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Celebrate Your Independence

Robin & her 2 Border Collies Argo & Zoe. Courthouse Butte Loop, Sedona. March 2009

Ten years ago today, I opened my Sedona practice. Offering authentic Psychic-Medium readings, Spiritual Healing Vortex Tours, and Reiki-Elemental Energy Healing.

Ten years ago today, I celebrated my Independence from corporate America and big-city life in Houston. The daily grind of 15-hour days serving corporate tax attorneys, tax managers, CFOs, CEOs and CPAs turned from exciting and challenging to lackluster and soul-stifling.

It took over 20 years for that soul-stifling transformation to occur: worked at Fortune 100 companies since 1989 and loved every minute of it. "Moonlighted" my psychic channeling gifts since 1989 - at night and weekends

On a beautiful clear-blue sky February morning 2009, that felt like spring in Sedona, I was tending my azalea garden in Houston; digging in the dirt. I love digging in the dirt, planting flowers, and being outside. It grounds me. Inherited a green thumb from my paternal grandmother. Whatever I touch and "root" blossoms. That grounds me too. Watching plants, flowers, herbs and vegetables come to life is a natural wonder I never tire of.

While digging in the dirt, smiling at the wealth of beautiful azalea blossoms and feeling complete peace, I had an "Aha" moment. "Leave the grind and return "home" to Sedona." One of those far-fetched dreamy ideas we rarely move forward on. I loved my Houston house. I loved my job. Loved my boss, colleagues, neighbors, close friends and lifestyle. I was making a comfortable 6-figure income - working 6 days/week. The only piece missing: my soul wasn't being challenged, stretched or happy. My heart felt dead: I was not "making magic" except in the garden. I was not happy.

It took another hour to chew on the idea: leave Houston and live in Sedona. Visited Sedona often for 1-2 week vacations since 2004. The idea made my heart and soul happy. Channeled my Angels' advice: "Yes, we sent you that message. Go. Enjoy your life. Stop working so much. Take a break. Be 'you' again. It will change your life."

Ten minutes later, I called my boss and asked for "leave of absence." It was a Saturday. We always worked on Saturdays, so he was in his office. He gladly obliged and we spent the next 3 weeks preparing for my 3-month absence. He was the best boss I ever had.

That was over 10 years ago. Moved to Sedona March, 2009. Took a few months off. Then opened my psychic, tour and healing practice July 4, 2009. Intentionally opened on Independence Day. To celebrate my Independence from societal expectations, norms and the "daily grind". Did not return to my 6-figure salary tax job. My boss found someone wonderful to fill my position. I leased my Houston house in 3 weeks and moved.

Over the last 10 years, Sedona has taught me so much. She reignited my inner "magic". She expanded my psychic and healing talents. She introduced me to the most amazing people who became close friends or national-international clients. She showed me how to turn dreams into reality. She reminded me: "if your heart and soul feel it strongly, go with it. Take risks - it expands your awareness. Dare to be different. Know you're always protected, safe and you can handle anything that comes your way. Enjoy the journey. Move to what makes you smile." Sedona calms my spirit, soothes my soul and opens my heart. Over the last 10 years, Sedona and I bonded into the very best of friends. Our bond remains strong. When I leave Red Rock country next week, not leaving Sedona. Taking her with me. She lives in my heart and soul now. She's coming with me to Texas.

Taking that risk 10 years ago - and it was a BIG risk! - was the best decision I made this lifetime. The journey with Sedona has been miraculous, wondrous, beautiful, awe-inspiring, rooted and freeing.

Thank you to all my clients who traveled to Sedona and used my services. I've met people from Australia to China to India, Russia, Iceland, Norway, Europe, Central America, South America. Many of those clients still use my services today: psychic-medium readings only.

Yesterday after running errands, felt compelled to sit on a rock near Devil's Bridge. Saw the expansive seven canyons stretch out before me. Broke down in tears. Happy tears. Thanked Sedona for her loving arms, wisdom, natural beauty and experiences. Felt sad at thought of leaving her. She whispered through the wind: "You're not leaving me. I'm going with you." I cried again. Happy tears. She lives inside me. Taking her with me. Forever. Forever grateful to her.

Next Friday (July 12), leave Red Rock country, permanently. Closed my Sedona physical office June 22, permanently. Moving to Texas. The Lone Star State, where I was born and raised, better be ready! Sedona magic is coming. My magic is at full throttle.

Last 10 years, learned so much about me, Sedona, Mother Earth, Mother Earth's cycles, boundless energy and regenerative abilities. Also learned about the magic that lives in us all - if we're willing to accept our individual magic and celebrate our individual Independence.

Celebrate your Independence. Take some risks. Stretch your heart and soul muscles. Find your Inner Magic. You can do this anywhere. Traveling to a beautiful place like Sedona is not necessary. Surrounding yourself with natural beauty helps you "reconnect to Your Beautiful Spirit" and helps you see the strength of your soul. Spending time in Sedona is not necessary. Besides, she's leaving with me. Wherever I go, she will be there.

Enjoy, Celebrate and Honor Your Independence - from limiting beliefs or situations. Free yourself. Feel liberty, freedom. Test yourself. Take risks. Expand your lifepath & strengthen your soul.

Happy Independence Day!

The Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda

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