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Faith Over Fear

We live in very strange and dangerous days. It's SO easy to get caught up in fear - entangling our hearts, souls and minds. Media furthers our fears. Whether it's their overblown Covid cases and death figures or their attempts to hide the anarchy spreading across the US and other western societies.

We're in the middle of two major crises: Covid and Anarchy. Across the globe.

Psychic Info: "Covid fear is overblown. 93-97% recovery rate. Peaceful protesters no longer exist. They're anarchists. They are the real threat." That is psychic information.

How can we stay balanced through all the chaos? How can we dispel the fear that surrounds us?

As a Hurricane survivor many times, First Rule we learn as kids: "Don't Panic!" That's the best rule under any crisis situation. Tell yourself "I am not in panic mode. I'm calm. I can handle this. I am alert and calm." Speak these words to yourself in the morning and at night. Good mantras; affirmations. You're "training your brain" to react rationally. While "training your heart" to "stand down" until you feel safe.

Don't panic. Panic comes from fear. Fear will stifle your senses and dull your brain's ability to make good decisions. Control your emotions as best you can. Use your brain. It's your problem-solver. Use your intuition. It's your internal compass.

Hurricane Second Rule: Get The Facts. Know where the storm is headed. Know its projected path and timeline. Grab supplies before the crowds do. Stick with your family and neighbors. Normally, hurricane survivors stock up on supplies months before Hurricane Season. It's just cheaper that way.

When Covid and chaos hit, there was no time to stock up. You had no forewarning.

Get the Facts. Hard to decipher fact from fiction nowadays. Clients hire me to decipher truth from fiction. Direct Psychic-Channeled information: Truth from their Angels, Spirit Guides and Lost Loved Ones.

Your Angels & Spirit Guides are messengers from God. They're deliberately chosen to help you during rough times and good times.

God sees past "the lies of the day" to provide you truth. Truths that will help you determine your next steps.

Stick with your family and neighbors. Covid Measures prevent people from gathering together. You may not live near your family. Or see them regularly right now. You may not see or talk with your neighbors regularly. If you can change anything, change that. Talk with your neighbors. No matter what the Covid measures dictate. Create a sense of community around you. Know your neighbors. Help them. Work together to protect each other and your neighborhood.

Fear & panic sit heavily atop our society today. Like a thundercloud that won't disappear. Dispel fear and panic in your own life.

Use Faith Over Fear. Have faith in yourself. Know you "got this." Know you can handle any challenge that comes your way. Know that your soul can handle any challenge. Envision an imaginary protective bubble around you. That cannot be penetrated by chaos, fear or panic. Keep that bubble "strong".

Have faith in God or a Higher Power. Prayer heals. And meditation. Ground and center yourself: using tools that helped you in the past. Exercise. Eat right. Take vitamins and supplements. Stay social with other people as much as possible. Social activity increases the good hormones in your system. Breathing exercises are good. Bringing good oxygen to your brain helps you stay calm and keeps your brain healthy. That stimulates your "brain power" to make good decisions.

Believing in God, having faith in something bigger than you, using your intuition: best remedies to help you stay calm, removing your fears. Know you are protected. Know that God protects you. Know that your soul and your Spiritual Team (Spirit Guides, Angels and Loved Ones) protect you. Have faith in that.

Strengthen your faith in all good things. Practicing gratitude also helps. Reminding you of all the good things you have in your life.

Namaste -

The Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin


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