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A small word with big benefits. Invisible. Hard to physically measure. Lives in our heart and soul; not the mind.

If we don't have it, we wonder what it is and what it means. If we do have it, life still tests it, making it grow more.

What is this little thing called Faith?

Faith is a positive force reminding you "things will improve" or "you can do this" or "this too shall pass." Your faith lives in your soul and travels to your heart. It is innocent like a newborn baby, pure as fresh snow and strong as an ox when you need it.

Faith can be your religious affiliation, but it's bigger than that. Your religious and spiritual beliefs connect you to your faith. They're designed to strengthen your faith like a muscle. The stronger your faith, the easier life gets.

Faith has very simple requirements: Positive trust and belief. Trust and belief in something greater than you, a greater better purpose, a greater "you" than who you are right now, a greater future than you have now.

Faith requires trusting and believing in good things. The goodness in you. The goodness in others. The goodness in God. The potential positives of the future. Trusting and believing in an omnipotent, omniscient force that constantly moves toward positive possibilities and outcomes.

If your religious or spiritual practices are not strengthening your faith, try a different practice or method. Plenty to choose from. Daily affirmations strengthen faith. Attending church services or synagogue strengthen faith: strength in numbers. Staring at the stars at night strengthens faith. Sitting or walking silently in nature strengthens faith. Holding a newborn baby strengthens faith. Playing with your children strengthens faith. Taking risks strengthens faith. Expressing gratitude strengthens faith.

This past December, I lost all faith in our planet, everyone in it, my life, future, psychic abilities, and the people around me. In 54 years, it was the first time to feel such emptiness, loneliness and despair. Grief can do that.

Most of you know I'm an authentically upbeat person. It's not an act. It's real. I walk this Earth with an abundant faith in mankind, myself, God, Angels, Lost Loved Ones and my psychic-spiritual abilities. Every day of my life, I talk to God. When good things happen, I say "Thank you, God. That was amazing! Thank you!" When obstacles appear, I say "Hey God, can You help me out? Need a little extra help right now. Thank you."

Until this past Christmas. It was the first Christmas when I felt totally, utterly alone. No immediate family left on the planet. No cousins (remaining family) near me to visit, buy gifts for, bake or cook for. Christmas was always a magical time full of laughter, good food, relaxing, giving-receiving gifts, smiles and joy. Not this Christmas.

It snowed before, during and after Christmas. Snow on the red rocks is breathtakingly beautiful. But this past December, the snow-dusted red rocks seemed gray, dull and uninspiring. Bereft, empty, sad, depressed. Severe grief depression blocked my connection to God and my faith in anything. At my lowest point, wondering who would take Zoe The Black Coyote, who would manage my estate and affairs after I died - I talked to God. "What's the point in all this? Life is too much work. Not what I signed up for. I'm miserable. Please let me leave this planet. I'm done. Tired of all the pain and loneliness. Can I please leave this planet now?" Then I spoke to my family in Heaven "I don't want to stay here anymore. Miss all of you. You're the only ones who really know me. If I leave the planet, will I regret it? Hey God, any last words before I move to Heaven?"

At that moment, something miraculous happened. Over 100 souls from Heaven surrounded me with immense love, affection, nurturing and laughter. My Spirit Guides, Angels, all my family members and some souls I didn't recognize rushed to my side. A warm rush of fresh air filled me up then encircled me. "How can we make things better for you? Let's show you pictures of your entire life thus far. And what you'll miss if you leave. Let's reminisce. We don't want you to leave the planet yet. You'll regret it. Let's talk about your happy past. Show you what you're missing right now. Why you feel like you do right now. Let's face it together. We're here to help."

And they did. They showed all the happy moments of my life. Reminded me why I love living here. Reminded me I'm not alone. Reminded me to ask for their help more. Reminded me that my emotional and spiritual pain came from my huge love for all my family. "The more you love, the more pain you feel when you lose it." My family chimed in: "It's because you love us so much and we love you so much - that it feels unbearable right now. Don't fall on your sword because you love us. Let's reminisce. We're still here. We're still around you. You're never alone." That lasted about 1 hour. It was wonderful, amazing, awesome, indescribable.

About 1 hour after my "spirit visitation", a cousin called me. We spent Christmases together growing up. He called out of the blue. We talked on the phone for 2 hours, reminiscing about our fun, loving, joyful Christmases from the past. He remembered details I'd forgotten about! We laughed and reminisced. It was manna from Heaven sent to Earth.

Then a Sedona friend called out of the blue: "Join me for a group Christmas day dinner tomorrow. It will be fun! Good group of people." A sense of community again. Good people sent from Heaven. "Thank you, God," I said. Strange: got the flu the next day, had to cancel Christmas plans. Didn't feel pity. Trusted it was "divine intervention." Why did I get sick? Grief depression. Time to "sit still." Too sick to do anything, including make meals, get water, juice. Took doctor prescribed medicines, slept from Christmas to New Year's Eve. Talked to all my family members in Heaven, felt at peace. Thanked my cousin and my friend. Thanked God for his help. He does not disappoint.

Faith. Trust. Belief. Sometimes we have it. Sometimes we don't. When we don't, using a proven spiritual or religious practice reconnects us to it. And turns our life around. Talk to God, your Angels or use spiritual practices that work for you. I like talking to God. He's the CEO of our spiritual development. Nothing wrong with going straight to the "Head Man." Use what works for you. Keep your Faith strong. It's the "breath of your soul."

Have Faith in yourself. Know that if you're breathing right now while reading this, you're meant to be on this planet. There is a purpose for you. That purpose might be only meant for you - or meant for others.

You chose your life path well. Have faith that you're stepping into it - right now. Life is meant to be good. Don't overthink it.

Faith gives you wings to soar above any obstacle you might face. Faith moves you forward. Faith costs nothing. And it's worth more to your existence than you can imagine. Strengthen it. We cannot attain Spiritual Enlightenment without Faith. We cannot achieve our soul and personal greatness without it. Without faith, we lack courage to fulfill our soul destiny. Without faith, we disconnect from our soul, God and "all that is". With faith? All things are possible. All positive.

Namaste ( "I bow to the divine in you". )

-- The Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda

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