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Coronavirus - Covid 19

Fear is a dangerous thing. It's more contagious than any virus. While I don't watch news anymore, I do read daily headlines. Use my psychic sense to answer "truth or fiction?" If fiction, I research direct sources to counter my psychic sense. Doing this since 2001.

Bottom line: Don't fear Covid. It's not an epidemic nor pandemic. What is the real epidemic? Fear.

Fear depletes your immune system. Humor, laughter and self-protection boost your immune system. Just boost your immune system. Take personal responsibility for your body's health.

Please don't buy into the fear circulating across the world. It's all nonsense. Preventative measures don't equal outbreak. Please use your discretion and intuition.

Colleges closing. Schools closing. NCAA games cancelling. Group events cancelling. People quarantining themselves. Celebrities broadcasting "I've got Covid!" States declaring "COVID state of emergency" when only 2 people infected. States, especially bankrupt states, declare emergencies as a way to collect federal money. It's all nonsense and self-created chaos.

As of today, here are the Covid statistics. Sources: CDC, NIH,, FBI-CIA population statistics. Numbers don't lie.

Reported worldwide COVID cases: 119,537 people. 61,000 of those in China. Total worldwide deaths: 4,293. Total world population 7.7 Billion people.

Reported US COVID cases: 1,336. US deaths due to Covid: 36. US population 335 Million. (0.0004% reported cases)

Reported UK COVID cases: 456. UK deaths due to Covid: 8.

2009-2010 H1N1 cases in US: 60.8 Million. US deaths due to H1N1: approx 12,500. (18% reported cases)

Prevention and preparedness are important. Wash your hands. Keep your immune system strong. When you touch hard surfaces out in public, clean your hands before touching your face. Covid virus particles don't last long on fabric, outside or in the sun. Residue from controlled substances like fentanyl, Meth and Heroin last longer than Covid. Moms know this. Every time I go to Wal-Mart, I hear a mom tell her kids: "Wash your hands after touching this cart!"

Very few Americans have COVID. Let's keep it that way. Prevention is worth a pound of cure.

I'm learning about our society as we travel through this "crisis". First, it's not a crisis. Although the media wants us to believe it is. Psychic Sense: "there's no crisis!" Media propagates fear since mid-1990s. It's an illusion.

Enlightened societies do not live in fear. Enlightened societies fear not. They take personal responsibility, care for themselves and others.

Enlightened societies, which means enlightened people as a group, do not spread fear. Enlightenment transcends low-level energies. Fear is the lowest form of energy. Enlightenment is the highest. Even in "spiritual" Sedona, half our population lives in fear of Covid. That must stop.

Fear is more contagious than any virus. Use your intuition. Not your mind.

Stay enlightened. Practice personal responsibility. This manufactured "crisis" will end soon. Chaos cannot energetically sustain itself. That's why they call it CHAOS! Chaos & crises are temporary. Their energies cannot sustain for long periods of time.

In my Irish opinion, we're watching a Zombie Apocalypse unfold. A practice run. Who hoards toilet paper? During a flu-type virus? Insanity. Please don't buy into the insanity. Buying toilet paper is OK though. Important for daily hygiene. Just buy what you need. Another trait of Enlightened people: only take what you need. Hoarding is unnecessary and psychologically damaging.

Stay enlightened. It will be over soon. 90% chance, if you're reading this - you're safe from COVID.


Robin - The Sedona Spirit Psychic

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