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As a Psychic Medium....

Over last few years, people ask "What's life like as a Psychic Medium?" Especially new clients and new people I meet outside work during personal hours. Every psychic's personal life is different. Our life experiences are different. So we're all different. I can only speak about my life.

Authentic Psychic-Mediums share two common traits. We know when people are lying. We know when things are "off" - long before evidence supports our intuition-psychic information.

Lying drives us bananas! Some psychic mediums have learned to tame their anger or frustration - when we catch someone lying. Some have not. When someone lies then denies or covers it up - best steps for professional psychic-mediums (or even lay-person): find evidence & confront that person. OR run away from that person. Fast!

How do I personally know if someone lies? A big, loud "GONG" goes off in my head. Like the old Gong Show of 1970s. If in person when someone lies, a gray cloud crosses their face. If they finally tell the truth, I hear a high pitched "DING". If they tell a big truth, that clears their being & mine, I hear a "DING-DING-DING" like a gameshow winning "DING."

Lying negates, tears up any spiritual-soul contract you have with that person. Soulmate or not. Lying not permitted - in spiritual realm or human-Earth realm. It's a default of your "agreement."

When a soulmate lies repeatedly - you must walk away. Relationships are built on trust. Lies eliminate and slice trust like a razor. Repeated lies? That person proving you cannot trust them. Walk away. Or run! No matter the circumstance. People who consistently lie are lying to themselves and others. They don't discriminate or select who they lie to. And they're not living in reality. Recipe for disaster. For them and you. Walk away from someone who repeatedly lies. It's an insincere, ambiguous, ever-evolving, dead-end relationship trail that leads nowhere. When someone repeatedly lies to you - they will not change. Run away. As fast you can. He/she not worth your time.

Second trait psychics have: knowing when things are "off" or wrong before evidence surfaces. I have so many examples of this over last 30 years. Even last 3 years. Here's one.

In January 2018, I bought a car. By third day, could tell it was a lemon. Approached dealership to return it on third day. They wouldn't allow it. Not even the dealership CEO. One of many things wrong: GPS-Navigation system didn't work. Asked dealership to look at it. They did not. "We have no recalls on that system. We're sure it's working fine." Without ever checking the navigation system. That was first week of February, 2018.

Three months ago (July 2019), called dealership again: "GPS-Navigation still not working. Computer needs upgrade." Their answer: "We have no recalls on it. We're sure it's fine."

For last 18+ months, I use my cell phone (Google maps or Mapquest) to navigate roads and directions. The car's GPS-Navigation system cost $15,000. It didn't work.

Last week, received letter from vehicle manufacturer: Faulty GPS-Navigation System. Over 18 months later! To say I was irritated - an understatement.

Those are the 2 common traits most authentic psychic-channel-mediums possess. Knowing when someone lies. Knowing when things aren't working before everyone else does.

Some individual "supernatural" traits I have.

  1. Tell time without looking at a clock, cell phone or watch. Doing that since 1984. When I'm 10-20 mins +/- "off time", it means I'm not grounded and need to breathe, relax.

  2. Wake up without alarm clock. Since 1987. I don't have an alarm clock in bedroom since 1987. Rarely late. Late for work, morning meeting or plans - five times last 32 years. Usually due to traffic or an uncontrollable event.

  3. Smell, hear or sense weather changes 10-48 hours before they happen. Ears "ding" when barometric pressure drops - or is about to drop. Since 1989.

  4. Have photographic memory. On everything. From people's faces, phone numbers, random numbers, facts, the written word, etc. Anything that's visual - I remember. Since 1972. Got straight A's in school & college using photographic memory.

  5. When I lose something (eg writing pen, drivers license, cell phone, etc) - I calm down a moment & ask "where is that?" Either my higher self or a Spirit Guide shows or tells me the area or exact place it's located. If it's actually lost and not near me, voice says: "Gone. Don't bother looking. Time to buy new replacement."

  6. Can change weather around me. When I forget umbrella or raincoat and it's raining outside, ask Mother Nature "please stop rain while I get to car (or wherever)." Works every time. Since 1982.

  7. Telepathic with animals. Domestic or wild. Since 1980s. When I had horses, could close my eyes while riding and horse would go where I "imaged" or silently told it. Sometimes needed no reins at all. Horses are horses. When my horse felt silly, and I closed my eyes or dropped reins, he would run me under a tree! I'd fall off and get back on again. Laughing. As a teenager and even 4 years ago with horse in Sedona.

  8. My border collie Zoe The Black Coyote trained with telepathy since she was 4 months old. We hiked Sedona trails and other places in complete silence for hours. Using telepathy only. One time, I was riding my horse through Sedona red rocks and we came upon a Mountain Lion. Asked it "please run off so we can pass." It did. In 2009, a coyote, mountain lion and bear approached Zoe and I. We both telepathed "please leave." And they did. No horns or hand-motions needed.

  9. When "Spirit" or my "life plan" requires me to be somewhere - and I'm somewhere else - my Spirit Guides &/or Intuition yell at me to "turn around!" or "go here!" Sometimes giving me an exact time to be in that exact location. If I'm meant to be somewhere and 1500 miles away instead, my flight gets cancelled or appointment calendar changes - freeing me to "be in that place at that time." It's really weird. This is probably the strangest trait I have. Most times I'm not told "why" to be somewhere. Just told "go there." When I get "there", I immediately discover why. Either to help others or fit final piece of a life puzzle I've stewed over. Very strange.

  10. Anger: Learned to tame the fiery "manifesting" side of me for decades. Since 1975. My great-grandmother and Great Aunt (now deceased) trained me how. Since my parents died (2016-2017), fire is less tame. It's getting better though - more manageable. What do I mean? When someone deliberately wrongs me repeatedly (in personal life, not clients), my anger energetically travels to that person. It can affect their health, job, routine, emotions, spiritual essence, etc. I have to be very careful. Prevent fire or anger from "traveling" to a person. Since 1974. My best practice last 40 years: Diffuse anger by grounding it to Earth. Hike, walk, exercise often to release, diffuse my anger and fiery manifesting side. Ground negative emotions to Mother Earth. She's fully equipped & strong enough to manage our anger, other emotions, and reactions that knock us off balance. Whether you're a psychic-medium or not. It's part of her job: "give me your worries, anger, negativity. Ground it. Release it to me. Then walk freely again without guilt or excess baggage." That's Mother Earth's message to everyone. Her "earth's core" can handle, accept anything. Millions of wars fought on Mother Earth. She's still standing. Millions of years before we were born. Millions of years after we die. She's tougher than some people understand or want to believe. Nature is meant to balance us: all sides of us. Use nature. She exists to help you. Humans are not affecting her. Man-made Climate Change is a myth. Mother Earth is doing her job. Humans are a tiny speck on her surface. To believe we're responsible for "changing" or "diminishing" Mother Earth - 100% false and silly. We're not that powerful. She's more powerful than 1 million humans combined. Floods, hurricanes, earthquakes: perfect examples of her power. We adapt to her. She doesn't adapt to us.

  11. Lightbulbs don't last long in my house. Wherever I live. Whether they're long-lasting "chinese twisty" bulbs or regular bulbs. Lightbulbs only last 3 months tops. The regular bulbs last longer at my house than "chinese twisty" ones. The chinese-twisty bulbs give off chemical that irritates my skin and eyes. Cannot use them. When they first appeared on shelves years ago, I used them. They blew out 30-60 days later. Regular lightbulbs are healthier for everyone - not just psychic-mediums. Chinese-twisted bulbs cause cancer.

  12. Other supernatural traits make me "different". Last one for this list. Best place for me to relax: in a cemetery. When I worked outside commercial sales for decades, traveling in car all day long visiting clients, around 3p every day - I'd find a cemetery to take 20-min catnap. Don't wear a watch or look at a clock. Before closing my eyes, I'd whisper "wake up in 20 mins". And I would! Feeling rested, refreshed and ready for next 3 work-hours plus afternoon traffic. Naps help clear our minds. Highly recommend them. And 7-8 hours sleep is also crucial. Without good night's sleep, your immune system weakens. Sometimes to point of "no repair" except surgery. Be kind to your body. Allow it to rest.

Hope that helps you see how Psychic-Mediums are different than non-psychics. Some traits you may have! We're meant to use our unique supernatural, ethereal gifts. When we don't, our lives become complicated, depressing, chaotic and our hearts cannot "sing."

While walking this Earth life, your heart must "sing". If only twice a day - do something or be around someone who makes your heart sing. Where you feel fulfilled, at peace, grounded and happy. That's one of your most important daily goals. It's more important than your "spiritual path". You cannot walk your Sacred Spiritual Path without feeling fulfilled, at peace, grounded and happy - at least twice each day. Be happy. Make things simple. Be kind to yourself. Life is meant to be good.

A-Ho and Namaste -

The Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda

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