn't handle the challenge, it would not appear along your Sacred Path of earth experience.

When you cannot keep calm or appreciate the process, seeking help or solace from a trusted friend, family member, spouse, colleague &/or neighbor is the next Best Step. Lean on an ally for support or help. Either emotionally, mentally, or physically. Trust that his/her assistance will produce positive results: helping you remain calm through the unexpected hurdle-challenge; or helping you tackle the challenge.

Choosing allies to help you: choose well. They create your Support System. Ensure they're experts at certain things that will help you later. Or that they know you well enough to speak up, speak their truth - and in so doing, they help you through challenges and victories. Also ensure you will be their ally too. Support System Allies: two-way street. They help you. You help them. Especially during crises or unexpected challenges.

When it's difficult to remain calm through a situation or challenge, accessing your Support System is crucial. Know that whatever the outcome to the challenge, you are not alone. Two or three heads are better than one. Allies are important when we cannot see past the situation. Other people see what you do not see. Helping you solve the challenge easier.

Sometimes our allies appear in the strangest places. Sometimes they're complete strangers who show up at the right time with the right "magic" to lighten your load. Here's an example.

This morning, I took my new dog (Hank The Red Aussie) on a local trail to train him "off leash." He did fine, staying at my side, for 3 wonderful minutes. Then he bolted across the creek and into the forest, along a local trail-path. Not to be seen again.

For the next 45 minutes, I called out for him, searched for him, walked almost 2 miles attempting to find him. No sign of him.

I did not panic though it was my first reaction. There was no sense in panic. Whatever the outcome, it would be alright. I trusted in the process. Knew my mistake that led to his escape. We're only human. We will make mistakes. Wherever Hank was (he's still a puppy), I couldn't find him. I tried everything.

Asked my Angels and Zoe The Black Coyote to bring him to me; "show him the way back." That didn't work. Hiked back out to my car. On the way to car, a local couple approached with their dog. I asked them "if you see my dog, could you please call me?" We talked for a while. I described him & gave them my phone number. We checked to make sure cell phone service was available. I told them he was very friendly, etc. "I'm headed back to my car. Must go home and create flyers and will be back soon." They were a wonderful local couple: "we'll keep our eye out. We'll leash him & call if we find him." Five minutes later, I was in the car, on way back home. Wondering if Hank would find a human & find his way back "home". Within a millisecond, the couple called: "We found him! See you in 10 minutes."

When I hiked back to meet them, saw the couple, their gorgeous dog, a woman and her gorgeous dog. All locals. They all found him. Three complete strangers solved my problem; offered me the solution. They helped me. The single local woman Victoria said: "He's a wonderful animal. Knew he belonged to someone. My dog Sophie & I kept him close to us." Couple Tom & Diane said: "Victoria found him, kept him close. We had your phone number. Team effort!"

It was definitely a team effort. 3 complete strangers (now NOT strangers) plus their dogs Chief & Sophie saved Hank & my sanity. Later today, thanking them properly. It was a miracle. Created new allies today. Outcome could have turned progressively worse - if not for all of them. Allies. Support System. I remained calm through the whole process. That helped too.

Believe in miracles. Trust in the process. Know that you can overcome any challenge you face. Sometimes you can face it alone. Sometimes you cannot. When you can't, seek assistance from allies and your support system. You're never alone. People are good. You are good. Mistakes happen. We're all human.

We never know the outcome to any situation. We must trust. We must lean on allies. We must communicate. And above all else, we must stay calm.

Namaste --

Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda

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