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Anger Is Love Disappointed

This time of year, we slow down and reflect on our successes and challenges during the year. It's part of our human process: every year from November 1 through December 31, a time of reflection. It's also when the veil between Heaven and Earth is thinnest - allowing spiritual wisdom to seep into our souls and soothe our hearts. Helping us gently, lovingly understand any maddening challenges we faced this year.

Spiritual energy is strongest this time of year. If you slow down, you'll feel and use the wisdom of this strong spiritual energy. Helping your soul, heart and mind heal and recharge. Remembering your mistakes, exalting in your successes while reflecting on your lessons learned this year.

This year was a relationship mine-field for me. It was the 2nd year living life as an "orphan." With no close family members left on the planet. Everyone who truly, deeply knew and loved me; and whom I truly deeply, loved - gone. My parents, my brother and sister, my best friend of 30+ years, and my dog-daugher Zoe who graced my life almost 15 years.

Living through "love lost" is grief. Anger and disappointment: part of losing love (grief). Acceptance: the final stage of losing love (grief). While grieving, your heart and soul are extremely vulnerable, open and raw. You cannot shield or guard yourself. You haven't the energy. Grief has no time limit. No matter what type of grief you process.

While you grieve, you need "givers" around you - who love and support you emotionally and physically. Not people who make demands, judge you, betray you, lie to you, create drama, renege on promises. Grieving or not - you need good people around you. Not the other type. Life is easier when you're surrounded with good people.

We're meant to love and be loved as we walk this planet. Our hearts and souls thirst for love. We need to love and feel loved. Real authentic love - whether it's friendship love, family love or romantic love. We're out of balance without love in our lives. Love motivates us - whether we realize it or not.

While we love people (and 4-leggeds) whom died, we also need to love and feel love from people still living on Earth! As humans, we need "Earth Love" and "Heaven Love". Those on Earth and those in Heaven. Without love & loving others on Earth, we walk around empty, wobbly and confused. Feeling loved & sharing love motivates, empowers and grounds us. If we only feel love from the Spiritual Realm, we are not fully living as our souls desire. We're in physical bodies for a reason - feeling loved and loving others on this planet is one major reason!

This year, I needed "Earth Love" big time. I needed emotional love support from friends and extended family members. To balance out the "Heaven Love"; to ground, root and motivate me on Earth. I needed to know who my "Earth Allies" were. Who cared and who didn't. Who knew me and who didn't. Who truly loved and accepted me and who didn't. Well! This year, I sure learned that! The hard way in most cases.

I love people deeply. Whether close family members, friends, colleagues, clients, neighbors, acquaintances or romantic interests. Discovering which people were worth loving (and forgiving) was important.

While loving others is part of our soul and heart makeup, wasting love on people who don't appreciate it - not worth your energy. This year, my "love" energy was limited. I wanted to love and feel loved. My main goal this year: feeling loved. To recharge my heart and soul batteries after so much grief and loss these last 4 years. Sometimes driving 14 or 30 hours round-trip for it!

What happened? Personal relationship mine-fields almost every week this year. Major disappointments from people who claimed to "care and love" me yet their actions proved opposite. While my heart and soul felt extremely vulnerable this year, many people I trusted and loved proved untrustworthy & unworthy of love. Those disappointments and betrayals made me feel very angry. Anger is my not normal. Anger is Love Disappointed.

The blessing about my psychic work: when I channel for clients, I put "me" and my personal life on a shelf. It is not me answering your questions. It is your Spirit Guides, Angels, Loved Ones and even God as He speaks through Angels and other positive entities. It is my voice but their messages. I'm "somewhere else" during client sessions. 30 years' experience. What a blessing that is! None of my personal life dramas interfered with client sessions this year. I was "on a shelf", allowing clients' angels and spiritual team to come through for them.

This year and last year, I grieved at the deepest level ever. Anger, resentment, disappointments, distractions, betrayals from others, plus fully feeling all major stages of grief - flooded through me daily since my mom died November 2017.

I'm normally not a negative nor angry person. Yet this year, every time someone disappointed me, I got angry. Really angry. Anger is Love Disappointed.

When people we love or want to love disappoint us - with the simplest things - we feel some anger. It usually disappears quickly. When we're in a fragile phase, and people we love disappoint us, we feel real, raw anger. And it doesn't feel good. We're already vulnerable and they made us feel more vulnerable. We argue, yell or cry with that person. Why? Anger is Love Disappointed. Our hearts hurt. How do we express our "heart-pain?" Anger.

I mention this for several reasons. First, it's the Holiday-Christmas season. Tempers may flare at the dinner table. Some family members might disappoint us. Flight delays could disappoint or dampen your Thanksgiving, Hanukkah or Christmas time with others. Remembering: Anger is Love Disappointed - may help ease the anger at the dinner or kitchen table. Also...

Secondly, as a professional psychic, it's important you know we encounter challenges like everyone else. We're not immune to struggles. We might process those struggles differently - since we sense things on a deeper level or higher frequency than most people. Usually. That's the only difference between an authentic psychic-channel and a non-psychic. The way we process and view life.

This year, I learned who truly loved and accepted me on this planet. And who didn't. It was a hard year. My heart and soul worked over-time. At a time when I wasn't operating with my normal balanced energy, flow, wisdom, stamina. Second year of severe grief. Several people I knew for years disappointed me this year - often. On simple and important things. I got angry. Very angry. Anger and disappointment: not my normal. "Anger is Love Disappointed."

I let people go this year. In some cases, they let me go. They compounded the grief pain I was still feeling. I missed them at first. Wondered "what did I do to make them hurt me? I just wanted to love them. I just wanted their love, support and help (non-financial). What did I do wrong? Why didn't they love me?" Now, I do not miss them. Ten people whom I loved and felt they loved me - now out of my life.

One cousin, Robert, supported and gave me love. He texted me weekly "just checking on you. How you doing?" That meant everything to me: heart and soul. We talked on phone often this year. He's in Texas; I'm in Arizona. Such a simple thing as texting or calling: soothed my soul, warmed my heart, meant the world to me.

Simple things like texting or calling people - goes a long way, could mean the world, to that person you're checking on.

This year, whenever I felt centered and balanced, an old friend or family member would reappear after years without contact. I thirsted for that. Someone showing me love! Then that person would pull the rug out from under me - as they did years ago. Friendships lost. Another loss to grieve while grieving other losses.

Two close friends I knew for 20+ years ended our friendship over our political differences. Close heart-to-heart, intimate friends over the years. I always knew and accepted their opinions last 12-15 years. They knew mine. This year, they couldn't accept our differences. True friendships, true friendship love, won't end over simple things like politics. Message: they didn't truly love or accept me. For 20+ years. That made me angry. I still accepted and loved them! Anger: Love Disappointed.

Many betrayals, many losses, constant grieving and no real foundation. God really tested me this year.

We are meant to love and be loved while walking this planet. While God's Love is the highest form of love - we also yearn for love from people living on this planet. And we naturally want to love others. Whether the love is family-love, friendship love or romantic love.

When we discover people we love do not love us - it hurts. When people we love disappoint us too often - it hurts. When people we love deliberately sabotage us - it hurts. When people we love renege on promises - it hurts. When people we love betray us or talk behind our backs - it hurts - really bad.

When our heart hurts, we get angry. Anger is Love Disappointed. Feel the anger. Don't stifle it. The sooner it moves through you, the sooner you heal from it.

People will disappoint you. People you felt loved you - will disappoint you. And it will hurt. People who say "I love you" may disappoint you. You will feel anger, disappointment or resentment. It is your heart saying: "why did they betray me? Why didn't they love me enough to keep their agreement? What is wrong with me? Am I unlovable?" You'll go through a mix of emotions: anger, love, disappointment, wondering why, wondering what you did wrong. All these reactions are perfectly normal. Feel them.

It is crucial to know who your true "earth" allies are. You don't need hundreds of allies. Just a handful of close, heart-centered, soul-bonded allies is enough. A handful means 5, not 50. Allies don't need to be family members. They can be family; or non-family members who feel like family. Blood is NOT thicker than water.

This year, I thirsted for support and love. Old friends reappeared and treated me as badly as they did before. Cousins who rarely called me for 31 years, reached out this year, promised to "be there" for me, I got excited, felt loved by them, then they reneged on simple promises with no remorse nor apology.

One cousin lost her father this year. In 30 years, she rarely called me to offer support, encouragement or get to know me. After my brother and sister died (1988), my dad died (2016) and my mom died (2017). No quick text "how are you?", no phone call, no real support. I grew up with this cousin. We lived in same neighborhood and saw each other weekly for decades. When her dad (my uncle) died this year, another cousin called me: "Please call Mimi. She's lost without her dad. Help her."

My first thought: "She still has her mom, a husband, 2 grown kids, son-in-law, and grandkids. I have no one. Why does she need my help?" I reached out to her anyway. To help her. Spent hours on the phone with her, even channeled her dad at her request. Afterward, no phone call or text from her: "just checking on you" or "thank you." She emailed me recently: "hope you find everything you're looking for." Hallmark-type response. From a cousin I grew up with. Yes, I got angry. Anger is Love Disappointed. I realize she's grieving. Grief is hard. Her dad is the first person close to her who has died - in his '80s. Besides my brother and sister back in 1988. She has a support system of people living with her. I don't. It didn't seem fair. She couldn't "be there" when I was fragile. Yet, I was there for her when she was.

This year, when people disappointed me or showed me their non-authentic true colors, I got angry. Previous 50 years of my life, when people disappointed me, I moved on. Plenty of other people in the world. This year, I thirsted for love and support (non-financial) from people I knew. This year, my friendships and family relationships were tested.

Lesson: I learned who my true Earth Allies are. I have many. I am blessed. Took jumping through "fire swamp" of several different relationships that DID NOT WORK - to realize and treasure the wonderful relationships that DO WORK! That's a great gift. The greatest gift we can give ourselves. When you love someone and they love you, work to keep them in your life. Contact them often. Tell them you care about them. Whether it's friendship love, family love or romantic love.

We're meant to love and feel loved as we walk this planet. Don't settle for "fake love." Find authentic, true love: friendship love, family love, romantic love. Love and loving others deserving of your love - that is the fastest, best way to raise your vibration. Surround yourself with good people. Disappointments will happen. If you love that person and they truly love you - talk about it. Then let it go. Together.

There's a real comfort in being around people you like, love and know. Life has enough mystery and drama. Make your life simple, authentic and true.

To our souls, negative and positive emotions and experiences hold the same weight. Our soul views positive & negative experiences and emotions equally. As does Heaven-Spirit Realm-God-The Universe. Duality of positive-negative is part of our human experience. Our souls say: "Positive or negative - who cares. As long as we're living and paying attention! Soaking up every moment of Earth experience. Living in the moment, enjoying it all."

To our hearts, negative emotions bring us down and restrict us. Our hearts want to love and be loved. Our hearts long for easy, intimate, win-win, loving companionship with others - friendships, romances, family members, even professional business relationships. We're a social species. Our hearts (emotions) need unconditional love, approval, acceptance, bonding with and by other people. It's just a fact.

When we deny ourselves authentic love connections or deny our heart essence that says "I want to love and be loved. I want to be accepted, acknowledge by others. I need authentic, honest and true connections with others" - we limit and degrade our life experiences. We restrict and sabotage our life path.

When we restrict our life experiences (consciously or unconsciously), we get angry, bitter, resentful, disappointed, betray others or feel betrayed by others. When we accept our natural soul and heart essence, to love and feel loved, our life path expands. We create our own inner happiness, no one else does. However, people who make our lives harder or consistently make us angry - don't help us attain inner happiness. They restrict it.

To expand your heart, soul and life experiences: know your true Earth Allies; be choosy-picky about whom you choose to love. Our hearts want to love everyone. To create strong inner-happiness, make sure the people you love are worthy of your love. Whether it's family love, friendship love or romantic. Your love is a precious commodity. Invest it wisely. Key to your inner happiness and a fulfilling life experience on this planet.

Hope this LONG blog brought you some wisdom, clarity, love &/or peace.

Love & Light to you as you walk Your Sacred Path

-- The Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda

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