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"If you don't believe in something, you'll fall for anything." My dad often said that. Maybe you've heard that too. "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything." Belief in something: Faith.

Before discussing Soul Faith, here are two examples of regular faith. Check how you do!

Example 1. Driving your car. When you're driving - or get in car to drive - are you afraid of an accident, car breakdown, injury or death? Or do you have Faith that your journey will be safe, smooth and error-free?

Example 2. Your body's autonomous nervous system. It regulates and balances vital parts of your body (i.e. heart, lungs, digestion) unconsciously. It runs on "autopilot" - your body's inner computer. Like the Intel chip inside your computer or laptop. You don't need to think about it.

Do you worry about your laptop's "chip" - when you're writing a paper, tweeting, gaming or sending an email? Of course not. Unless your laptop is 20+ years old. Same with your body's autonomous nervous system. Feed it well, exercise, take supplements. Let your body do its thing.

Question. How often do you worry about your heartbeat, arteries, blood pressure, blood sugar, lungs, digestion and other functions controlled by your body's "intel chip"? Or do you have Faith that your body operates at optimum levels? Fueling it properly, letting it work naturally.

Disclaimer: If you were born with asthma, diabetes or other chronic disease, you're a rare case. Your auto-nervous system needs extra attention to work properly. This example applies to most people (95%).

How did you do? Which do you practice most? Faith or Fear? Extra credit if you caught the Big Pharma reference.

Why blog about Faith?

Faith is missing in today's society. Or deliberately trampled and silenced. Faith in God, a benevolent supreme being, or your individual soul and soul plan on Earth. This planet needs more Faith. To swat the overwhelming fear that drowns our souls - and our soul's voice (intuition).

Faith swats fear. Faith keeps us grounded, rational, peaceful, hopeful and balanced. Faith is the ultimate stress reliever. Two primary "faith" methods: Meditation and Prayer. Research studies consistently show how meditation and prayer relieve stress - over the last 40 years. Researchers study the methods. The real power behind meditation and prayer? Your Faith.

Fear is usually created out of thin air; no facts back it up. Fear is irrational. It manipulates us into making bad or unnecessary decisions. Fear restricts our life flow. It restricts our soul flow. It restricts our Free Will. Fear constricts and restricts our Earth journey. It distracts us. It is used most often to control people's behaviors; especially large groups. Fear is dangerous: to our soul and mind.

As souls walking this planet, we need food, water, air, shelter and Faith.

Faith is the invisible, energetic thread connecting our Earth consciousness to our soul and soul-source. It weaves through our body, heart, mind, soul then rises to meet our soul-source. Starting from the root chakra, climbing to our crown chakra, then exiting our bodies to touch our soul-source.

No matter what you call your soul-source (God, Energy, Vibration, The Universe, Multiverse, Soul Home, or another planet), you have a soul-source. Your soul-source is good. Your soul is good. Faith connects you to your soul and soul-source. It's a basic soul need. You need it. I need it. We all need it.

You can strengthen and stretch your Faith thread at anytime. Through prayer, meditation, affirmations or simply quieting the mind or taking a cat-nap.

When we strengthen the thread, we feel closer to our soul-source and "all that is". We feel positive, balanced and good - in a very authentic way. We're not pretending to feel good. We naturally feel good! Like eating something delicious and healthy that immediately refuels the body while delighting our taste-buds.

Lack of Faith destroys civilizations and societies. Historic fact since the dawn of Man. When souls in a society disconnect from their soul-source, they lose Faith. When Faith is lost or silenced, that society implodes from within. That's where we are now. Repeating history: too many people detached from their soul source.

When Faith is absent, fear takes hold. Some religions claim "When Faith disappears, Evil creeps in." Whether fear or evil, losing Faith in "good", disconnecting from your soul source, creates a fissure in your soul and heart. A crack in your soul's Aura.

Even the tiniest soul-crack can debilitate and rattle you. You'll feel scared, hopeless, off-balanced, irrational, restless, impatient, anxious, depressed. Vulnerable at your core (soul essence).

"If you don't believe in something, you'll fall for anything."

When our Faith is stripped, we desperately seek ways to fill the "Faith Void". Our faith and trust "buckets" need to be filled. It's just who we are. We must have faith in something. Desperate and afraid, we choose the wrong sources to fill the void. Sources that hurt us: drugs, alcohol, manipulative people or controlling governments.

Absent faith, we fall for anything. This is the main reason why Covid restrictions closed churches and kept liquor stores open. Stop Faith. Start Fear. To manipulate and control you and the "faithful masses". Clever strategy, wasn't it?

When weak-soul people lose Faith, they commit violence or become catatonic. We're seeing too much of that lately: violent crime. Drugs and trauma weaken a soul. Either or both. Without Faith, weak-soul people harm others and themselves.

No-soul people are rare. But they exist. The Spirit Realm calls them Evil. Mass murderers and mass shooters: no-soul folks. They haven't the soul to understand or accept Faith. An alien concept to them. Let God and The Spirit Realm take care of them. Us mere mortals don't have the expertise or power to deal with no-soul folks. Any attempts by us: waste of time.

Bottom Line. Faith naturally lives in your soul and heart - since birth. Find ways to strengthen it. Through meditation, prayer or other ways. The stronger your Faith, the more Miracles you will see. The more Miracles you see, the stronger your Faith. A beautiful recurring cycle.

My Faith sees miracles living inside you.


Robin, The Sedona Spirit Psychic-Medium

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